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Announcement from Kimiko & Mike

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I hope everyone had great start into 2015. Since the last race in Motegi I have been rather busy working on different projects. My race activities for this year will be announced soon, so just hang in there for a bit more. One thing I can say is that it will be a busy and very exciting year for me.

On another note, I am equally excited to announce my new partnership with Caracalla1947, a company that produces high quality, Motorsport inspired leather luggage. We are able to introduce these hand made products now to Japan, so please check it out here:

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First of all I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2014! As most of you know, as a racing driver we are not allowed to make comments on our plans for the year before any official announcement. But what I can say is that I will be at the Tokyo Auto Salon from the 10th to 12th of January for a Talk show regarding the March Nismo, as well as the GT-R Nismo. I hope many of you will go there as it is always fun to walk around there especially in the off-season, to look at all the exotic tuning cars in Japan.

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New Season

It has been a busy year already with flying to Japan and Spain for the launch of the Juke Nismo. The car has really come out not only cool, but it's great fun to drive. I was involved in some evaluation testing of the Juke Nismo last year and was surprised by its well defined balance that allows you to push the car around at the limit like a Nissan GTR! I hope it will be well received in Europe.

That was fun work for me and not the only thing this year that already started positive. Kimiko's start of the season at the Australian Open by reaching the 3rd Round was much more than we expected.

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Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

A year after the disaster, Japan has come a long way in dealing with this horrible tragedy. Not only have I visited Japan many times since then, but I will be there a lot this year while racing in the Super GT Championship. Here are some videos of what others and I think about Japan's current situation.

Check it out!

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