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New Season

It has been a busy year already with flying to Japan and Spain for the launch of the Juke Nismo. The car has really come out not only cool, but it's great fun to drive. I was involved in some evaluation testing of the Juke Nismo last year and was surprised by its well defined balance that allows you to push the car around at the limit like a Nissan GTR! I hope it will be well received in Europe.

That was fun work for me and not the only thing this year that already started positive. Kimiko's start of the season at the Australian Open by reaching the 3rd Round was much more than we expected.

On top of that Kimiko won the Pattaya Open in Doubles last week, her third doubles title in her second career. She won only one title in her first career! Well those results are motivating for many people around the age of 40 as it clearly tells us that nothing is too late when you get older. The very hard work Kimiko puts in over the winter month is paying off already and I have to say that I am extremely proud of her achievements. I can't wait for her next tournaments where I hope she can achieve more great results at singles as well.

By the end of the month I will be able to announce about my racing program for this season. Not all has been fixed yet, but I can say that it is going to a challenging and exciting year again. I'm looking forward to meet everyone at the track somewhere..


New season

Juke Nismoの発表で日本やスペインに飛んだりと、既に忙しい年になっています。このクルマは本当にカッコイイだけでなく、ドライブする楽しみももたらしてくれます。昨年Juke Nismoの評価テストにも参加させてもらい、Nissan GTRのようにクルマの限度までもっていける定義されたバランスに驚きました!ヨーロッパでも広く受けられることを祈ってます。






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supporter:kaz Galtier |date:February 19, 2013 10:31 PM

I hope your work will succeed.

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