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I hope everyone had great start into 2015. Since the last race in Motegi I have been rather busy working on different projects. My race activities for this year will be announced soon, so just hang in there for a bit more. One thing I can say is that it will be a busy and very exciting year for me.

On another note, I am equally excited to announce my new partnership with Caracalla1947, a company that produces high quality, Motorsport inspired leather luggage. We are able to introduce these hand made products now to Japan, so please check it out here:

They also produce order made Holdall bags and my friend Tom Kristensen uses one of those. My favourite is the Carbonio Collection as I am a big carbon design fan. The quality is incredible and I fell in love with them after using them for all my traveling as they are not just very cool but also super convenient.

Like I said above, the racing program will be announced soon and I am looking forward to meet everyone at the circuit again in 2015, where and when remains to be seen, but I hope for a successful season ahead.



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