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24h of Nurburgring 2016

Little did we know when we arrived a the Ring that this would be one of the toughest races to complete for all of us. Our target to make a top ten result we just missed by coming home in P11. Nevertheless we actually had a perfect race with zero penalties and flawless pit stops. Even that should be a given and natural, but that is a feat that is not always easy to achieve at the Ring with all its different speed zones and special rules.

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Nurburgring 24h Qualifying Race

After enjoying my new role as a NISMO ambassador last weekend in Okayama, it was my turn to get behind the wheel this weekend at the Nurburgring. Since last December I haven't driven a race car and I wondered how that would feel. But funny enough once I was inside the cockpit and the door closed, I felt extremely comfortable as if there would have been zero off time. More than that, driving the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 car is a big pleasure in the first place, but doing so at the great Nordschleife is just fun pure.

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2016 Program

First of all, my apologies to everyone for not updating my blog for a while but I have been rather busy enjoying my GT-R Nismo N Attack...

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Super GT R8 Motegi

After our disappointing race in Autopolis 2 weeks ago, we were hoping for more luck for the season finale. But weather wasn't really helpful for us, with it being wet until just the second stint of the race. So we just managed to qualify in P11. That would have still put us for a shot to get to the podium as we proved last year starting from last, that we could end up in P4. But we need dry conditions for that.

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Super GT R7 Autopolis

We came with high hopes to Autopolis, especially after we dominated the testing a month earlier there. In Qualifying we were able to achieve P4 which put us in a good position for the race. Unfortunately in the race things didn't go as planned, but such is racing. I took the start and was able to maintain P4 while I was looking after the tires, as Autopolis is one of the toughest circuits for tire wear.

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P3 in Sugo!

After a tough Suzuka race we were finally back in good shape in Sugo. Starting from P5, we could achieve our second podium position of the year. Unfortunately it was not the top spot like in Fuji, but nevertheless a nice result for us. I took the start and immediately realised that our car balance was very good in the race and we had one of the fastest car on that day. But just speed is not everything at this very tight circuit.

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Driving on the Edge (DOE V2)

I made a quick trip to the UK this week for some meetings and to receive the first Hard Back copies of the 2nd Edition of Driving on the Edge in English.

What’s different to the 1st Edition? I have updated the braking section with one new technique to counter snap oversteer at corner entries and added more details regarding circuit preparation. Other than that there are some different pictures and graphs in it.

As a driver (even at my age!), I am still learning every time I get in a racing car and I hope that you can continue to learn from this book as well.

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Suzuka 1000k Race

After winning the last race in Fuji we had to carry some weight ballast for the Suzuka race. Daiki did a good lap in qualifying but unfortunately we couldn't make it to Q2 and had to settle for P11. The grid position really doesn't matter for a long race like that, so we were still full of hope for the race.
But on race day it was raining, so that wasn't really what we had hoped for our strategy. Nevertheless we were eager to get some points at least.

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Super GT Fuji R4

It was a nice comeback for me to the Super GT Championship with victory at Fuji. For a long time I was waiting for that day as I have not won in a long time in this championship. Last year in Thailand we were almost there, but had to settle for 2nd after some trouble hit us. This win in Fuji is very well deserved for the whole Kondo Racing Team and the super hard working Yokohama Tire team.
We qualified in P6 after I made some small mistakes in Q2 in sector 3, so we knew that the car had more speed and were looking forward to a strong result.

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Super GT 2015

The first half of the 2015 season I spent testing and racing all around the world, including the N24 with Nismo and the Le Mans 24h. Now I'm back in Japan for the remainder of the Super GT season. Yesterday I tested in Sugo for the first time after a long absence. While I was away the pace of the cars has increased significantly, so I was a bit worried to get to grips with it at first. Improved downforce and engine power combined with continuous tire development have brought the Nissan GT-R's victory at the last two rounds, and lap times down even further.

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Le Mans 24H 2015

It was the big weekend for our LMP1 project at Nissan and its was an exciting 2 weeks in Le Mans to say the least. Since I drove the car the first time in November last year, the entire team has worked relentlessly to prepare 3 cars for the big race. It was a tough schedule and sleep was little but our main target was to bring at least one car to the finish line. And that was what we achieved in the end! So a big thank you to the entire team for that immense effort.

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24H of Nurburgring

After our VLN Race a few weeks ago we were very good prepared for this years 24h challenge of the Ring. It didn't start to great for us though in qualifying as because of a penalty our fastest laps were canceled and we could not make the top 30 shoot out. So P31 it was. Nevertheless the grid position at this long race is not that important and wouldn't in the end influence the final result.

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VLN Race R2 Nürburgring

A busy testing schedule kept me flying all over the globe in the last couple of month. But with the Nürburgring 24h race approaching, we went to race there last weekend. Needless to say that it was a difficult weekend for us after the tragic events of VLN R1.

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Stilo New Helmet ST5

While back in Europe for a short time I visited the very impressive Stilo Headquarters near Bergamo in Italy. Last time I was there was for my first fitting when I switched to Stilo Helmets back in 2012.

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2015 Motorsport Activities

Finally I am very happy to announce my program for this year. It was quiet for a while from my side as I was involved in the development work for the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO. Testing started right after the last Super GT round in Motegi on November 18. It was a new experience for me to work with such complex technology and be part of a very hard working and dedicated team. Development is a continuous process and we all have to work very hard step by step to bring the car to where we want it to be in the end. That will be my main task up until Le Mans including the first 2 rounds of the WEC.

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SGT R8 Motegi

We finished P4 after having technical issues in qualifying and could start the race only from P14. We are a little bit sad to have missed the podium in the last race, but it is still a great result for us. It also proved that the success in Thailand was not just an one-off event, but that we have improved hugely towards the end of the season.


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SGT R7 Thailand

It was a long trip to Thailand from Europe, but a trip very much worthwhile as it resulted in my first podium finish with P2 since I joined Kondo Racing and Yokohama. The brand new circuit suited the Nissan GTR's very well and Daiki almost managed to put our car on Pole Position. Yokohama did their homework very well and we definitely had the fastest car out there. But to win a race one needs luck also. Here is what happened..


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SGT R6 Suzuka 1000K

Like for Fuji, we had high expectations for Suzuka, one of my favourite events of the year. The 1.000k race is always a big challenge for the cars, teams and drivers. We qualified in P10, missing the cut off to Q2, which was disappointing since I hoped to fight with the top 3. Even though we did our personal best time around Suzuka and that in hot August, the competition raised the bar even higher and we ended up just about more than a second off Pole.


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SGT R5 Fuji

We had high hopes for Fuji going into the weekend. We were strong there at the previous round and fighting for a podium. And Daiki showed our potential by taking P4 in Q1 with only 2 tenth of a second behind the top car. But it was when I started Q2 with the intention of taking the top spot when our weekend turned for the worst.

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SGT R4 Sugo

It was a crazy weekend in Sugo with weather and track conditions changing all the time. Since there is a tire war going on, the performances of the cars depended more than usual on their tires. For example when there is heavy rain our Yokohama tires can compete for Pole Position, but when it is only damp it is the opposite. Unfortunately Qualifying was damp, hence we managed only P15.

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Nurburgring 24h Race

We worked on the setup more since the VLN R4 and made good progress. I was able to manage P15 which was rather disappointing because I expected to be much closer to the front. The GTR has the potential to run in the top 5 positions, but unfortunately we couldn't extract that time during the Top 30 shoot out.

We focused more on the race setup rather than on a one lap performance. Hence our race car was much better and also very fast. Because of a penalty I had to take the start in P20. When I came in for the first stop we moved up to around P15 already again and all was looking good for us.

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SGT R3 Autopolis

It was an unusual Round 3 for everyone at Autopolis this year as we usually race there in Autumn, but this time we faced very hot conditions. We made again Q2, the second time in a row, but had to settle for P8 in Qualifying in the end. Still a good position for us given that we are usually strong in the race.

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It was the first time for me back at the Nordschleife since the GT-R Nismo project and time attack last year. So I was very much looking forward to this weekend in the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 car. We were supposed to practice on Friday afternoon and make the shakedown of our brand new car, but unfortunately a big accident happened and the session was stopped very soon.

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SGT R2 Fuji

The weekend started out great with our qualifying performance being better than ever. We made the cut into Q2, which was a big success for us and we were really thrilled about this. Daiki than did an incredible lap to put us to P6 to start the race. I took the start and as it was very hot, we knew it was going to be hard work to bring the car home in the first stint as we had to do 35 laps minimum in order keep our strategy.

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SGT R1 Okayama

It was a tough first round for us this year. We finished only in P12, but there was more to it than just the position. With all cars and engines being new, there were lots of question marks before the race. We all didn't know where we really are until the qualifying session on Saturday afternoon when everyone put their cards on the table. My teammate Daiki was going for Q1 and he needed to put the car into the top 8 in order to advance to Q2.

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2014 Super GT

It is announced finally. I will do another season with Kondo Racing and Yokohama tires. I have a new teammate, Sasaki Daiki, who is half my age! We already worked well together during testing and I have a very good feeling about his performance, even though it is his first season in the GT500 class. Also I am very excited to do another season with Yokohama, as we made big steps forward in the second half of 2013.

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We went into the JAF GP with quite some hopes, as we had some good QF tires available for this race. The concept is different to the normal Super GT races and we are allowed to use special QF tires and then different tires for the race. My teammate Yasuda managed to qualify in P9, while I struggled a bit more and ended up starting from P12. The reason for this is that all the other teams prepared special qualify tires as well for this year and hence our advantage was kind of gone..

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GT-R Nismo 7:08'679 Nordschleife

It was the big launch of the long awaited GT-R Nismo last night, and finally we were able to unveil the results of our long and hard work that we did over the year at the Nurburgring. Our target was to break under 7min 10seconds and it was a tough one! It was also the first time for me to see the car in any other colour than the camouflage film. I was looking very much forward to this and I have to say it looks really strong and hot! Well it looks as it drives..

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Super GT R8 Motegi

After qualifying P11 in Motegi we were looking forward to a strong race performance. Finally we finished the race in P9, not as good as we have expected, but we were happy with our pace in the stints compared to the competition. My teammate Yasuda took the start and moved passed the No. 1 Mola Nissan which brought us to P10 and from there on it was a little bit tough.

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Nissan ZEOD RC Demo in Fuji

It was an exciting first experience in the Nissan ZEOD RC at the Fuji Speedway last weekend. Unfortunately we encountered some problems during the development process of the car, something which is totally normal, and we couldn't run as fast as we originally planned. Nevertheless it was quite something to experience.
The monocoque is specifically designed for the Nissan ZEOD RC and the feel inside the car is very futuristic, covered with buttons that I have never seen before, as the car is equipped with an electric motor only at the moment.

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Super GT R7 Autopolis P6!

My teammate Yasuda qualified the car in a good P11 for us and then worked his way up to P8 on the soft tire. It was a big challenge for him to bring the car to lap 24, the driver limit, where we planned to change to me. At this time we were about 24 seconds behind the leaders.

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Super GT R6 Fuji

We qualified in P10 and just missed the Q2 after again a very good lap by my teammate Yasuda. But compared to qualifying, our race pace seemed even better and we were looking for a points finish this time. Yasuda took the start and managed his tires well in the beginning. After a while he started to climb up the order through the field, passing several cars. When he was in P7, after about 20 laps the Safety Car was deployed following a tire blow up of another car.

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SGT R5 Suzuka 1000K Race

The Suzuka 1000k round is one of my favourite of the year, as I really like this race. Unfortunately this year we didn't achieve the result we were hoping for. After starting from P13, we were hopeful to have a good race, but we struggled with the pace this year more than expected and on top of that luck was not with us at all. When the Safety car came out during my stint (2nd stint of our race), we pitted immediately and that all looked good, until it became clear that the pits were officially not open yet. Not only did we get caught up in this misunderstanding, but about 10 other cars from both classes as well, and it ended with a 90 seconds stop and go penalty.

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V8 Nissan Altima Test in Winton, Australia

The opportunity to drive the V8 Nissan Altima Supercar in Winton was great. Thanks to Nissan's driver exchange program this chance came along. Since I only watched those guys on TV from early age, I was always wondering how it feels to drive these cars. With way over 600 bhp and not much grip available this always looked like a real challenge. And boy it was! It is one of the few categories out there where the driver input still counts for a lot. It is not only very easy to make mistakes all the time, you also have to shift still manually and without any driver aids whatsoever, it is sometimes difficult to keep yourself on the track. Like I said..a big challenge, but with a huge fun factor!

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Super GT Round 4 Sugo

After qualifying in our best position in P9, we were looking forward to a wet race on Sunday. Unfortunately it didn't rain until the last 20 laps. Nevertheless we were able to finish in P5 which is a great success for us as we have been struggling all year long. Our performance in the dry was quite competitive and I hope we can build on that to have more point finishes in the future.

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Le Mans 24H

It was a long trip back just after the Malaysia Super GT Race to Le Mans to be on time for the photo taken at administrations. Then we had a long and tough week in Le Mans. The weather was totally crazy, with rain and sun interchanging constantly. So we suffered through a tough QF session because technical problems lost us the whole session. With rain then hitting and sessions aborted due to accidents, we were not able to do many laps, nevertheless Jann banked in a fast lap in the end of the night which was good enough for P12.

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Super GT Sepang R3

It was a tough weekend once more for us in Sepang. We qualified in P14 just ahead of the #19 car which is on the same tires as us. We know there is a lot of work to do for us, unfortunately we cannot test much in the season due to the regulations. But even with a tough situation like this the motivation of Kondo Racing and my teammate Yasuda is high as ever. We still have to do our very best at every moment to achieve what we do at the moment. We finished the race in P13.

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Le Mans Test Day 2013

Last year in Le Mans it was a first experience in the Nissan DeltaWing, and this year a first again with an LMP2 car. New challenges are always exciting, so I enjoyed this day as much as last year actually. My first laps were in the wet, rather tricky conditions, but a good opportunity to explore the limits of the car at lower speeds.

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Nurburgring 24h with Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3

It was the first time for me at the Nurburgring Nordschleife with a GT3 race car after we competed there last year with the road going Nissan GTR. This is the first year for this car in Europe and the first 24 hour race for the GT3 car. So for us this was also an important test for future developments not only for the race car but also for the future GTR Nismo version as the Nurburgring is an important test track for many years now.

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Le Mans 2013 and Nurburgring 24h Race

It will be an exciting couple of months ahead, starting with the Nurburgring 24h race next weekend. I will be racing the Nismo GT-R GT3 car with the Schulze Motorsport Team this year. As we raced a road car Nissan GTR version last year, it will be the first time for me in a GT3 car at the Ring. We are looking very much forward to challenge and finish the race, as the car is not 24h tested yet and it will be a big challenge. My teammates are the Schulze brothers and Yamauchi san. They already successfully drove the car at a VLN race at the Ring.

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Super GT Round 2 Fuji Speedway

A tough weekend for us in Fuji as we only managed to finish in P12. Temperatures were higher than we anticipated hence we struggled a bit more than expected. The result doesn't represent our performance really as in QF my teammate Yasuda managed a 1:32'70 which is the best time our car has ever achieved. But even by being only 0.8 seconds off from the fastest time, it was only good enough for P13. This shows how competitive the Japanese Super GT Championship really is.

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Super GT Round 1 Okayama

The weekend started perfect on Saturday with rain falling and us being able to qualify in P3. Our shot at Pole in Q2 was thwarted by the cancellation due to heavy rain. So starting third was perfect for Okayama but when I took the start in dry conditions on Sunday, things didn't exactly go as planned.
That we would struggle more in dry conditions is no secret to us, but after the start I was dropping back to P10 pretty quickly, as the warm up of the tires turned out to be quite slower than the competition.

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2013 Season

Today was the official launch of Nissan's race activities for 2013. There has been lots of exciting news indeed. With the biggest news being the Le Mans project for 2014 in Garage 56. For myself, I will join the Kondo Racing team, the #24 Nissan GTR equipped with Yokohama tires for the Japanese Super GT Championship. My teammate will be Hironobu Yasuda who has already 3 years experience in this car.

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JAF GP Fuji and Season Review

At the JAF Fuji GP Motoyama and myself both finished in P4 in our races, so unfortunately we didn't make it to the podium. My race was washed away by heavy rain and red flagged after 8 laps. That's a shame as we were on the way to a podium for sure. In fact I was already next to P3 when the yellow flags came out at that exact moment! Well luck was not too much with us this year, nevertheless it was a really exciting season.

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GTR Driving with Usain Bolt

Great fun it was to lap around Nissan Oppama's Test track in Japan together with Usain Bolt in the Nissan GTR. Usually I'm a bit worried sitting next to someone, as I'm not the world's best passenger, but I have to say it was rather impressive the way Usain Bolt drove. Obviously it was not the first time he drove in the GTR, as he has one back home in Jamaica. Anyway his driving style was very smooth and controlled, so his braking, cornering and corner exits were very harmonious.

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Super GT Fuji R6

All weekend we struggled for pace unfortunately and so we ended up in P7 on the grid to start with. This time I took the start, in order to try and change our luck a little bit. I had a good getaway and could make up a place before having to give up a couple of position shortly after. It took me a few laps to get the tire pressures up, and once the car was running fine, I was able to bring to car up to P5.

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Suzuka 1.000k Race Super GT R5

After Motoyama's super qualify lap we started the race from P4 which was a good position and the best we could realistically achieve. We were able to move up the order in the first half of the race and took over the lead by half time also due to some trouble of other cars. Unfortunately then Motoyama got hit by a GT300 car which damaged the wheel and forced us to pit for an unscheduled stop.

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Super GT R4 Sugo

It was a tough weekend for us in Sugo. After qualifying on the front row in P2, Motoyama had a great start and was attempting to take the lead, when he got hit by another spinning car and our race was over before we made it even around turn 1. It is especially painful, as our Nissan GTR was running extremely well in warm up and we seemed to have had the perfect tires and setup for the race. But as there are no if's and when's in racing, we went home with no points this time.

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

It was my first time at the GFOS this year and I had the honor of attacking the hill climb in the Nissan GTR GT1 car and the Nismo LEAF RC (full electric car). When I climbed back into the GT1 car, it was incredible how at home it felt, and many nice memories of last years championship came back to me. But this hill climb is different to anything I have ever seen before. A narrow and beautiful road up the hill, no escape roads, and so narrow that its already a challenge to just stay on it without even thinking of going fast.

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Sepang and Le Mans 24h

We had a bad weekend in Malaysia in the Super GT with only finishing a disappointing P8 after qualifying third in our Nissan GTR. We struggled with the race pace and its clear that we have to raise our game now in order to keep in points reach with the Championship leaders. Luckily we have some testing coming up in Suzuka next month before we continue with R4 in Sugo. On the night after the race Motoyama and me took a night flight directly to Paris to start our exciting week in Le Mans in the Nissan DeltaWing

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Le Mans 24h Nissan DeltaWing

After having only about 100 days to prepare for the Le Mans 24h in the Nissan DeltaWing we had a great debut at the famous La Sarthe circuit. We ran without trouble the whole day and could complete loads of laps. Not only does it look very good regarding our targeted fuel consumption numbers, also one of my main worries has been cleared. Would the car be stable and easy to drive through the super fast Porsche corners? The answer is a clear yes to that. You can see the car's behavior in this video well actually Official ACO Pre-Le Mans Testing

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Super GT and other races..

The first two races of the season went not as good as we hoped for, but with a 4th place in Okayama and 3rd in Fuji last week, we still can be content as at least we scored valuable points in order to stay in the Championship race. There are many reasons for our results, but one thing that was consistent was the bad weather. I'm obviously not trying to blame the weather for not winning, in contrary we managed the fastest time in Fuji in the wet.

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Super GT Okayama and Nissan DeltaWing

It was a busy last week. After the last Okayama Test I took a night flight to L.A. and from there another night flight to Miami. Arriving in the morning in Sebring, I was very excited to get my first laps in the Nissan DeltaWing car. I was too excited to feel tired actually. I didn't know what to really expect, but when I left the pits the first time and turned into the first corner, I couldn't believe how sharp and responsive the car (or should I say Batmobile) reacted. To all those that always doubted that it would turn, I can just say, I have never driven anything before that turns that much! That was a very nice surprise and made me ever more curious of how it will handle in other areas.

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Nissan DeltaWing

It was a fantastic launch of the Nissan DeltaWing in London yesterday. It was great to see the stunned faces of the people that saw the car the first time in reality, just as I looked at it the first time. There have been all kind of reactions to it, something like "looks like a Rocket" to "Batmobile". Well, whatever springs to your mind when you look at it, I think its important to keep in mind that the car, or should I say Racing machine, has just been purpose build and absolutely no time was wasted on thinking about its looks. (looks stunning to me though..)

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2012 Racing Program

As has been announced last week I will drive this year in the Japanese Super GT Championship partnering Satoshi Motoyama in Nismo's #23 Motul Autech GTR. It's been 3 years that I raced outside of Japan and I'm very much looking forward to be back racing in Super GT. The GTR has changed quite a lot since 2008, with paddle shift systems replacing the manual shift system and improved aerodynamics and a totally different engine used. Also the handicap system is different now with success ballast assigned to every point scored. This makes the championship much more interesting as now we don't need to slow down on purpose anymore in order to lose handicap weight at some races. It's 100% full attack in every race

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Dubai 24h

I was an early start to the season 2012 with the start of the Dubai 24h race last weekend. In the GT3 version of the GTR prepared by JRM we were able to to qualify in P3 which was a good position to start the race. After I took the start I settled in fifth position, but then after already 20 or 30 minutes into the stint I got hit heavily by a Lamborghini driver, which damaged our car heavily.

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Nismo Festival 2011

This weekend I enjoyed the Nismo Festival very much and I want to say thanks to Nismo and all the fans for such a nice and warm welcome for me. Lucas is really sorry that he couldn't make it, unfortunately he couldn't get his passport back from the Indian Embassy in time. As we both go the FIA Prize Giving in New Delhi this weekend. I'm sure he would have loved the Festival and the drive in the World Championship Winning Nissan GTR.

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FIA GT1 World Champion 2011

The weekend started rather difficult with Lucas and me struggling for pace at the street circuit of San Luis at the Friday free practices. But it was then that our biggest title rival had an accident and couldn't continue to drive for the weekend. That incident did obviously help us, but nevertheless it wasn't won just yet. When Lucas and me entered Qualifying on Saturday morning with a revised setup, we both were extremely tense to say the least. The pressure has gotten to us big time.

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Ready for final round in Argentina

After a long break since the China races, we have the comfort to head to San Luis still as the Chamoionship leaders. The only downside is that we carry 30kg of success ballast. But weight hasn't stopped us before from getting good results. More important will be to have a faultless weekend not only from the driving side, but also at pitstops, setup work and machine reliability. The Nissan GTR hasn't let us down this year even once, so I believe that actually won't be an issue.

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China Races

We got away lucky in China by still leading the Championship with 11 points. Before we went there, the target was to still stay in the Championship fight, as with 60kg of ballast in Ordos, it was always going to be an uphill struggle. Then starting from the back of the grid in Beijing, didn't help our cause much. Nevertheless a big change in fortune was the rain and thanks to that we were able to finish in P3.

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R9 in Goldenport/China

We had a bit of a nightmare at our last race in Ordos, or at least regarding our pitstops. Blistering fast pitstops have earned us victories this year, but last weekend in Ordos it was unfortunately the opposite and we stood still for as much as 40 seconds at times, when we really should be done in 20. But that is racing and a big part of it, so in the end we were lucky to still escape with P9 and 2 points, more importantly the championship lead. Our Nissan GTR was performing extremely well with the 60kg success ballast and it would have been possible to finish in P5 with a proper pitstop.

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Getting ready for the China Races..

Only 3 races to go and in theory we look in good shape for the Championship. Our Nissan GTR leads with 13 points. So the next 2 races in China will be crucial. The downside is really that now carry 60kg of success ballast plus the outlook of racing on circuits that are very low speed and that don't favor us really.

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"Driving on the Edge" book on Sale now!

Finally the book "Driving on the Edge" is available in English here:

Driving on the Edge

Thank you to Icon Publishing and Autocourse for making this possible!


Paul Ricard Preview

This weekend we will be in Paul Ricard for round 7 of the FIA GT1 World Championship. It's a circuit that fits well for the Nissan GTR as we have finished second in the championship race there last year. Also Paul Ricard is one of my favorite circuits and with only about 200km from Monaco, it's my home race really!

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R6 FIA GT1 in Navarra

We knew it was an uphill battle in Navarra, as not only it's a track that not really suits us with all its 1st gear corners, but also carrying 35kg of success ballast didn't help the matter. Nevertheless we managed to qualify an excellent P4 after finding a really good balance in the GTR. So it was me starting for the QF race before Lucas took over and the first corner went everything but smooth.

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Nurburgring 24h

It was an exciting weekend again at the Nordschleife in the Nissan 370Z. The car was very fast in general and even though qualifying in P52 doesn't sound like a fantastic result, considering there were about 200 cars, its not bad! I started on slicks on a drying track and and after we finished 4 stints we were already moving up to P33 and even P3 in class. So all looked good really, until unfortunately a series of technical problems started.

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Nurburgring and Navarra

This weekend is the 24h of the Nurburgring where I will drive with a Nissan 370Z for RJN racing. I'm very much looking forward to this race, as driving the Nordschleife is always something very special. Our target is to make it to the top 3 in class, but to achieve that we must first get through without major trouble. Hopefully there will be no rain or fog!

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New Book will be released by end of July

The english version of my book "Driving on the Edge" will be released by the end of July. Here is the Press Release


Winning the Tourist Trophy at Silverstone!

Surely we were positive and expected a good result for the 5th round of the FIA GT1 World Championship in Silverstone, but that we would walk away with victory was especially nice as this also meant that we took over the championship lead. We had to work hard on the Nissan GTR at the Friday practice, changin the setup of the car several times in order to find the perfect balance for the all important qualifying session on Saturday.

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Nordschleife and Silverstone

It's been a busy time for me after the Sachsenring race. A week after the race I went to the Lausitzring for the Nissan Sportscarbattle event ( where we had a great time finding new talent for the Nissan 370Z. The testing ground there is amazing with a really high banked oval as well. The week later I went to the VLN race at the Nurburgring and it was amazing to drive the Nordschleife under 9min for the first time. The driving pleasure around there is not comparable to anything else I have ever experienced. We had a little bit of bad luck in the race, but for the 24h race we are confident to make a good result this year.

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R4 Sachsenring FIA GT1 World Championship

It's been a great experience to drive on the Sachsenring with its new layout, well new for me. Unfortunately I can't say the same about our results. But the up and down elevations were great fun to drive as it's all very high speed at the second part of the lap. But we knew we were going to suffer a little bit at the first tight party of the circuit. Sure we carried the 35 kg extra ballast for our win in Portimao, plus 15kg of extra weight for all the GTR's because apparently we are too fast. So for us only P9 was possible in the main race.

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R3 in Portimao

It was a perfect weekend for us and the Nissan GTR's in Portugal. The Qualifying already went well with Lucas doing a great job to put the car in P3. I then took the start of the QF race and was able to avoid a first corner incident and found myself directly behind my teammate in the 22 car Peter Dumbreck.

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R3 Portimao Preview

It's been a while now since the last race in Zolder. In the meantime we were in Qatar for an event with Sumo Power GT and also tested with the development GTR there. Qatar has an amazing track, super modern and a great layout with lots of challenging corners. It was great fun to experience this track there. But more than that I'm looking forward to our next race in Portimao.

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Round 2 in Zolder FIA GT1

It was not the best of weekends for Nissan in Zolder, as we were hit by trouble several times. Our pace was very good all weekend long, but we started to get into trouble when I picked up a penalty for apparently not slowing down enough during a yellow flag in free practice. This led to a 3 place grid penalty which put us onto the back foot already.

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First Race in Abu Dhabi GT1

It was a difficult start of the season in Abu Dhabi. After qualifying in P8 we had a great QF race. I was able to avoid a start collision and made my way up to P4 during my stint. I then passed the car to Lucas, who did an amazing drive during which he made a bold move to overtake our colleague Bernoldi in the sister Nissan GTR.

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Getting Ready for the first Race in Abu Dhabi

It's been a tough week with all that is happening in Japan. Even though I was in Europe and Kimiko in the US during the earthquake, most of our family and friends were in Japan. Luckily everyone of them escaped unhurt, but with the looming danger of a nuclear disaster, it's not the time to relax right now. Difficult decision have to made there, leaving the country or going to the south now, or wait a little bit longer.

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2011 Announcement

Finally we are able to announce the racing program for the 2011 season. As last year I will take part in the FIA GT1 World Championship in the GTR with Nissan. I will race with the JRM team and my teammate will be german Lucas Luhr.

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Preparing for the season

Even though all my plans for 2011 are not sorted out and not ready to announce yet, I'm in the middle of preparations for the season. After a nice holiday in Germany over New Year, I'm back in Monaco training with sunshine everyday. It's clearly one of the best places in world for training in winter.

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Interlagos and San Luis

In both races in South America we were running in the top 10 comfortably and we should have certainly scored more points than just a sixth place in Interlagos. The FIA GT1 World Championship is very competitive with mostly the whole field of 23 cars covered in about 1 second. So even a small mistake can instantly push you out of a good position. So it happened in Interlagos when we were running in second position.

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【スタッフ通信】12月5日(日)に富士スピードウェイにて開催されるニスモフェスティバルのお知らせです。Sumo Power GTも出店予定!!

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South America

The last 2 races of the FIA GT1 World Championship will be held in Interlagos and Argentina. From tomorrow on I will go to England to practice the circuit on a simulator as I don't know both circuits. Both circuits should in theory fit our Nissan GTR very well. But we will never know that for sure until we are really at the circuit driving.

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R8 FIA GT1 Navarra

This weekend we race in Navarra, Spain for the 8th round to the FIA GT1 World Championship. Originally we were scheduled to race in South Afrika, but the race has been moved. Most of us don't know this new circuit, so we have a difficult race weekend ahead of us. But not only do we not know the circuit well, this weekend we also have no opportunity of running on Friday. It is just a 2 day event.

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ミハエルクルムのレーシング「超」運転術-Driving on the edge.

マイケルのドライビングテクニックが凝縮された待望の一冊が発売中!! ドライビングテクニックだけではなくマイケルの日常のエピソード、実際に経験したエピソードもでてきます。
スペシャル特典!! ― 限定10冊、マイケルのサイン入り!!(予告なしに終了する場合がございます)

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Algarve R7 Preview

After our disappointing weekend at the Nurburgring, we are all looking forward for the next round in Portugal. We have done some testing on that circuit last year and the circuit layout is really exciting. The elevation changes and blind braking points make it a tough challenge to be consistently fast. We are eager to get the Nissan GTR back in the top 6 in qualifying and are aiming for another podium finish.

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Nurburgring R6 Report

1129.jpgWe came with high hopes to the Nurburgring, expecting to fight for victory, but in the end we had to settle for P15 and no points scored. This result is very disappointing for us to say the least, but sometimes in racing things do not go according to plan. Here is what happened to us this weekend.

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FIA GT1 R6 Nurburgring Preview

Since 1998 it is my first time at the N'Ring GP track. I have actually many good memories from the Nurburgring, lots from F3, but also I won my first ever car race in a Formula Ford there in 1988. That's a long time ago, and some corners have obviously changed, especially the new Mercedes arena is new to me. But I think most of the corners will fit our Nissan GTR very well.

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FIA GT1 R5 Spa Francorchamps

1129.jpgThe fifth round to the FIA GT1 World Championship in Spa was a real roller coaster of emotions and ended up in a heartbreaking retirement in the main race for us with just one and a half laps to go. Starting the weekend we soon saw that we look in a good shape for a strong top ten point finish. so we were going into qualifying quite optimistic.

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Spa R5 Preview Follow on Twitter

This weekend we will have R5 of the FIA GT1 World Championship in Spa-Francorchamps. Last year we took part in the 24h of Spa with the Nissan GTR for testing purposes and we ended up having a great result by achieving the podium. So we know that the GTR is very good around Spa in general. But this time the race is only one hour and we also carry 50kg of success ballast after being on the podium for the last 2 races.

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Twitter - Krummster23

Now you can follow all thats happening on my twitter page. Just click on that link :

twitter page でのすべての出来事にフォローできるようになりました。リンクをクリックしてみてください。 :

Podium at Round 4 of GT1 World Championship

It turned out to be a fantastic result for us at my "home" race in Paul Ricard, which is only 90 minutes away from Monaco by finishing on P2. We qualified 3rd and opted to use our old tires from the free practice for our first stint with Peter for the QF race. Unfortunately that was a very difficult to handle and we dropped right through the field. We ended up in P9 and were obviously very disappointed to having to start the main race from so far back.

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Testing and Preparation for Paul Ricard

It was a tough week in Wimbledon for Kimiko and myself as we had to endure some tough first round losses. Even though we knew it was going to be a tough challenge for Kimiko in Wimbledon because of her injury since the French Open, it is always very hard to take a loss in 3 sets. I myself went from Wimbledon to Snetterton for testing in the GTR and that went quite well and we were able to improve the cars performance. We now hope that those changes will reflect in next weeks race at Paul Ricard.

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Podium at R3 of GT1 World Championship in Brno!

It was an exciting weekend in Brno. The free practice was wet most of the time, therefore most of the drivers only got a few laps running before the actual qualifying on Saturday. This made the qualifying and the qualifying race even a bigger challenge than usual. Again we made it through to Q3 and we finally had to settle for P4 for the qualifying race. Peter did a great start and we were running in P2 until the pit stop. Unfortunately we lost too much time there and I brought the car back in P3.

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Nurburgring 24h race

1129.jpgIt was the first real 24h race at the "Green Hell" of the Nurburgring last weekend, but unfortunately not everything went as smooth as planned. I raced the Nissan 370Z from the RJN Team, all organize by Auto Zeitung together with Nissan Germany. It all started with the typical Nurburgring weather at the Thursday night practice. Heavy fog, rain and mud turned my first laps around the Ring into a real nightmare. It was really tough to go blind over jumps or high speed section with hardly any visibility. But that was what I was warned about and what this race is all about.

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GT1 World Championship R2 Silverstone

P3 in Qualifying and retired in the Main Race.

It was not a lucky weekend again for our car. After a great qualifying which earned us P3 Peter started the qualifying race and handed me the car back in P4. Unfortunately we received a drive through penalty for cutting the white lone on pit entry. After I served my drive through penalty I tried to make up as many places as possible and was able to finish the race in P8. This would be our start position for the main race.

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First Race on the "Ring"

This year I will take part at the 24h race at the Nurburgring which will take place in the middle of May. In order to qualify for this race I had to do a VLN race on the famous "Nordschleife" circuit. The car is a Nissan 370Z and the team is RJN from England. I just made it to the circuit by taking a flight to Moscow from Abu Dhabi, which was all in all and adventure in itself after the flight delays due to the volcano.

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P16 in turbulent Abu Dhabi Race

Luck was not with us in Abu Dhabi for the first round of the GT1 World Championship. My teammate Peter Dumbreck took the start from P9 for the qualifying race and already in the warm up lap he suffered a puncture and we were forced to pit in after the first lap. A Safety car phase then helped us to fight back to P10 and thats the position where I started the main race from.

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P9 in Qualifying!

1129.jpgAfter a turbulent qualifying session we ended up in P9 for the first round of the GT1 World Championship in Abu Dhabi. To be in the Top 10 was always a first target for us, so we are on schedule so far. I was first in the car in Qualifying 1, the target was obviously to make it into Qualifying 2 which meant we had to make it into the top 16. Right at the beginning of the session I put in a lap with old tires that was fast enough in the end for P9.

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Race Preparation Abu Dhabi

1129.jpgThe temperature difference is quite extreme here in Abu Dhabi when you come from Europe. It's really hot and humid and it has been a good idea to arrive here a little bit earlier in order to get acclimatized to the climate. Yesterday we had our first test day here, which was not part of the official test and so far our GTR's look strong and we were able to finish the day on top of the time sheets, but it is much too early to judge our real speed as many competitors haven't used new tires.

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Season Opener in Abu Dhabi next week!

It has been a long winter break, but next week the GT1 World Championship will kick off in Abu Dhabi. Tomorrow I will fly there already in order to get used to the hot temperature. There is a special test day on Wednesday, which will help us to understand the circuit better since it is new for us and we have no data so far. We also did more testing in Silverstone and we feel ready to take on the challenge.

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GT1 World Championship Launch Paris

1129.jpgThe official launch of the new GT1 World Championship was held in Paris yesterday. It was an impressive launch with President Jean Todt also attending the event. Every team brought one car that was unveiled at the Place de Vendome, where we could see the new coloring of all cars. In the evening a Gala Dinner has also been held, so all in all it was an incredible day in Paris that gave off a really positive vibe for this years Championship.

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2010 GT1 世界選手権参戦!【スタッフ通信】

2010 GT1 World championshipに参戦を記念しまして、2009GT-Rモデルカーを特別価格にてご提供いたします。

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2010 Racing Program Announcement!

1129.jpgFinally I'm able to announce my racing program for 2010. As planned from last year, I will take part in the new FIA GT1 World Championship with the new Sumo Power GT Racing Team. My partner will be Peter Dumbreck, a long companion of mine from Japan with lots of experience in this kind of racing. The championship includes 10 Rounds around the world, with the season opener in Abu Dhabi mid April.

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Nismo Festival 2009

1129.jpgThe Nismo Festival was held again at the Fuji Speedway this year. For me it was quite a special event this year as I have not been racing in Japan except one race at the Suzuka 1k race in August. Hence I enjoyed the day very much meeting not only all the fans that were not able to follow our races live in Europe, but also all the other drivers.

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Enjoying Off Season Testing

1129.jpgIt was rather hectic after the last race in Zolder. We continued our preparation program for next season in Nogaro in the week after the race. It was the first time for me in Nogaro and even though the circuit is rather narrow, I really enjoyed the course layout. High-speed corners mixed up with 1st gear hairpins make this circuit really challenging.

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FIA GT Zolder: Bad Luck after good Performance

1129.jpgIt was the last opportunity for us in Zolder to test the Nissan GTR under race conditions and after qualifying in P8, we were optimistic for the race. I took the start and the car was running very well while I was battling with the Ford GT, our only opponent that is running under the same regulations. During my stint we moved up as far as P4 before I pitted in and handed the car over to Darren.

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Last Round in Zolder FIA GT

1129.jpgThis weekend the last round of the FIA GT Championship is held at Zolder/Belgium. About 21 years ago I had my first ever car race in Zolder in a Formula Ford 1600. So for me it is very exciting to return to this track after a very long time. After the 24h race in Spa we conducted a few more tests in the Nissan GTR and were able to make some more progress.

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Present from Nissan Supporter Group!

1129.jpgAfter the Suzuka Pokka 700k race I got a nice surprise from the Nissan Supporter Group. They sent me a flag with lots of nice messages on them. It was incredible to have such a warm welcome from all of you guys in Suzuka. The welcome back banners and the flag waiving during the race really pushed me on!

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Pokka Super GT Race Suzuka: Race P6

It was a hot day today in Suzuka with the track temperature sometimes going way over 50 degrees. That meant that the tires choices and the way we were handling the car with softer tires would proof to be crucial for the end result. Starting from P12 Motoyama had a tough first stint as he showed to have a good pace that would allow us to run quite at the front, but as he was stuck behind another car, we saw our race kind of slip away already. With over 80 kg of Handicap weight in the car (heaviest car in the field), there was no way to overtake today.

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Pokka Super GT Race Suzuka: QF P12

It was a fun day for me in Suzuka after not being there for 1 year. Not only has the paddock complex changed completely, but also the first part of the surface has been resurfaced and it is much smoother and nicer to drive now through the ultra fast esses. In QF Motoyama was scheduled to get to around P8 with the heaviest car in the field, but unfortunately a fuel problem caused to now to start from P12 on the grid. But as the race is long with 700km it should be not such a big problem for us to make up places tomorrow.

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Back in Super GT!

After racing in the FIA GT Championship this year, I suddenly got the opportunity to join one race in the japanese Super GT Championship in Suzuka in 2 weeks time. I will partner Satoshi Motoyama in the Nissan GTR who is leading the championship at the moment, so the car will be a little bit heavy. The reason why I will join the team is that regular driver Benoit Treluyer got a "Moral Hazard Penalty" and has to sit out for one race.

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Spa 24h Qualifying: P8 in crazy conditions

1129.jpgThe weather at yesterday's practice and qualifying day was typical for Spa. There was sunshine combined with sudden thunderstorm. And all that mixed up with light rain and sometimes torrential rain falls. Having to cope with these conditions at night as well makes the whole race an even bigger challenge. So for the evening first qualify session we prepared ourselves for a dry session.

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Preparation for Spa 24h

1129.jpgNext week is our biggest "Test" of this season with the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps. While the team is doing everything to make sure that our GTR is at its best, I myself have to obviously do the same thing and am currently training very hard in Monaco in preparation for the race. I have done a 24h races before but always in open Sports cars and it is the first time in a closed car with the GTR. So I expect it to be harder than usual. Kimiko also came to Monaco to prepare herself for a series of tournaments in the United States next month.

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Nissan Fan von Oschersleben gesucht!

Nissan Deutschland wuerde gerne den Mann finden, welcher 400 Nissan Model Autos besitzt und einige davon zum Unterschreiben nach Oschersleben mitgebracht hatte. Bitte melden Sie sich doch bei dieser email Adresse:
Vielen Dank!
Michael Krumm

Qualifying in Oschersleben FIA GT R3: P10

1129.jpgIt is a fantastic feeling to be back driving on a german race track after being absent for 11 years. The last time I drove in Oschersleben was with the STW in 1998. I have good memories from there since I remember having had a good race there. The Nissan GTR feels good around the tight corners and we were able to improve the car steadily in the run up for qualifying. Finally we ended up in P10, this time only 2.8 seconds away from Pole Position. That sounds a lot but considering

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Testing in Portugal

1129.jpgOur development work with the GTR continues this week in Portugal at the Algarve Circuit. As we are preparing the car for the 24h race of Spa in July, we are mainly focusing on long runs and reliability. Also not to forget night running, as this is the first time and we need to make sure we set our light correctly.

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Early End in Debut FIA GT Race in Silverstone

1129.jpgAfter a good start I was managing to run in 8th position at a good pace during my first stint of the 2 hour long race in Silverstone. Then around Lap 27 the rear suspension failed at the Hangar straight, blowing a tire at the same time. Even though I brought the car back to the pits, we decided to end the race here because the exact reason for this failure has to be analyzed in order to avoid the same thing from happening again.

続きを読む "Early End in Debut FIA GT Race in Silverstone" »

Good Qualifying in Silverstone

1129.jpgSince yesterday's free practice and todays morning free practice we suffered from a difficult to handle car. But just before the qualifying session started we were able to improve the Nissan GTR quite a bit. It's of course not ideal yet, but it was good enough to beat one of the Ford's that are running under the same regulations than us. Therefore I was happy with the qualifying lap and with 11th position on the grid.

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Learning Silverstone with Warren Hughes...

1129.jpgToday an old friend and long time competitor of mine, Warren Hughes, helped me out in Silverstone. Warren is not only a Le Mans winner, but also somebody who analyzes circuits and driving techniques into great detail. In that sense we are both very similar and I could therefore easily pick up all his tricks in Silverstone since we both speak the same language.

続きを読む "Learning Silverstone with Warren Hughes..." »

First FIA GT Race in Silverstone

Today I make my way to Silverstone for the first round of the FIA GT Championship. It has been a long time since I raced in England. I believe the last time was in the Opel Lotus Championship in Donington in 1991. Unfortunately the circuit in Silverstone has changed a lot and the first thing I have to do this weekend is to obviously learn the track. Luckily there are lots of onboard videos available on youtube, so that really helps.

続きを読む "First FIA GT Race in Silverstone" »

Testing in Algarve (Portugal)

1129.jpgThis week I spent in Portugal on the newly build Algarve circuit. Indeed and incredible circuit in the middle of the nature. The extreme elevations reminded me immediately of the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Driving the Nissan GTR around there was extremely exciting as the car handles really well on a demanding track like that.

続きを読む "Testing in Algarve (Portugal)" »

GTR Testing in Paul Ricard

1129.jpgAfter the LMS race in Barcelona my teammate Darren Turner and myself drove directly to Paul Ricard for a 2 day test session in the Nissan GTR. It was the first time that we actually tested together with the GT1 an GT2 cars. Our car is driving under the 2010 regulations and our main objective is to develop the car for next years season. There is still a lot of work to do, but yesterday showed us that we are actually only a few seconds slower than this years cars and this showed us that we made already good progress during the winter.

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Early End in Barcelona

1129.jpgAfter a good start I was running in the top 10 comfortably battling with many cars. I was sometimes up to 5th position and then dropping back to 8th, always depending on the situation with the traffic. The pace was good and we certainly had the potential to finish this 1000 kilometer race in a good position, but unfortunately there was an incident just about halfway through my stint that ended our hopes for this weekend.

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Tough Qualifying in Barcelona

1129.jpgAfter the Friday session in Barcelona for the first round of the LMS 2009 things didn't look good for us. We struggled for balance and grip and were many seconds off the pace. But with the Kolles team working very hard to resolve the issues, we were able to locate all the problems and were back on the pace this morning just before qualifying. Then unfortunately we decided to make one more change to the car in order to improve its balance even more, but that was a change that made the car rather difficult and so we ended up a disappointing 11th position on the grid.

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First Race in Barcelona!

This weekend is the first round of the Le Mans Series in Barcelona. After testing at the Eurospeedway a few weeks ago, I got the chance to drive in Barcelona this weekend for the 1000 Kilometer race. The Team is called Kolles and the car is last years Audi R10 TDI. As we have not done many miles in the car yet, the first race will be more like a second test where not only the drivers have to get used to the car, but also the team has to learn about the car. So the target is obviously to finish the race.

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2009 Racing Program

The official announcement had to wait for a long time, but now it is finally out in the open. In 2009 I will take part in some races of the FIA GT Championship, as part of the test and development program of Nismo's GTR R35. Mainly we concentrate on evaluating and improving the performance in respect of the 2010 season.
That also means that I will not race in Japan, which is the first time in 14 years! I'm sorry for all my fans in Japan that they can't see me race this year.

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Busy Weeks and Testing...

It has been a very busy last week after the Nismo Festival. Just on the Monday after, I could take some time to relax and enjoy our wedding anniversary with Kimiko. We went to an Italian Restaurant with an unbelievable nice view over Tokyo. The night sky was so clear we could even see the fireworks from Disney Land.

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Nismo Festival 2008

This weekend is the yearly Nismo Festival held at the Fuji Speedway. As every year we are looking forward to meet all our fans and have a day full of fun and activities.

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Super GT Fuji R9: P11 in disappointing Race

The race started out in wet conditions today in Fuij. After a good start I was battling with a championship contenting Toyota. It was in the second lap that I was overtaken at the straight, but at the same time he crashed into me a few times, for reason I don't really understand as he was almost past already.

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Super GT Fuji R9: P14 in Qualifying

P14 in Qualfiying

It was a disappointing day of qualifying today in Fuji for the last round. In wet weather conditions we thought we might have a chance to compete right at the front, but unfortunately a big lack of grip prevented us from making it into the top 10. We are not sure yet what caused the problem exactly, but we are working hard to solve it until tomorrow morning. Tomorrow's weather should be fine, but in Fuji you never know.

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Super GT Autopolis Race: P5 from last on grid!

It was a tough battle today for us in Autopolis. After starting from 16th and last on the grid, we gradually worked our way up the field and were able to finish in P5 in the end. We had lots of overtaking action, something that was not easy, since in Autopolis there are almost no overtaking opportunities. I sometimes had to wait a long long time before my opponent made a mistake and therefore giving me the opportunity to make a pass.

Our teammates in the #23 car won unchallenged from Pole Position and are as good as this years champion with a lead of 14 points and only one race remaining. Our championship chances are unfortunately over this year, but such is racing. Without the disqualification in qualifying we would have had a good chance to win this race, certainly our car was quick enough for that.
Now there is only one more race left in Fuji and we are hoping to make a good result there. I know that we had many Nissan supporter for our #22 car this year and we really appreciate all your "Super" support. Thanks to all of your support, chances are very high now that at least a Nissan can win the championship. Thank you all for that great support and I see you all in Fuji!

決勝レース。予選の失格で16番手の最後尾からのスタートとなりましたが、 コース上で着実に順位をあげていき5位でフィニッシュできました。 オートポリスはオーバーテイクの難しいサーキットなので、追い越しは簡単ではありませんでした。 そのため、前の車を抜くのにずいぶんガマンの周回も重ねました。
ただ、その結果5位で終われたのでよかったと思っています。レースの方は23号車がポールトゥウィンで他のチームと 14ポイントの差をつけて最終戦を向かえることになりました。 22号車の方は残念ながら、チャンピオンの可能性はなくなってしまいました。 ただ、今回のレースではスピードのあるレースができたので、最終戦の富士では、素晴らしいレースができると期待しています。
今シーズン、22号車のために、たくさんのニッサンサポーターのみなさんが応援してくださった事を とてもうれしく思っています。本当に感謝しています。 皆さんの応援のおかげで、ニッサンがチームチャンピオンになる可能性は非常に高いです。 ありがとうございます!!最終戦・富士にも是非 応援に来てください。



Super GT Autopolis Qualify: Quickest but Last!

It was a big blow for our championship hopes today as we got disqualified from the 1st Qualify session this morning for a rear wing mounted too high. This was obviously nothing intentional and a mistake by a mechanic. Nevertheless this was extremely frustrating as we were able to be fastest in the morning session, potentially giving us a big advantage going into the Super Lap as the last runner in best conditions. Anyway we now have to start in P16 and in Autopolis overtaking is almost impossible.

Our teammates in the sister Nissan #23 car are on Pole Position now and look set to win the championship if they drive the race home. But as the championship positions are all very close between Toyota, Honda and Nissan, I expect tomorrow's race to be rather exciting. So basically I would say our chances are over by today, but in racing we never know until the chequered flag falls!



Super GT Autopolis: Free Practise

it was an important day today in Autopolis as we prepare for the chamionship deciding race on Sunday. Testing went well and it looks like all the championship contenders are about on the same pace. The Toyotas and Hondas were as quick as we are, except our teammates in the Nissan GTR, they are at the top with about half a second lead. We will try and close this gap for the all important qualifying tomorrow morning and the Super Lap in the afternoon....

金曜日 フリー走行。日曜日の決勝を考えると、このフリー走行はかなり重要な走りになってきます。



Motorsport Japan Event

the last 2 days I spent in oDaiba, very near to where Kimiko's Tennis tournament was this week. But this time not for Tennis, but for the yearly Motorsport Japan Event. This event brings all kind of Racing Cars close to the fans in Tokyo. Not only can they see the cars from very close distance, but most of the cars are been driven around in a big area in the middle of the event space. Today there was also Timo Glock, demonstrating the Toyota F1 car. He did lots of spin turns and then blew the engine up while doing so. The drivers are giving there everything to entertain the fans and it is really one day of big fun.

I was mostly busy with Talkshows and Autograph sessions. Most of the talkshows concentrated on the next race in Autopolis, which is in 2 weeks. There the championship will almost be decided and we will try everything to win this race. The same target have obviously all the other championship contenders, so we are looking forward for a very close and hard battle there.

今週末の2日間は、Kimikoのテニスのトーナメントが開催されていたすぐ近く・お台場で テニスの応援ではなく、毎年この時期に行われるモータースポーツのイベントに参加していました。 このイベントでは、ファンのみなさんが目の前で本物のレーシングカーを見ることができます。 また、レーシングカーの展示だけではなく、実際にイベントスペースの中央で車がドライブするのを見ることも出来るのです。
今回はF1ドライバーのティモグロック選手が参加し、TOYOTA F1をドライブしました。ファンのみんなの前で何度もターンやエンジン音を響かせ、モータースポーツファンを楽しませてくれました。





モータースポーツジャパン!! 10/04.10/05


Super GT Motegi R7: P7 in eventful Race

Our intention to gain many points this weekend was thwarted already at the first lap, when I was squeezed in between 2 Toyotas. As 3 cars was one too many going into turn 4, I slightly touched with the #38 Toyota and he spun therefore. There was no intention from both drivers side for this to happen, but unfortunately I was handed a drive through penalty which completely ruined our race. We dropped to last position and made our way back to P12 after the driver change, overtaking some cars that were on a 2 pit stop strategy. And we were still running in that position when we entered the last lap of the race. But what happened then was rather unusual. In order to understand this, I have to explain that in the Super GT Championship the point and weight handicap system is such, that when you finish on P9, you can loose 20kg (max possible) and at the same time you still can get 2 points for the championship. In the last lap there was a big battle going on for this P9 position. In total there were five cars involved and they all lapped very very slowly, because they all wanted P9, but the driver on P9 slowed also down at the same time.
So while this was all going on in the last lap, my teammate Yanagida simply passed all this five cars in one go, as we were not concerned on finishing on P9. So we ended up in our target position which was P7. I also have to add that the passing of Yanagida caused mayhem in the group behind and during this our teammates in the sister Nissan were pushed off the track and weren't able to score points.
As strange as the race was, in the end we were happy with P7 and it moves us to third position now in the championship behind one Honda and one Toyota. There are 2 races to go and about 4 or 5 cars still have a chance to become champion.
So we are looking forward to an exciting finish of the season!

それは、Super GTのポイント制度(ポイントとウエイトハンディの関係)から起こる各チームの作戦でした。ソノ作戦は、「9位」というポジションでフィニッシュすることでした。「9位」というポジションはウエイトをMAXで20キロ減らすことができ、さらに2ポイントを獲得できる という残り試合数を考えると、優位になるポジションなのです。ファイナルラップは各車「9位」狙いとなったのです。9位を狙う車は5台ほどあり、それらは9番手を得るためにスロー走行となり、また9位より上位のクルマもクルージング走行となりました。その間、9番手争いに関係がなく、目標を7番手においていた22号車は柳田選手が5台を追い抜き7番手にあがりました。しかし、この間にチームメイトの23号車はコースアウトしてしまいポイントをなくしてしまいました。



Super GT Motegi R7 : P7 in Qualifying

It was our target to qualify just in the top 10 and we did just that today with P7. Our car is quiet heavy compared to the competition, because of the handicap weight, so we don't expect a podium finish in Motegi. We are aiming for a solid race in order to make up points in the championship. We are currently trailing the leading Honda by 6 points and our teammates, the favorites to win the championship by only 2 points. Our teammates qualified in P4 which gives them also a good opportunity to gain back the championship lead.
So we are looking forward to an exciting race tomorrow in Motegi, on a track where overtaking is not that easy, but the traffic will always provide us with some opportunities...





CARCHS Event in Kuzuha!

I went to Kuzuha near Kyoto today for the Renewel Opening of the Carchs Shop there. It was the first event that I attended for my sponsor this year and it was very exciting. First we did a talkshow where we talked about things that we usually never talk about in talkshows. We talked about what a driver really feels and experiences in extreme situations and it was certainly very interesting for the guests to hear about those things, but it was equally interesting to talk about them. Then I signed lots of autographs and made pictures with all the guests. After that I had the pleasure to do a demo run around the parking lot between hundreds of cars. I was in a Nissan Fairlady Z with with manual gearshift and switched off the traction control. It was really great fun to power the car around this huge car park!

Thank you to everybody for coming to see us today and also a big thanks to the staff for the really nice organised event!



会場に来てくれたみなさん 本当にありがとうございました。




The artwork on the CARCHS building wall. The blond guy is me!

9月6日(土)、トークショー in カーチス枚方店


Suzuka 1000km Race: Very Tough P4

It was an eventful race for us today. We decided to go for a 5 stop pit stop strategy compared to almost everybody else's 4 stop strategy. That meant that we had to go faster than everybody else on every stint in order to win the race. Starting from Pole was the reason for us to choose this strategy. A clear track ahead gave us the advantage to take control of the race. Yanagida, Dominik Schwager and myself drove as hard and fast as we could and we kept the lead for a long time, occasionally loosing it to some other cars in the wake of different pitstops of all the cars. We looked set to actually win the race, when the roof cover came loose and we had to make an unscheduled pitstop to repair this. We dropped to P7 and I took over the car in P6 from Dominik for the last stint in dark. I made up my way to P4 and was just catching the Toyota of Andre Lotterer in the last lap, but wasn't able to make a move as I ran out of laps. It is amazing that we were missing on about 2 laps or so to get to the podium at a 1000km race. But that was that and we are not unhappy to take home P4 which moves us up to P4 in the championship as well, but made our car heavier again as well. We now seem to still have a chance for the championship title, but it is still an uphill battle with 3 races left and a heavy car.





Suzuka 1000km Qualifying: Very Lucky Pole Position!

It was raining all day long today in Suzuka for the qualifying session. Our objective in the morning practice was as usual to get a top 10 position in order to take part in the afternoons Super Lap. With the rain suddenly becoming less and less during our morning session I decided to take the intermediate tires and was able to go fastest. That was really good and lucky timing. As it stopped raining now, I was overtaken by a Honda in the last few minutes of the so called "mixed" session, where we drive together with GT300 cars. Normally it is difficult to make a fast lap time there, because one can not get a clear lap easily. Going second into the afternoons Top Ten Super Lap was an excellent position. But what happened then was even more lucky for me. It rained so hard all afternoon that the Super Lap had to be cancelled, but not only that, the Honda that has taken the fastest time in the morning, made an engine change and therefore lost 10 grid position. So we were promoted to Pole Position!

So we are looking forward for tomorrow's long challenge and hope to have an incident free race. Also we hope our luck of today will continue and maybe it was Kimiko that brought me some of the luck, since it is her first visit this year to a race.






Motegi Testing

We only had 2 days to recover after the Sugo race before we started testing in Motegi this week. As every year the Motegi test is our main preparation for the Suzuka 1000 kilometer race later this month. Last year we drove the race with only 2 drivers, but since this was quiet hard, we have the option of using a third driver this year. For that reason my fellow german driver Dominik Schwager was also testing with us. Having raced many years in the Super GT championship with Toyota and Honda, Dominik got used to the Nissan GTR very quickly and set competitive lap times immediately. It is not sure yet, if he will race in Suzuka, but it is a good feeling to have the option of handing him over the car at any time.
Even though we will still have a relative heavy car in Suzuka, we believe that we can achieve a good result, since the race is very long and also extremely hot. At this race, every car has always a chance to win this race. So we are looking very much forward to this race !

菅生のレースの2日後、モテギで鈴鹿にむけてのテストがおこなわれました。毎年このモテギでのテストは鈴鹿1000キロにむけての大事なテストとなっています。昨年の鈴鹿1000キロレースはレギュラードライバーの2人で戦ったのですが、サードドライバーを起用してもOKのレースなので今回サードドライバーのテストも行いました。僕のチームでテストドライブしたのは、同じドイツ人ドライバーのドミニク・シュワーガー選手。ドミニク選手は、昨年までSuper GTでドライブしていたのでみなさんもよく知ってると思いますがHONDAやTOYOTAでチャンピオン争いをしていたすばらしいドライバーです。テストドライブでは、GTRにもすぐに慣れ、好タイムをだしていました。今回はテストドライブなので正式には決定はしていませんが、心強いサードドライバーとしての好感触をうけました。

鈴鹿のレースは暑く長いレースなので、ウエイトをたくさん積んでるクルマは不利です。でも、いいかえれば、暑く長いレースなので 何がおこるかはわかりません。勝つチャンスはどのクルマにも 僕たちにも十分あるのです。このレース、今からとても楽しみです。



Super GT R5 Sugo Race

Unlucky Series continues in Sugo !

Starting from 8th on the grid, I made my way into turn one, only to be pushed out by the Toyota of Akira Ida who crashed into the back of my Nissan GTR. I then spun out and had to rejoin the race after almost all the GT300 field has passed through the first 2 corners. That was obviously the worst thing that can happen and it thwarted all our chances for taking points today. As there was almost nobody retiring from the race, we only managed to move up to P13 in the end. In the championship we dropped to P5, but with 4 races to go, we still have a chance to move up the ranks later in the year. The good thing is that we lost 20kg of ballast weight today, which should help us for the long and tough Suzuka 1000 km race next month.
Let's hope we are more in luck there !




Super GT R5 Sugo

P8 in Qualifying

It was our target to get into the top 10 in qualifying this weekend, after our car got lots of handicap weight after our good second position in Sepang last month. We did just that by going to P8 in today's session. The target for tomorrow is to take home some points. It is always a difficult race in Sugo, since the track is very narrow and with very little opportunities to overtake. The unstable weather this weekend plus the heavy traffic while driving together with the GT300 cars will make the result always unpredictable here. I have been unlucky here in the last few years, but hope to change that tomorrow with some solid points.




Super GT R4 Malaysia Race

P2 after long and tough battle !

I took the start and was able to maintain the lead until my pitstop in front of Ralf Firman in the Honda. The team did a fantastic pitstop, where they changed 4 tires at the same speed as the Honda team changed 2 tires ! That allowed us to keep the lead when my teammate Yanagida went out for the second and last stint of the race.
The Honda then collided with us and made Yanagida spin, which resulted in a penalty for the Honda car. We were quiet happy about that, since this put us back into the lead, but with another Nissan following us closely now. The #24 Nissan equipped with the Yokohama tires compared to our Bridgestone tires always performs well at this hot temperatures. Yanagida was able to hold him back until the last few laps when Yanagida accidently pushed the pit speed limiter button instead of the drink button, and there we lost the race obviously.
But anyway such kind of mistakes unfortunately happen in racing and I remember even Hamilton in F1 pushing wrong buttons on the steering wheel last year...

For the championship this is not a bad result for us, after having scored no points in the last 2 races. We moved up to P3 in the championship, but with the car quiet heavy now through this second position. Nevertheless it puts us back into the championship battle which we are very excited about.

Next race is in Sugo in Japan next month.







Super GT R4 Malaysia

Pole Position !

it was a very close battle with the Hondas and another Nissan car on Saturday for the Pole Position. After changing the setup a little bit for the all important Super Lap I had a perfect car and an almost perfect lap that was 2 tenth clear of Ralf Firman's Honda. I'm very happy about this as it is the second Pole Position this year and it puts us in a very good position for the race obviously. But anyway the race is always a different story and with the Hondas probably only changing 2 tires at the pit stop, we have to gain about 10 seconds on them at the first stint.
I will take the start and I'm looking forward to an exciting battle...






Preparation for Malaysia

The next round of the Super GT in Malaysia is in almost 2 weeks time and it is going to be a very tough and hot race for us as every year. In order to withstand the extreme temperatures in the car Nismo has developed lots of solutions and we hope that we have a more "cooler" car this year. Nevertheless it is going to be tough and therefore I intensified my training program for this time of the season as I do every season. Unfortunately it is not very warm in Japan right now and therefore the training conditions are limited.
For us it is going to be a tough race because we are the 3rd heaviest car in the field still, so we are not expecting miracles for that race, but with the extreme heat and many action happening, we always have a chance there to finish on the podium. So I'm looking forward for the race !

But today after training in the morning, I had an interview for the Nismo Homepage in my company, where I put our PERMAGARD coating on my Autech Elgrand Rider, and also did some practise laps on a Ferrari on the Playstation in Suzuka. The Playstation is so real recently,it is a good image training before the race. It is just a shame that the Malaysian Sepang circuit is not in the software yet...

Super GTのマレーシア戦が2週間後にせまってきました。








Super GT R3 Fuji

Only P12 in a difficult race

It already started to be a difficult weekend with the rain falling at the Friday free practice. Basically we were happy and wishing for rain for the qualifying session. So it actually was still wet in qualifying in the beginning. But as it was getting dry we were preparing to use the slick tires. We waited a little bit too long with this decision and when we chose to go for an attack lap, suddenly heavy rain started to fall again ! So we ended up in P15 on the grid since I couldn't put down a lap time.

Starting from there made our race difficult as we were stuck behind other cars. This was a shame because the car's performance was really good and we could have scored good and important points today. I had to make the decision to try and pass the car's ahead and unfortunately there was a collision between me and another Nissan car. I got away with it without damage but the officials decided to give me a drive through penalty. This didn't really help, but we didn't give up and continued with our strategy. I then gave the car to my teammate Yanagida who unfortunately passed under yellow flags which brought us another stop and go penalty. It is sometimes difficult to see the yellow flags when we are surrounded by many GT300 cars. I then took over for the last stint and it was a very good run as we had a serious chance to capture P10 in the last lap, which meant at least 1 point. After having been penalized already 2 times, this one point would feel like a race win ! I made my move 2 corners before the finish line on the #17 Honda. It was a good battle side by side, touching each other and battling hard until the line. I just made basically P10 and got this last point, so I was rather happy. But just a few minutes later I learned that I got another penalty now for battling with the #17 car. So we were moved down to P12.
For some reason it didn't seem to be our weekend in Fuji this time, but I want to thank all the fans for coming out to support us so hard and I promise we will be back with a winning performance soon !

Talking about winning performance. Kimiko made the impossible possible this Sunday and managed to get into the finals of her first tennis tournament in Singles and in Doubles after 11 year. She battled her way though 7 days tennis in a row and was still standing at the court without serious physical problems on Sunday. That alone is already an absolutely amazing achievement as she has played 10 matches including 3 set matches until then. She then just lost very closely in 3 sets the singles final, only to capture the doubles title a few hours later. Kimiko has beaten several World Top 100 players during this tournament and not only she is surprised and amazed by this performance, so is everybody else watching it. With 37 years old, this is something really special to see. She seems to have the same speed as the 20 year younger players. But the main difference in my eyes is Kimiko's mental toughness. She never seemed to get nervous at important points and when the game got critical, she raised her level every time ! Absolutely amazing !
So let's see what happens at her next tournament, already starting this week in Fukuoka...







Testing in Sugo

Super GT Testing in Sugo

In Sugo we had unfortunately only 1 day with dry weather conditions during testing. It was a tough challenge for us to make a good setup, especially after the Super GT organisation GTA announced that the Nissans have to carry an additional weight of 80kg compared to the other cars. That just took away all our performance advantage that we worked so hard for all winter. So my handicap weight for the Fuji race next weekend will be 100kg ! Nevertheless we tried to find a good balance in Sugo and the car was relatively fast. So we haven't given up the battle, but it is certainly going to be much tougher from now on to get to the podium.

The next race in Fuji is 500km with 3 stints, so it is going to be an exciting long race where you never know what will happen. Therefore even with a heavy car it is important to finish the race and have as little incidents as possible. It is going to be tough physically also as some drivers will make double stints and will be in the car about 2 hours and the temperatures are getting higher in Japan now.

I'm looking forward for the race in Fuji, as every time, since it is the most exciting race of the season with so many fans coming to cheer us on there. The Nissan flags are so big that they are waved over the main straight and we can just see them every single lap !

see you all there,






Super GT R2 Okayama

Disappointing weekend in Okayama

after our strong performance in testing in Okayama we expected a very good weekend, but unfortunately it didn't work out very well for us this time. After qualifying 6th in the Super Lap, we were still looking good for a podium position. But after the start which was made this time by my partner Yanagida, we were unfortunately not able to hold postion. Then just a few laps before I was about to take the car over, Yanagida was involved in an unfortunate accident, where he was hit by a Toyota that was avoiding a spinning car. The front suspension broke and with that our race was basically over. After repairing it I went out again to check the car and it's performance, but it was rather frustrating to see that I was able to catch the leader of the race...
I then tried to mark the fastest time at least to get an extra point with a fresh set of tires, but it started to rain !
So even though it was not a good weekend for us, our teammates could win the race again with another Nissan in second position. This showed again the strong performance of the GTR. Now we hope that we don't get any extra weight into the car again after just receiving 50kg. Under normal circumstances we would loose now 20kg of ballast and would have a good chance for victory at the next round in Fuji, but the organisers haven't made up their mind yet how heavy each car will be at the next race, so let's wait and see.

The championship is still long with 7 races to go, so there are still plenty of opportunities to get enough points this season. Thanks for all the strong Nissan support this weekend and we can't wait to see you all in Fuji for the next race !





Nissan Event

yesterday it was a very busy day for me. First I had a meeting in the morning, then a Nissan Talkshow, after that I went to see the Motorbike show in Odaiba, just to return to Ginza again for another Talkshow at the Nissan Gallery. After that a dinner appointment. Luckily I had a "driver" and I could relax in my new car, the Autech El Grand, so at least I was not stressed out in Tokyo traffic.
It was nice to meet many fans in Ginza for the talkshow and my thanks goes out to all of you that showed up, even though it was cold and raining. We had a fantastic start of the season with the 1-2 finish in Suzuka and even though we will be heavy in the next race, we are confident in the GTR's performance, even with heavy weight. We are especially looking forward to Round 3 in Fuji where we might be a little bit lighter again and where we have a chance to make a podium position again. The car handled extremely well in testing in Fuji and we hope it will be like that in the race !






Testing at Fuji Speedway

After our 1-2 finish in Suzuka last week, testing resumed at the last two days in Fuji in preparation for Round 3 of this years Championship. The first day went well and we were second fastest overall. Today there was rain in the morning and it was fine in the afternoon where we mainly focussed on long runs. The race in Fuji will be 500km long and therefore the setup in the race will be much more important than the qualifying position. The GTR runs really well in Fuji also, so we are looking very much forward to the race.
But first the next race is in TI Okayama on April 13th, a circuit where we always have a good result and even though we will arrive there with substantial handicap weight, I'm confident that we can make a good result there.



It was very cold...but the brakes are always hot and on the limit in Fuji with its long straights !

Super GT Round 1 Suzuka: Race

P2 in Suzuka !

All went well for us at the start of the race and I was leading the race just in front of my teammate Treluyer. The Hoshino Racing Nissan car, driven by Sebastian Phillip, was pushed off by Lotterer in the Toyota right after the start, which left then just Treluyer/Motoyama and myself to fight for victory. Our tactic was to pit in just one lap after our teammates which would enable my partner Yanagida to take the lead and protect it. It all worked out well for about half a lap after the pitstop when Motoyama attacked Yanagida heavily and made a pass at the hairpin when Yanagida collided slightly with a GT300 car. So we dropped to second place and were easily able to hold this position until the end. Lotterer finished third in the Toyota.
This was a dominant start into the season and a fantastic 1-2 finish for Nissan at the debut race of the GT-R.
We are not too happy that we haven't won the race obviously, but there might be other chances coming again this year. Even though this could take until the end of the year, as we just received 90kg of handycap weight into the car! This will take a lot of bad results to get rid off...
Thanks to all the fans for their incredible support today, it was just unbelievable how virtually everybody shouted us around the track ! Please keep doing this all year long....






Super GT Round 1 Suzuka: Qualifying

Pole Position in Suzuka !

After a hard battle in the Super Lap with my teammate Treluyer and Matsuda, I finally managed to claim the Pole Position for tomorrows season opener in Suzuka. It is a special day for Nissan today, with 3 Nissans in the first 3 positions and it shows that all the hard work we did do during the winter payed off well. I am especially delighted because it is always a special day for the Super GT at the first qualifying session. Because of the weight penalty system we have only one chance all year to fight against each other under equal conditions, and this day was today. So I do believe this is a good sign for the season.

It is going to be an exciting battle at the front and my teampartner Yanagida and myself will do everything possible in order to stand in the middle of the podium tomorrow. I will start the race and Yanagida will take over the last stint.









Super GT Test Suzuka

Last week we were testing in Suzuka almost every day. Unfortunately it was raining and snowing from time to time, so that we couldn't get as many laps under our belt as we wished for. Nevertheless we are ready for the race in 2 weeks and looking forward for a successful opening of the 2008 season.
In the past seasons, we usually ran into trouble at the first race. There have been occasions where we started from Pole Position (2 times) and ended up in the gravel trap almost immediately after the start. Since years already we are jinxed about the season opener. As every year, this year as well, we try and break this jinx this year.
But this year we know what the problem is: My Birthday on March 19th. Usually we have the season opener just before that date and there is usually a small birthday party just before the race, even though it is not my birthday yet. I haven't thought about this much until my sister in Germany told me that to say "congratulations" before the actual birthday really means a lot of bad luck...well there you go !
So this year, please everybody in the paddock in Suzuka, do not say "Happy Birthday" to me at the first race meeting in Suzuka...of course many presents are welcome...I'm just not supposed to open them before my birthday :)

So I'm looking forward to see everybody supporting the debut race of the GTR in 2 weeks and I'm sure we are able to show a very strong performance,
see you there!








Nissan Launch for the Super GT 2008 !

Yesterday we had the big launch for the 2008 Super GT Series at Nissans Headquarter in Tokyo. This year I will have a new partner with Masataka Yanagida. But not really new to me, because we were already partners 2 years ago, when he made his debut in the Super GT category. He is a different driver now and has developed into a top racer. He proved that by taking Pole Position last year in Suzuka. So we are looking forward for an exciting season together. As you can see the new GTR looks really great and cool. But not only that, it is really good in the corners to drive. So we have high expectations for this season. Testing in Japan starts by the end of the month and the first race is on March 16th in Suzuka.

Our teammates will be Motoyama, partnered by Benoit who came from the Impul team. My partner Matsuda from 2007 went to drive for the Impul team this year, together with Sebastian Phillip.

昨日、東京・ニッサン本社で2008年Super GT選手権の体制発表が行われました。








Nismo Awards

At the yearly Nismo Awards we got to play the new playstation game with the 2008 GTR Road car in it. The graphics are incredible and the game looks almost like real time TV images. Also we got to meet all of Nissans sponsors and teammembers, plus our strong supporter group that are waiving many Nissan flags for us during the races.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors, supporters and teammember for their hard work in 2007 and look forward to work with everyone again in 2008 ! It will be truly an exciting year with the debut of the new GTR and we can't wait to start the testing program.







As every year, the NISMO FESTIVAL at Fuji Speedway was a full success. With the main grandstands packed with tens of thousands of people, we did demo races, real races, autograph sessions and talkshows. It looked like as much fun for the fans as it was for us.
On my schedule there were passenger rides for fans and it was great fun to show them the other side of the racing world. They all really enjoyed it. The main event was a real simulation of the Super GT Championship races with only Nissan Z-cars participating. The race was only 12 laps and we had to make 1 pitstop to change driver. The short race turned out into a thriller, with us finishing first, Motoyamas team second and Sebastian Phillip third, but when we crossed the line, we were more or less side by side. We fought the race out with all we had, and even contact between the cars were made several times.
Tsugio and myself enjoyed this "small victory" as we came close to winning a few times this year, but always ended up in second place. A little consolidation before the Christmas holidays.

I want to thank again all our supporters, especially all with the big red Nissan flags. Your "shouting us on" really does help and motivate us a lot. Especially when we race in Fuji, it feels like we are on home ground ! Please continue your support for next year when we will debut with the new GTR !






Unfortunate Finish of the 2007 Season

After a good start, I was running in contention for a season's best finish, when about 5 laps before my first pitstop something went loose on the steering wheel. Unfortunately we couldn't find the problem in the pits quickly, so I was forced to retire from the race. Today P4 would have been easily possible, and especially after the apparent race winner and apparent champion Kogure was disqualified, we would have been on the podium. But that is Racing and there are not only good days. The race was then won by my teammate Motoyama, and the championship went to my GT teammate Matsuda, who won after Benoit Treluyer crashed out and Kogure was disqualified. So it was an exciting season finish.
Now it is time to relax a little bit from the stress of the season and take a few days off before Winter testing starts again...





FN SUZUKA R9 Qualifying

P10 for the last Qualifying.

It was an uphill battle all weekend long so far. Yesterday we had some trouble with the car and we were not able to find a reasonable good balance. We struggled around P17 and were looking for 2.5 seconds to the top. Today in the qualifying sessions we were able to reduce the distance to the front to about 1 second and this brought us to P10. Not satisfactory, but better than we expected after all.
Tomorrow is going to be very tough, since without power steering and laptimes in Suzuka close to F1 times, the forces on the steering wheel are immense. It is going to be interesting how many drivers have to give up during the 300km race tomorrow. I hope I'm not one of them.

Also we have guest driver from the USA, Tony Kanaan joined the last race of the year with a car from Honda. Even he said that the steering wheel is extremely heavy...and he is a guy with huges muscles !






SUPER GT R9 Fuji Race

P9 in the last race

after a good start I began to loose positions initially and dropped back out of the top 10 as I was concentrating on saving my tires in order to make the distance of the race. This tactics worked out quiet well, as I began catching more and more cars during my stint as others started to suffer with tire problems. My teammate Matsuda took over and we worked our way up to P8 which was a reasonable position considering our handicap weight. A penalty for heavy contact in the last lap by Matsuda moved us back down to P9. Unfortunately this penalty meant that we lost out one point and we therefore finished the Drivers Championship in P5, but at the Team Championship we are P2 and this is more representative of our result this year. At the Team Championship all the points that we achieved do count and it is restricted to one car per team.
So overall we cannot be too unhappy with this result, in a season which was dominated by Honda, who became not only Champion, but is also placed at the first 4 positions in the Drivers Championship. The next non- Honda car is us !

This was the 100th race at Fuji Speedway today and also the last race for the Z-car, and also there is one more little achievement that at least was handed to me this year. There is ranking for all time points leader in the statistics of the Super GT Championship. This was lead a long time by Erik Comas, but in the last year Motoyama and myself were fighting this ranking out with each other. I finally could take over the lead there and will obviously try and keep it for next year...

Thanks again to all the Nissan fans, who did a tremendous job of supporting us. Especially in Fuji the big red Nissan flags are waved half way into the track. And especially during Qualifying or the Super Lap, this can give you goosebumps....Thanks for that and see you all next year !

For me the season is not over yet, as we have one more Formula Nippon race left in 2 weeks in Suzuka,







SUPER GT R9 Fuji Qualifying

Just in the Top 10

today was one of these difficult qualifying days where we didn't know if we would make it into the the Top Ten Super Lap or not. With 45kg weight handicap we belong to the heavier cars this weekend and there are many cars around with not only 0 weight handicap but with also bigger air restrictor which helps on the long Fuji straight. But such are the regulations...
We decide to use all of our tires in the morning in order get the best qualifying position possible. Our tactics worked and after being sixth in the morning session, I obviously dropped in the afternoon to P9, which will be our starting position.
It is the last race of the season and also the last race of the Nissan Z-car. Therefore we are looking forward to finish the season on a high and try to get some points tomorrow. With another Nissan (Hoshino Racing #12) on Pole Position, Nissan looks set to take victory in this last race.

Also I have never seen such a great number of Nissan fans around the track supporting us. Thanks to all of them for their passionate support.







Disappointing P15 !

The wheelspin at the start didn't help my race at all when I dropped back 3 positions before the first corner. Unfortunately I was then stuck behind a car that went much slower than I could have gone. Motegi is a track where overtaking is very difficult and you have to be almost 2 seconds faster than your competition in order to make a successful overtaking. So I was stuck in my position and could only opt for an early pitstop, which I did then already at lap 20. I came out of the pits and immediately set competitive lap times, which should have brought me back into the points. But unfortunately I was then stuck again behind traffic and I was only able to overtake some of those slower cars. This cost me so much time that all the front runners had enough time to pit out in front of me. I was therefore just out of the Top 10 at that stage of the race. Also at that time my rear wheel nut went loose and I had to make an emergency pitstop at the last 10 laps. The only fun in the race I had in the last 2 laps of the race when I was able to overtake 3 cars, but this was only good enough to finish at P15....
The last chance this year is in Suzuka next month and we are determined to make a better result there.



Stuck in Traffice all race long...

FORMULA NIPPON R8 Motegi Qualifying

Just in the Top 10...

today we ended up with P9 in qualifying, which was not really what we had hoped for. After we improved the car during the morning session we were quite optimistic to make it into the top 5. But when we think about how close the competition today was, then we cannot really be upset about it. Just 2 tenth more would have put me in the second row of the grid.
So tomorrows race will be very difficult since overtaking is very limited at this stop and go circuit. The question now is how many cars will try and cover the 250km distance without pitstop and how many cars will opt for a one stop strategy....
Lets see tomorrow,

250キロの距離をノーストップでいくかワンストップでいくか が レースのポイントになるでしょう



SUPER GT R8 Autopolis Race

P4 and Championship unfortunately gone for us !

Today we finished a tough race in P4, which was basically a good result for us considering our qualifying position and weight handicap. Nevertheless it was a disappointing day for us as the Honda of Firman/Ito won the race and with it the 2007 Super GT Championship. We are currently ranked 3rd, just one point short of second position, which is another Honda.
The race itself was very chaotic, as just after we had our driver change, which was at Lap 27 (out of 65), a big accident happened. The leader Takagi with his Toyota crashed into a backmarker at a blind corner. The circuit was totally blocked, but the officials were not even thinking about putting a red flag or a safety car onto the track. The next thing that happened was that the cars that came behind crashed into this accident which then caused a real chaos on the track. Unfortunately those other 2 cars were 2 Nissans. As unbelievable as it sounds, the officials still didn’t think it necessary to deploy the safety car or to red flag the race. So the race went on with about 800m covered in yellow flags. The consequence was that there have been more penalties than ever for overtaking under yellow flag. Luckily we were not one of them and profited from this. But our teammates in the 23 car were not so lucky and got a penalty. The end result therefore is in question in my eyes, since I saw inboard camera shots that clearly prove that the second placed Honda also overtake under yellow, but was not penalized for this. Unfortunately inboard cameras are not allowed as evidence…
For the last race in Fuji we will try and secure at least the runner-up position in the championship, which is not going to be easy also because we picked up more handicap weight this weekend again.





SUPER GT R8 Autopolis Qualifying

Not great with P7 !

it was quiet a disappointing day today with us being on P3 in the morning, but dropping down to P7 in the Super Lap. We are still not sure about the exact reasons. As the wheather became much cooler, all the other cars improved their lap times by about 4 tenth or more, but we went actually slower than this morning. We are trying very hard right now to identify the problems and have them hopefully solved until tomorrow morning.
Nevertheless it is going to be a very tough race starting from P7 and are target of getting onto the podium has moved a bit away at the moment. But as usual in the Super GT championship, we never know what will happen during the race, so we obviously do not give up hope until the race is over.




SUPER GT R8 Autopolis Friday Practise

In the Top 10 so far !

the weekend started not too bad today, considering that we are one of the heavier cars in the field. Even though we only carry 35kg of ballast, this year many top cars carry very little weight, which makes things not easy for us. At the end of the day we ended up around P8, but with only 2 tenth of a second to P3. So tomorrow, anything seems possible, except the top 2 positions, which are occupied by 2 very light and fast Hondas.
Tire choice will be crucial again as we are never sure if we can make the race with only 1 stop or if we might need 2 stops. At this tire eating track several cars may choose an unusual 2 stop strategy over the 300km distance.
Anyway the target tomorrow is to not only be in the top 10, but to be as close to the front runners as possible in order to stay in the championship race.




Motorsport Festival in oDaiba

over the holidays I was at the Motorsport Festival in odaiba to take part at events from NISMO and also for our Arabian Oasis Formula Nippon Team. We were not only signing lots of autographs, but also had fun at the relaxed talkshows. The most fun was the radio controlled race, where unfortunately we didnt make it to the podium...
It was really a fantastic event with an area in the middle where Racing Cars were demonstrated and also the F1 cars of Toyota and Honda were driving and doing spin turns. From Kart to F1, almost every catgeries Racing car was presented to the fans. It was truly an enjoyable weekend, not only for the fans...





Crash again !

After a medium getaway from P7 I found myself on the wrong side of the track and unfortunately I was passed by 3 cars in turn1 and turn2, as I was trying to get rid off the dust on my tires. This was very unfortunate as passing other cars under normal conditions is almost impossible, so I didn’t make my race easier by loosing positions right from the beginning. At first things went ok, with a long train of cars from P5 with me on P10. But after a while the car in front of me lost his tire grip and I was forced to make a move on him. This turned out to be very complicated because when I drove away from the record line there was only dust on the track and it made it therefore very difficult to outbrake someone. I finally succeeded with almost spinning off the track naturally on the dusty line and went on to chase the cars ahead. The car handled really well in the race and I was able to lap faster than the leaders at this stage of the race. I wish I would have a car like this in qualifying for once…
Once I caught up with Ide Yuji, it was very difficult to overtake since he was blocking very hard everywhere and forced me on the dirty line all the time. This was going on for some laps and the fight was for P8 and the last point. Because of his blocking and coursing out, we went very slow and 2 cars behind us caught also up, so we were in a fight with 4 drivers. I then decided to make a move on him at the end of the backstraight, which was a bit optimistic and I soon realized that I was not going to make the turn. I therefore forced the car into a half spin at the outside of the track. Ide meanwhile was planning to overtake me back through the inside, but spun himself doing that. That caught the other 2 cars behind us so by surprise that they couldn’t avoid Ide’s car anymore. Kataoka was launched into the air and just as I was getting ready to move again after my half spin, I saw Kataoka flying directly towards my face about 3m in the air. His car’s front nose and tire missed my head by about 30cm which as he rolled over my car, that was kind of lucky. He suffers from neck pain which is hopefully fixed soon and I only hit my knee on the monocoque, which is also not so bad.
It was a real shame today as we missed a big opportunity. I felt that the car in the race was fast enough to win the race. But in order to win we need to start at the front row of the grid. And as long as we don’t do that, we always will be in danger to have accidents. So for the next race in Motegi, the target for qualifying is surely to be at least in the top 3.










FORMULA NIPPON R7 Sugo Qualifying

P7 in Qualifying

it was a very hot qualifying day in Sugo today. In both sessions I managed to close the gap to the top a little bit and ended up at P7 on the grid. It is not what I hoped for, but certainly better than the last few races. The problem in Sugo will be that the race is only 230km long and most people will not make a pitstop. Therefore it is going to be very difficult to get to the front. At this tiny circuit, overtaking is normally impossible. But since it is physically very tough, we never know what will happen until the end. Hopefully I can move up some positions...



My Super "T-ZONE Supporters" made this nice banner for me. Thank you !

FORMULA NIPPON R7 Sugo Friday Practise

P9 in Free Practice

it was the first time in 6 years for me to come to Sugo in a Formula car again, and I have forgotten how physically challenging this is. With no power steering and normal shift system, today all of us seemed to struggle in the ultra fast high speed corner leading onto the straight. Especially with some new soft compound from Bridgstone, the lap records were broken today. I ended up ninth, and if I could only improve 1 or 2 tenth I would make it into the the top5. Let's hope we can find the time tomorrow for qualifying. It will be a hard session, since overtaking is almost impossible at this track and the starting position is extremely important.




SUPER GT R7 Motegi Race

P2 in Motegi !

this time my teammate Matsuda took the start and managed to get out or a first corner collision in P3. The leader, the #18 Honda car pulled away from us with a pace that we just couldn’t match, followed by the #38 Toyota of Tachikawa/Takagi. We were running third while defending and battling this position from another Toyota (Kataoka/Wirdheim). After the pitstop I was fighting with Wirdheim almost all the race, until he finally lost the grip of this tires. We then benefited from the retirement of the #38 Toyota which put us to P2 finally.
We now moved up in the championship to P3 behind the #8Honda of Firman/Ito and the #18 Honda of Michigami/Kogure. But since we are 16 points behind with only 2 races to go, we don’t have realistic chance there. But in the separate team championship we are only 10 points behind and the goal for the rest of the season is to win the team championship at least.




SUPER GT R7 Motegi Qualifying

4th place in Qualifying !

after I managed my way through the qualifying session into the last session, I had used up most of my tires already. We started the first session, where 12 drivers remain, on P8 with handling problems. That meant a setup change in the 10min break and then obviously I had to do give everything in order to make it into the next slot, which was the top8 then. I ended up with P2 there and dropped to 4th in the last session.
The Honda and Toyota at the top have been too dominant to catch, but for tomorrow things might look different and we hope that we can have a strong race performance, as we usually do.
Let's hope we get through this one without much incidents...




SUPER GT R7 Motegi Friday Practise

Good Start into the weekend

After the morning session had been cancelled due to the taifun in Motegi, we were given some extra testing time in the afternoon. This time we only carry 5kg of handicap weight and so it was easier to compete with the front runners. I ended up in third position, which is the best this year in free practise and I'm looking forward for the qualifying sessions. The so called Super Lap will not happen this weekend. The organizers have changed the qualifying format and we will copy the format of the F1 which is the "knock out" system. We will do 3 sessions and have to try and stay in the Top 8 in order to take part in the last and decisive session.
Anyway things look good...






Short Race...

today's race lastest about 2 seconds for me when I was hitting the back end of Kogure's car just after the start. Kogure had stalled his engine, but was two cars in front of me. My view was blogged by Tachikawa in front of me. I had a very good start for a change and was very close to Tachikawa when he suddenly pulled to the left. Only then I could see Kogure's stillstanding car and it was too late for me to avoid this accident. It was a real shame since we had a really good car for the race and I think today fourth position was a strong possibility for us.

The impact was strong enough to destroy my car completely and we now have to find a new chassis before the next race in three weeks. Unfortunately I will also miss tomorrows test in Fuji which would have been very important since it is the last testday of the year. But the good thing is that I walked away from this accident unhurt and also that I finally figured out how to make a fast start...



ただ、僕自身が怪我がなかったこと そして好スタートの感触をつかめたことが良かったことかなと思っています・・・。



FORMULA NIPPON R6 Fuji Qualifying

P9 in Qualifying

After I managed to be on P7 in the morning session, I unfortunately dropped to P9 in the final and fastest aftenoon session. With only half a second from Pole Position away, it is frustrating to be so far back. But such is the competition and now we have to see if we can make up some positions in the race. Tomorrow will be a long 300km race with one or two pitstops depending on the teams strategy. For me it is important first of all to get a good start in order to not drop important positions from the start. It will be hot also and it is going to be a long and tough battle for all of us since we have no powersteering or paddle shift in the cars.




FORMULA NIPPON R6 Fuji Free Practise

Close Competition !

Today I would like to say that we made some improvements, which we actually did, but nevertheless we ended up in P11, so just out of the top 10. The distance in laptime to the Pole Position is only 0.5 sec. That is hard to take, but is racing. And it shows the incredible competitiveness of this Formula Nippon Championship. At the end of the day, I was running out of time and couldn't complete my last lap on new tires, this would have maybe improved me to P7 or so. Therefore tomorrow will be an exciting qualifying session. With the distances so close, I bet we can expect drivers at the front row that are usually not there....and I hope that I will be one of them.





1 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'27.520 1'28.228 *1'27.520
2 11 立川 祐路 TEAM CERUMO 1'27.628 1'28.788 *1'27.628
3 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'27.641 1'28.253 *1'27.641
4 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'27.654 1'28.621 *1'27.654
5 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'27.719 No Time *1'27.719
6 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 1'27.862 1'29.304 *1'27.862
7 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'27.879 1'28.883 *1'27.879
8 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'27.892 1'28.902 *1'27.892
9 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'28.002 1'29.479 *1'28.002
10 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'28.054 1'29.116 *1'28.054
11 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'28.075 1'29.376 *1'28.075
12 33 R.クインタレッリ BOSS・INGING 1'28.095 1'29.177 *1'28.095
13 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'28.168 1'29.272 *1'28.168
14 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'28.276 1'28.725 *1'28.276
15 34 横溝 直輝 BOSS・INGING 1'28.277 1'29.410 *1'28.277
16 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'28.318 1'29.728 *1'28.318
17 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 1'28.371 1'29.125 *1'28.371
18 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'28.393 1'29.696 *1'28.393
19 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 1'28.524 1'29.325 *1'28.524
20 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'28.847 1'29.614 *1'28.847
21 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'29.805 1'30.437 *1'29.805

SUPER GT R6 Suzuka Race

Struggling to be 6th !

Starting from 14th on the grid, it was a tough battle today. After the start 2 cars spun in front of me and I had to avoid this accident which dropped me back two positions. Then it went quiet well, with the car's balance almost perfect. Our hard tire choice which was giving us trouble during qualifying was paying off in todays very hot conditions. Slowly I could move up the field and pass the car over to Matsuda. Unfortunately my teammate then had an accident with our sister car, and we were trapped in the gravel. We therefore lost 2 laps and basically the race. We also had to pit in to fix the car. But since the distance was 1000k's we continued to fight and do our best, hoping that other teams would retire in order to gain some points. But this year nobody seemed to retire, so we were in last position for a long time. Only at my last stint, it started suddenly to rain and this was our chance. Through the big splash rain we had the chance to make up some positions and through good teamwork and changing back to slicks at the right time we were able to move up to P6. That was much more than we could have expected. The frustrating thing was that we had the fastest car in the field for most of the race and knowing that we should have won the race didn't make us feel very good...
The race was won by the Tom's Toyota of Lotterer and Wakisaka, followed by the championship leaders Firman/Ito in the Honda. Third place went to our teammates Motoyama/Lyons in the #23 car. The didn't win the race because they had to pit in early at the first stint because of tire problems, but now they are second in the chamnpionship, so for Nissan it was a little bit of a Happy Ending after all...


今日の結果は、TOYOTA TOM'S のロッテラー/脇阪選手組が優勝。



1 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 脇阪 寿一
オリバー・ジャービス 6:04'10.983 173 BS

2 8 ARTA NSX 伊藤 大輔
井出 有治 0'09.940 173 BS 100
3 23 XANAVI NISMO Z 本山 哲
安田 裕信 1Lap 172 BS 20
4 100 RAYBRIG NSX ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
1Lap 172 BS 40
5 17 REAL NSX 金石 勝智
金石 年弘
伊沢 拓也 2Laps 171 BS

6 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
2Laps 171 BS 10
7 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
3Laps 170 BS 15
8 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z セバスチャン・フィリップ
柳田 真孝
3Laps 170 BS 10
9 6 Forum Eng. SC430 片岡 龍也
3Laps 170 BS

10 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z J.P・デ・オリベイラ
荒 聖治
3Laps 170 YH 30
11 39 デンソー サード SC430 アンドレ・クート
平中 克幸
30Laps 143 BS

12 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
33Laps 140 BS 50

SUPER GT R6 Suzuka Qualifying

Tough Qualifying

Today was a good day for Nissan, with Yanagida in the Hasemi Z car on Pole Position. The first Pole this year. For the Nismo team on the other hand it was a very disappointing day in Suzuka, with both of us not making it into the top 10. We ended up on P13, and myself on P14. This is a situation that reminds us of the Fuji Qualifying where we were in a similar position...and there we finished 1-2 in the race. There is certainly a theoretical chance of doing that tomorrow, but we surely need a lot of luck, but more than that we need to find more pace until the race starts. We have the morning warm up left to find out a better setup configuration and from there on it is all just go for the 1000k's,,,




1 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z
柳田 真孝
1'56.200 1'55.781 BS 10
2 32 EPSON NSX S ロイック・デュバル
1'55.817 1'55.898 DL 20
土屋 武士
織戸 学
1'56.264 1'55.919 YH +2

4 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 S 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
1'56.512 1'56.115 BS 15
5 8 ARTA NSX S 伊藤 大輔
井出 有治 1'56.284 1'56.119 BS 100
6 100 RAYBRIG NSX S ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
1'56.405 1'56.259 BS 40
金石 勝智
金石 年弘
伊沢 拓也 1'56.294 1'56.322 BS

8 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX S 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
1'56.141 1'56.600 BS 50
9 6 Forum Eng. SC430 S 片岡 龍也
1'56.379 1'57.369 BS

10 12 カルソニック インパル Z S ブノワ・トレルイエ
星野 一樹
ジェレミー・デュフォア 1'55.981 タイムなし BS 10+1

11 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 S 脇阪 寿一
オリバー・ジャービス 1'56.867

12 35 BANDAI 00 DUNLOP SC430 S 服部 尚貴*
ロニー・クインタレッリ 1'56.896
DL +2

13 23 XANAVI NISMO Z S 本山 哲*
安田 裕信 1'56.910
BS 20
14 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z S ミハエル・クルム*
松田 次生
BS 10
15 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z S J.P・デ・オリベイラ*
荒 聖治
YH 30
16 39 デンソー サード SC430
平中 克幸

SUPER GT R6 Suzuka Friday Practise

Getting ready for the 1000k's !

It was hot as expected in Suzuka today with temperatures around 35 degrees celsius and very high humidity. But Nismo has done a good job by putting lots of fans and cooling devices in the car. This should make our job on Sunday much easier.
As usual we were struggling for pace today as we prepared for tomorrow qualifying. This seems to be a common pattern this year. Nevertheless we are confident to have a good race pace on Sunday and therefore do not put our focus on tomorrows qualifying, but rather on the race setup.

This weekend Kimiko is supporting me here again like last year, where we finished second with lots of handicap weight. Lets see if this works again...





SUPER GT Testing in Motegi

It was hot and humid today and yesterday as we tested in Motegi shortly after the disappointing last race in Sugo. The heat was good to experience since the next race in Suzuka will be 1000kilometer long and we are planning to do this race only with 2 drivers. It surely will not be a walk in the park.
It was also good to have a light car. With only 10kg of handicap weight the car obviously handles much better and we are much more competitve now. That gives us something to look forward to the next races to come. During the test we were always running at the same pace as the top group and we obviously hope that it will also be like this in Suzuka...




SUPER GT R5 Sugo Sunday Race

First Retirement of the Season !

It started to rain just before the start and this was obviously a good chance for us, so we had high hopes for the race. After a difficult start with intermediate tires and quiet a lot of water on the track, I started to make my way up to around Position 6 when we pitted for slick tires and a driver change. My teammate Matsuda then went out with new slicks on a still partly wet track, and unfortunately hit the wall at the exit of the pitlane. It is always slippery and critical there and it is not the first time that something like this happened. I did exaclty the same thing 10 years ago in a Toyota...
Unfortunately the engine didn't restart, so we had to retire from the race.

As disappointing as this is for us, we now we have to refocuss and forget this weekend, since testing resumes in Motegi already on Wednesday with the Super GT cars. At least we are left now only with 10kg handicap weight for the next race in Suzuka, which is 1000kilometer.






SUPER GT R5 Sugo Saturday QF

P9 in Qualifying

even though we made it into the Top ten in the morning, and therefore could take part in the Super Lap in the afternoon, all that we could achieve today was Position 9. It was very close up to Position 5 but after that, we look not competitive enough this weekend. We have done some major changes to the car for the race tomorrow and hope that we will be quicker than today. In Sugo the track is very tight and usually there are many things happening during the race, so we never know where we will end up. It is going to be exciting, that is for sure...




1 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX S 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
R 1'14.784 R 1'15.120 BS 10
2 8 ARTA NSX S 伊藤 大輔
1'16.109 R 1'15.545 BS 45
3 32 EPSON NSX S ロイック・デュバル
R 1'15.693 R 1'15.689 DL

4 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 S 脇阪 寿一
1'15.822 R 1'15.752 BS

金石 勝智
金石 年弘
1'16.074 1'15.971 BS

6 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z
柳田 真孝
1'15.897 1'16.052 BS +1

7 100 RAYBRIG NSX S ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
1'16.266 1'16.328 BS 60
8 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 S 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
1'16.299 1'16.340 BS 35
9 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z S ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
1'16.206 1'16.351 BS 30
10 23 XANAVI NISMO Z S 本山 哲
R 1'15.621 1'16.366 BS 40
11 6 Forum Eng. SC430 S 片岡 龍也*

土屋 武士*
織戸 学
YH +1

13 39 デンソー サード SC430
平中 克幸
BS +1

14 12 カルソニック インパル Z S 星野 一樹*
BS 20
15 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z S J.P・デ・オリベイラ*
荒 聖治
YH 50

SUPER GT R5 Sugo Friday Practise

Struggling for Pace

It was hotter in Sugo today than we have expected and also the circuit was very slippery. We were working all day on the balance of the car, which we couldnt really find all day long. We are still trying to find a good setup and struggled therefore to get a good position. In the end we finished on Position 8, but we are obviously not guaranteed to make the all important top ten spot tomorrow morning. Anyway we don't give up and keep on working on the car, so that at least on Sunday it will be perfect as it usually is...




1 8 ARTA NSX 伊藤 大輔
1'15.645 1'17.589 1'15.645 BS 45
2 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 脇阪 寿一
1'15.807 1'17.836 1'15.807 BS

3 23 XANAVI NISMO Z 本山 哲
1'15.893 1'17.726 1'15.893 BS 40
4 32 EPSON NSX ロイック・デュバル
1'16.117 1'17.695 1'16.117 DL

5 17 REAL NSX 金石 勝智
金石 年弘
1'16.146 1'17.664 1'16.146 BS

6 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
1'16.178 1'16.715 1'16.178 BS 10
7 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z セバスチャン・フィリップ
柳田 真孝
1'16.350 1'16.474 1'16.350 BS +1

8 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
1'16.551 1'18.298 1'16.551 BS 30
9 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
1'16.670 1'17.644 1'16.670 BS 35
10 25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 土屋 武士
織戸 学
1'16.964 1'19.127 1'16.964 YH +1

11 39 デンソー サード SC430 アンドレ・クート
平中 克幸
1'17.094 1'18.326 1'17.094 BS +1

12 100 RAYBRIG NSX ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
1'17.276 1'18.080 1'17.276 BS 60
13 6 Forum Eng. SC430 片岡 龍也
1'17.323 1'18.047 1'17.323 BS

14 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z J.P・デ・オリベイラ
荒 聖治
1'17.467 1'19.242 1'17.467 YH 50
15 35 BANDAI 00 DUNLOP SC430 服部 尚貴
1'17.489 1'19.838 1'17.489 DL +2

FORMULA NIPPON R5 Suzuka Sunday Race

Season's best result with P5

It was a very dramatic race today. After a really poor start I dropped to 12th position and tried for about 45 minutes to get passed Ide Yuji. With both of us on a no-pitstop strategy overtaking him turned out to be very difficult. We very side by side many times, but we were then thwarted by a red flag, following a huge accident by our teammate Benoit Treluyer. It was an absolute miracle that we walked away with only minor bruising in this accident. He rolled over several time on the back straight after colliding with an competitor at full speed.
After the red flag it was all me and Ide again, but this time we were battling for P3 since all the drivers that decided to make a one pitstop strategy lost their advantage and had to pit in. Only in the closing laps I was caught up by Matsuda and we ended up in fight with 3 cars. It got a bit messy with all of us coursing out in the last lap and I had to settle for P5 in the end.
But it was a great day for our the ARABIAN TEAM OASIS with Motoyama winning the race, the second victory for him this season in Suzuka. Congratulations !




チームにとって大きなポイントゲットとなりました。 おめでとう!!

ミハエル クルム


1 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 43 1:47'43.524 1'47.923 6
2 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 43 1:47'48.029 1'48.188 9
3 55 井出 有治 ARTA 43 1:47'55.571 1'48.309 11
4 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 43 1:47'56.325 1'46.640 1
5 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 43 1:47'56.425 1'48.318 8
6 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 43 1:48'02.153 1'48.608 13
7 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 43 1:48'03.895 1'48.566 22
8 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 43 1:48'05.871 1'48.707 17
9 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 43 1:48'06.067 1'48.514 12
10 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 43 1:48'09.350 1'48.796 21
11 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 43 1:48'13.690 1'47.226 5
12 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 43 1:48'20.492 1'46.875 10
13 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 43 1:48'20.592 1'47.265 7
14 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 43 1:48'21.367 1'48.842 20
15 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 43 1:48'27.766 1'49.322 16
16 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 43 1:48'28.267 1'49.039 18
17 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 43 1:48'30.478 1'47.618 3
18 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 42 1:48'42.773 1'48.537 19
19 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 40 1:43'04.219 1'47.446 15

以上規定周回数完走[規定周回数 38Laps]

- 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 19 34'43.243 1'48.712 2
- 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1 2'41.930 - 4
- 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1 2'57.712 - 14

FASTEST LAP:No2 松田 次生/mobilecast IMPUL 1'46.640(27/43)196.04km/h

FORMULA NIPPON R5 Suzuka Saturday QF

Just into the Top 10 !

today I made it just into the Top 10, with P8 in the final qualifying session. After our setup problems yesterday, it was a quiet good result for us as we struggled for pace during the last 2 days. It is going to be a difficult race tomorrow with the race distance being 250km. The big question is if we will make one pitstop or drive through the distance without stopping. So it is going to be an exciting day with many unpredictable things bound to happen...


ミハエル クルム


FORMULA NIPPON R5 Suzuka Friday Practise

Difficult Day !

today was not going smooth for us. The regulations with less rear downforce made it difficult for us to find a suitable balance in the car. We could only reach Position 13 this afternoon, but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I'm still hopeful for a Top Ten qualifying position. Still there is a small chance that it might rain tomorrow. That would be a nice change...





1 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL FN06/TOYOTA 26 1'43.600
2 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA FN06/HONDA 20 1'43.673
3 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL FN06/TOYOTA 24 1'44.067
4 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL FN06/TOYOTA 27 1'44.096
5 55 井出 有治 ARTA FN06/HONDA 26 1'44.306
6 56 金石 年弘 ARTA FN06/HONDA 31 1'44.336
7 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S FN06/TOYOTA 28 1'44.415
8 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA FN06/HONDA 26 1'44.512
9 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING FN06/TOYOTA 33 1'44.554
10 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans FN06/TOYOTA 28 1'44.634
11 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION FN06/HONDA 29 1'44.674
12 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO FN06/TOYOTA 26 1'44.726
13 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL FN06/TOYOTA 29 1'44.982
14 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO FN06/TOYOTA 28 1'44.994
15 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION FN06/HONDA 26 1'45.211
16 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN FN06/HONDA 23 1'45.435
17 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans FN06/TOYOTA 25 1'45.520
18 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN FN06/HONDA 29 1'45.553
19 34 横溝 直輝 INGING FN06/TOYOTA 33 1'45.619
20 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO FN06/TOYOTA 35 1'45.760
21 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO FN06/TOYOTA 36 1'45.904
22 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S FN06/TOYOTA 25 1'46.133

SUPER GT R4 Sepang Sunday Race

We picked up the last point...

in contrast to many other cars, we chose to do only one pitstop during this 300km race. The new track surface was more severe on the tires that many of us have expected this time. After the start I worked my way up to P3 since many people in front went for their first pit stop. Then Tsugio Matsuda took over and we moved up to P2 initially, but after a few laps it was clear that we had made the wrong tire choice and Tsugios pace dropped dramatically, until he had to come to the pits again for another set of tires. This was obviously a big disappointment for us, since we were expecting another podium finish this time.
But this is racing, and things like this do happen. So we look at the positive things of it and that is that we will be 20kg lighter for the next race in Sugo. We should be in a better position there.





1 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z J.P・デ・オリベイラ
荒 聖治
1:49'13.210 54 YH

2 100 RAYBRIG NSX ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
0'11.251 54 BS 30
3 12 カルソニック インパル Z ブノワ・トレルイエ
星野 一樹
0'18.433 54 BS

4 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
0'27.381 54 BS 25
5 25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 土屋 武士
織戸 学
0'27.894 54 YH +2

6 8 ARTA NSX 伊藤 大輔
0'32.725 54 BS 45
7 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z セバスチャン・フィリップ
柳田 真孝
0'33.215 54 BS 10
8 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 脇阪 寿一
0'39.967 54 BS 5
9 6 Forum Eng. SC430 片岡 龍也
0'45.613 54 BS 20
10 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
1'20.120 54 BS 50
11 35 BANDAI DUNLOP SC430 服部 尚貴
1'38.438 54 DL +1

12 17 REAL NSX 金石 勝智
金石 年弘
1Lap 53 BS

13 39 デンソー サード SC430 アンドレ・クート
平中 克幸
1Lap 53 BS

14 23 XANAVI NISMO Z 本山 哲
1Lap 53 BS 60
15 32 EPSON NSX ロイック・デュバル
1Lap 53 DL 15
GT500 以上完走
16 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
- 0 BS 10

SUPER GT R4 Sepang Saturday Qualifying

10th on the grid

It took me 2 set of new tires this morning in order to make it into the top ten qualifying. In the single shoot out in the afternoon, I was able to make P8, even though I didnt have any new tires left. This was a very satisfying result for us considering that we are carrying 50kg of handicap weight. Unfortunately my car didnt make it through scutineering, with the right height being half a millimeter too low. A mistake that happened because I was attacking on used tires, and we havent expected to wear the tire down so much.
Nevertheless, this put me back to P10 and it is no problem therefore since the race tomorrow is very long and it looks like it is going to be a very exciting race. Like in Fuji we will aim for a podium finish.





1 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX S 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
R 1'54.383 R 1'54.306 BS 10
2 8 ARTA NSX S 伊藤 大輔
R 1'55.010 R 1'54.593 BS 45
3 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 S 脇阪 寿一
R 1'55.200 R 1'54.595 BS 5
4 12 カルソニック インパル Z S ブノワ・トレルイエ
星野 一樹
R 1'55.876 R 1'54.851 BS

金石 勝智
金石 年弘
R 1'55.293 R 1'55.072 BS

6 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 S 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
R 1'56.088 R 1'55.336 BS 25
7 100 RAYBRIG NSX S ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
R 1'55.726 R 1'55.472 BS 30
8 23 XANAVI NISMO Z S 本山 哲
R 1'55.931 R 1'56.097 BS 60
9 32 EPSON NSX S ロイック・デュバル
R 1'55.740 1'59.715 DL 15
10 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z S ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
R 1'55.613 - BS 50
11 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z
柳田 真孝*
R 1'56.267
BS 10
12 6 Forum Eng. SC430 S 片岡 龍也
R 1'56.430
BS 20
土屋 武士*
織戸 学
R 1'56.526
YH +2

14 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z S J.P・デ・オリベイラ*
荒 聖治
R 1'56.732

15 39 デンソー サード SC430
平中 克幸
R 1'57.203

SUPER GT R4 Sepang Friday Practise

Just in the top 10.

As we expected already, it looks like a tough race for us in Sepang this weekend. We finished the practise session today in P10, but it is not going to be easy to be at this spot for tomorrow qualifying. The 50kg extra ballast that we are carrying is hurting us quiet a lot. So for qualifying we will try our best as usual, but we have more hopes for the race, since we seem to be competitive in the race almost everytime.




1 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
1'54.598 1'56.364 1'54.598 BS 10
2 32 EPSON NSX ロイック・デュバル
1'55.262 1'56.807 1'55.262 DL 15
3 17 REAL NSX 金石 勝智
金石 年弘
1'55.681 1'57.988 1'55.681 BS

4 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 脇阪 寿一
1'55.707 1'57.692 1'55.707 BS 5
5 8 ARTA NSX 伊藤 大輔
1'55.986 1'57.052 1'55.986 BS 45
6 100 RAYBRIG NSX ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
1'56.017 1'58.869 1'56.017 BS 30
7 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
1'56.355 1'57.535 1'56.355 BS 25
8 23 XANAVI NISMO Z 本山 哲
1'56.489 1'58.184 1'56.489 BS 60
9 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z J.P・デ・オリベイラ
荒 聖治
1'56.574 1'58.899 1'56.574 YH

10 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
1'56.900 1'57.591 1'56.900 BS 50
11 12 カルソニック インパル Z ブノワ・トレルイエ
星野 一樹
1'57.212 1'57.465 1'57.212 BS

12 25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 土屋 武士
織戸 学
1'57.472 1'59.134 1'57.472 YH +2

13 6 Forum Eng. SC430 片岡 龍也
1'57.989 1'57.989 1'58.138 BS 20
14 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z セバスチャン・フィリップ
柳田 真孝
1'58.169 1'58.606 1'58.169 BS 10
15 39 デンソー サード SC430 アンドレ・クート
平中 克幸
1'58.347 1'59.067 1'58.347 BS

16 35 BANDAI DUNLOP SC430 服部 尚貴
1'59.137 2'00.001 1'59.137 DL +1


Hard Fight for 1 Point !

in the first lap there was an accident at the hairpin which brought out the safety car. Luckily I avoided all the debris on the track and moved up quiet some positions. We then decided to immediately pit in to do our mandatory pit stop and fill up the car so we can do the whole race distance without stopping. That was putting me into almost the last position and unfortunately I was fighting with 4 cars that were on the same strategy, it was therefore difficult to pass. It took me almost 45minutes before I made my way passed my teammate Motoyama and then passed Yoshimoto. In the end I was running in P8 but had to protect my position very hard against Kataoka who was on fresh tires on a one pit stop strategy.
It looks like our tactic was not really the best choice and it would have made more sense to actually stay out and go for our original strategy of a late stop. Maybe we could have finished in 5th position. But after the race we are always more clever...

Anyway it was the best result I could hope for after starting from18th on the grid and I appreciate that hard fought for point. The next Formula Nippon race is in Suzuka and we usually struggle there and it is not our favourite place. But we definitely will aim for more than just one point there...

Thank you everybody for coming out and support me today, I saw many people supporting the Arabian Oasis Team cars and also many Nissan flags.





また ニッサンの旗をふってアラビアンオアシスチームを応援してくれたみなさん、


1 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 68 1:36'19.523 1'20.330 2
2 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 68 1:36'20.441 1'20.258 4
3 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 68 1:36'22.275 1'19.811 5
4 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 68 1:36'35.687 1'20.460 11
5 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 68 1:37'00.992 1'21.339 1
6 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 68 1:37'03.646 1'21.246 7
7 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 68 1:37'04.839 1'21.072 8
8 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 68 1:37'07.151 1'20.738 18
9 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 68 1:37'07.581 1'20.902 10
10 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 68 1:37'10.939 1'20.998 17
11 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 68 1:37'12.697 1'20.951 12
12 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 68 1:37'13.657 1'20.559 6
13 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 68 1:37'32.941 1'21.564 14
14 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 68 1:37'33.678 1'20.951 13
15 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 68 1:37'42.557 1'21.563 16
16 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 67 1:36'20.083 1'21.313 15
17 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 67 1:36'47.771 1'21.578 22
18 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 67 1:37'27.729 1'20.931 9
19 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 66 1:37'19.805 1'20.286 3

FORMULA NIPPON R4 TI Saturday Qualifying

18th after disqualification in Qualifying 1 !

this morning the track was still half wet and we opted to wait until the last 10minutes of the session before we went out on new tires to attack for the start positions. Unfortunately a car spun off into the gravel and the officials were not able to remove the yellow flags until the end of the session. That meant that myself and also another 6 drivers, including my teammate Motoyama were left with a very slow warm up time and basically at the end of the grid because all our laptimes have been done under yellow flag.
This would all not have been a problem because we still had the second session to improve our position and 3 sets of new tires left. But unfortunately it started to pour down with rain and it only dried out towards the end. But one corner was still wet, so there was nothing that we could do. So the 6 unfortunate drivers fought it out under these miserable conditions. Motoyama took the fastest time with me 1 tenth behind him in the second session. That put us a disappointing 17th and 18th on the grid.
But even though chances for a podium are not really there anymore, we are still fighting to get at least some points tomorrow. Our car is fast and we should be able to overtake some people even though it is difficult on this tiny circuit.



しかし、明日の予選 表彰台にあがる可能性はほぼ無くなったかもしれませんが


1 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'17.409 *1'17.409 2'23.261
2 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'17.671 *1'17.671 1'38.050
3 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'17.804 *1'17.804 1'54.184
4 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'17.806 *1'17.806 1'52.990
5 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'17.849 *1'17.849 1'20.809
6 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'17.919 *1'17.919 2'10.039
7 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'18.186 *1'18.186 1'21.437
8 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 1'18.310 *1'18.310 No Time
9 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'18.326 *1'18.326 1'21.621
10 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'18.447 *1'18.447 1'21.651
11 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 1'18.594 *1'18.594 1'22.461
12 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'18.606 *1'18.606 1'21.242
13 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'18.857 *1'18.857 1'23.799
14 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'18.870 *1'18.870 1'22.239
15 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'18.872 *1'18.872 1'31.655
16 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 1'19.151 *1'19.151 1'32.097
17 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'20.108 1'29.117 *1'20.108
18 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'20.137 1'27.857 *1'20.137
19 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'20.456 1'21.977 *1'20.456
20 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'21.048 1'27.184 *1'21.048
21 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'21.114 1'24.082 *1'21.114
22 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'21.598 1'26.606 *1'21.598

FORMULA NIPPON R4 TI Friday Practice

Just in the Top Ten...

today the conditions were quiet difficult with rain falling during the session several times. Just as I put on my last set of new tires, it started to rain, but after two laps it stopped again, so I stayed out and waited for the circuit to dry out. But while I was cruising around preparing for my last attack, I was running out of fuel. So finally I ended up in 8th position and I'm quiet optimistic to improve on that tomorrow. Even though tomorrows weather forecast is not good, apparently it will be raining intermittingly as today, so we can prepare for a very exciting qualifying session.




...I can't complain that I don't have enough mechanics working on the car...

1 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'16.820 1'17.649 *1'16.820
2 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'16.925 1'17.364 *1'16.925
3 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'17.028 1'17.858 *1'17.028
4 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'17.092 1'17.968 *1'17.092
5 19 本山 哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'17.119 1'18.106 *1'17.119
6 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'17.412 1'18.463 *1'17.412
7 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'17.603 1'18.673 *1'17.603
8 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'17.686 1'18.534 *1'17.686
9 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'17.701 1'18.476 *1'17.701
10 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'17.726 1'18.260 *1'17.726
11 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'17.855 1'18.311 *1'17.855
12 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'17.902 1'18.477 *1'17.902
13 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'17.921 1'18.286 *1'17.921
14 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'18.032 1'18.204 *1'18.032
15 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'18.052 1'19.474 *1'18.052
16 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'18.108 1'18.881 *1'18.108
17 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'18.158 1'18.272 *1'18.158
18 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 1'18.266 1'18.499 *1'18.266
19 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 1'18.381 1'18.786 *1'18.381
20 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'18.414 1'19.154 *1'18.414
21 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 1'18.743 1'19.026 *1'18.743
22 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'19.000 *1'19.000 1'19.064

Arabian Oasis Event Yokohama

yesterday Motoyama and myself were at the boatshow in Akarenga/Yokohama for our Formula Nippon Team Sponsor Arabian Oasis. It was a good opportunity to give signs and take photographs together with many children, which otherwise we cannot always do at the circuits. The next race will be in TI Okayama, one of my favourite tracks, but unfortunately the race distance will only be 250km this time...






Worlds Fastest Boat...250km/h....4.000 bhp


today went lap time wise not as successful as we intended, but nevertheless we could run through various setup options in order to find a good car balance for the next race in TI Okayama. Lap times were difficult to compare since there were aerodynamic parts tested for the 2008 season that made the cars faster. But not all drivers tested them. On race mode and used tires we are looking competitive as usual, just the qualifying pace seems to suffer still.
But the next race is in 2,5 weeks in Okayama and I like this track very much. It will be the first time for Formula Nippon to race there. At the GT race we finished on the podium there last month, so maybe that brings some luck..



ミハエル クルム


1 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'33.518 1'38.491 *1'33.518
2 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'33.820 1'35.839 *1'33.820
3 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'33.836 1'35.593 *1'33.836
4 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'34.135 1'36.222 *1'34.135
5 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'34.413 1'36.728 *1'34.413
6 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'34.446 1'35.787 *1'34.446
7 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'34.521 1'36.954 *1'34.521
8 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'34.707 1'37.242 *1'34.707
9 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'34.818 1'35.561 *1'34.818
10 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'34.992 1'36.855 *1'34.992
11 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'35.023 1'35.741 *1'35.023
12 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 1'35.108 1'36.540 *1'35.108
13 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'35.179 1'36.584 *1'35.179
14 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'35.223 1'35.388 *1'35.223
15 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 1'35.258 1'37.578 *1'35.258
16 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'35.326 1'37.308 *1'35.326
17 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'35.383 1'36.946 *1'35.383
18 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'35.732 1'37.155 *1'35.732
19 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'35.816 1'36.516 *1'35.816
20 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 1'35.848 1'36.840 *1'35.848
21 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'36.019 *1'36.019 1'36.424
22 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'36.631 *1'36.631 1'36.830


today nobody was really motivated to drive, directly after the long and tough race yesterday. Everybody has the skin of the hands broken, like myself, so it was quiet a painful day. We mainly focussed on improving our race pace, since that was one of the main problems yesterday. So I only ended up in 14th position today, but tomorrow we will try on lighter fuel to produce some good lap times. Let's see...



ミハエル クルム


1 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'34.898 1'36.328 *1'34.898
2 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'35.083 1'36.405 *1'35.083
3 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'35.287 1'37.506 *1'35.287
4 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'35.311 1'36.693 *1'35.311
5 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'35.333 1'36.355 *1'35.333
6 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'35.357 1'36.286 *1'35.357
7 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'35.415 1'36.348 *1'35.415
8 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'35.665 1'37.806 *1'35.665
9 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'35.669 1'37.728 *1'35.669
10 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'36.004 1'38.361 *1'36.004
11 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'36.020 1'36.802 *1'36.020
12 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'36.021 1'37.712 *1'36.021
13 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'36.115 1'37.411 *1'36.115
14 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'36.182 1'39.273 *1'36.182
15 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'36.217 1'38.757 *1'36.217
16 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 1'36.258 1'38.056 *1'36.258
17 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'36.470 1'37.417 *1'36.470
18 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'36.760 1'37.732 *1'36.760
19 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'36.848 1'37.333 *1'36.848
20 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 1'37.123 1'37.993 *1'37.123
21 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'37.219 1'38.045 *1'37.219
22 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 1'37.642 1'38.283 *1'37.642

FORMULA NIPPON R3 Motegi Sunday Race

7th again !

After my best start of the season, I was able to move up to 4th place after turn 1. This didn't last too long as I suffered from loss of grip during the first 3 laps and I was moving backwards to P12 during that time. We don't know the exact reason of why this happened, but the car handled very badly until I changed the tires at the pitstop. It was then when I was getting faster and was able to move my way up until P7. Fighting with my teammate Motoyama in the end for P6 was fun, but I was just not quick enough to make that final move.
All in all this was a disappointing result considering our qualifying pace and the good start. We should have walked away with a much better result than this. There is no excuse for this, we have to get back to work. The next 2 days we still stay in Motegi to test with the Formula Nippon cars and hopefully we can make the necessary improvements tomorrow.




ミハエル クルム


1 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 62 1:44'32.258 1'38.785 3
2 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 62 1:44'51.650 1'39.839 4
3 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 62 1:44.53.198 1'39.640 1
4 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 62 1:44'54.428 1'39.485 10
5 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 62 1:45'18.029 1'39.813 22
6 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 62 1:45'20.092 1'39.927 2
7 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 62 1:45'20.321 1'39.956 5
8 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 62 1:45'33.624 1'40.290 13
9 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 62 1:45'49.081 1'40.435 12
10 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 62 1:45'50.905 1'40.933 6
11 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 62 1:45'51.776 1'40.217 8
12 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 62 1:45'52.603 1'40.387 14
13 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 62 1:45'52.845 1'40.127 16
14 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 62 1:45'55.689 1'40.190 17
15 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 61 1:44'34.640 1'39.315 20
16 55 井出 有治 ARTA 61 1:45'03.423 1'40.699 9
17 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 61 1:46'04.661 1'40.699 11
18 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 59 1:40'51.894 1'39.630 18

以上規定周回数完走[規定周回数 55Laps]

- 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 3 - 1'41.974 21
- 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1 - 1'48.683 7
- 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1 - 1'51.342 19
- 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 0 - - 15

FORMULA NIPPON R3 Motegi Saturday Qualifying

With P5 a perfect position for tomorrow !

today my luck changed and we closed the gap significantly to the leaders. In the morning session we were still trailing back about 1 second. But we made some changes to the setup for the all important 1 lap shoot out in the afternoon and the car handled really great. I was so surprised by it that I got overconfident in one corner and made a big mistake, but the lap was still good enough for P5. For tomorrow long 300km race that is a good position and hopefully my car will be as strong in the race as it was last time in Suzuka. We will see in the warm up tomorrow morning.




ミハエル クルム


1 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'34.775 1'35.451 SS1'34.775
2 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'35.183 1'37.221 SS1'35.183
3 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'35.194 1'38.028 SS1'35.194
4 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'35.278 1'36.095 SS1'35.278
5 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'35.350 1'36.448 SS1'35.350
6 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'35.361 No Time SS1'35.361
7 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'35.470 1'37.353 SS1'35.470
8 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'35.744 1'36.796 SS1'35.744
9 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'35.818 1'37.668 SS1'35.818
10 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'35.960 1'36.105 SS1'35.960
11 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'35.993 1'37.514 SS1'35.993
12 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'36.067 1'37.002 SS1'36.067
13 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 1'36.342 1'36.707 SS1'36.342
14 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'36.430 1'37.983 SS1'36.430
15 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'36.462 1'48.378 SS1'36.462
16 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'36.505 1'37.850 SS1'36.505
17 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'36.512 1'39.067 SS1'36.512
18 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'36.732 1'37.532 SS1'36.732
19 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'37.509 1'37.895 SS1'37.509
20 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 1'37.576 1'38.076 SS1'37.576
21 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 1'38.016 1'37.853 SS1'38.016
22 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'38.059 1'37.951 SS1'38.059

FORMULA NIPPON R3 Motegi Friday Practise

Tough Day !

This first day of the 5 day Motegi marathon (3 days race event, 2 days testing) didn't kick off great for me. With being more than 2 seconds off the pace in the morning I found myself in P19. In the afternoon session we improved and came close to 1 second to the top, but still this is only good enough for P12. Obviously I expected far more from this weekend and tomorrow we are facing a tough challenge because the afternoon session is canceled and there is a one time lap attack system in place. That means that we have much less time to find a perfect setup for qualifying.
Nevertheless we will try our best in the morning session to close the gap to the leaders and to meet our expectations.




ミハエル クルム


1 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'36.205 1'37.135 *1'36.205
2 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'36.374 1'37.911 *1'36.374
3 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'36.462 1'37.406 *1'36.462
4 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'36.504 1'37.838 *1'36.504
5 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'36.668 1'38.399 *1'36.668
6 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'36.702 *1'36.702 1'37.253
7 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'36.716 1'37.636 *1'36.716
8 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'36.767 1'37.882 *1'36.767
9 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'37.087 1'37.463 *1'37.087
10 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'37.173 1'37.889 *1'37.173
11 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'37.201 1'38.531 *1'37.201
12 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'37.249 1'38.859 *1'37.249
13 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'37.253 1'38.489 *1'37.253
14 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'37.307 1'38.214 *1'37.307
15 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'37.433 1'38.556 *1'37.433
16 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'37.606 1'38.274 *1'37.606
17 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'37.652 1'38.256 *1'37.652
18 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 1'37.761 1'38.245 *1'37.761
19 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 1'37.837 1'38.771 *1'37.837
20 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'37.971 1'39.298 *1'37.971
21 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'38.191 1'38.997 *1'38.191
22 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 1'38.614 1'38.908 *1'38.614

Ferrari F1 Demo Run

today I had the wonderful opportunity to drive the Ferrari F399 again at the Fuji Speedway. Even though I had the chance already several times to drive this car, it is always a special occasion to drive an F1 car. The first thing you realize is the pure power and acceleration of the car. But as impressive as this is, the downforce in high speed corners is as incredible. In slow corners the F1 car seems to have not much mechanical grip and is therefore rather slow in Fuji's 3rd sector, where mechanical grip is crucial. But the stability and pure speed in the fast 100R corner was very impressive. I'm looking forward to watch this years Grand Prix in Fuji to see how the current F1 cars will do around Fuji.

Tomorrow I'm off to Suzuka for more Super GT testing and after that we race in Motegi with the Formula Nippon. So it is going to be a busy week...




明日はSuper GTのテストの為に鈴鹿にむかいます。



SUPER GT R3 Fuji Sunday Race

Disappointing 2nd !

Mixed feelings is what we had after the race today even though we finished second, starting from 13th. I took the start and the first 2 stints before handing the car over to Tsugio. The Nissan Fairlady Z was running really well today and I was able to hand over the car in the lead, after some cars had problems and after overtaking lots of them...At that time our teammates Motoyama/Lyons were running in second about 6 seconds behind us. We thought that to be enough margin for our final pitstop and to stay in the lead. But unfortunately we had a little bit a longer fueling time and we ended up just behind the lead when Motoyama pitted out. Tsugio immediately attacked for the lead, but was then pushed off the track while battling and we lost our last chance for victory there and then.
We are happy to finish on the podium again, but obviously very disappointed to have lost the victory so close in front of our eyes. I wish I could say next time...but now we have to carry 50kg of handicap weight and that will put us out of competition for at least the next race or two.




ミハエル クルム


My long time friend Maarten Ram was flying in from Europe to support me this was at least bringing some luck....


1 23 XANAVI NISMO Z 本山 哲
3:19'52.613 109 BS 10
2 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
0'02.114 109 BS 20
3 6 Forum Eng. SC430 片岡 龍也
0'14.900 109 BS +1

4 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z セバスチャン・フィリップ
柳田 真孝
1'14.591 109 BS

5 100 RAYBRIG NSX ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
1'27.642 109 BS 30
6 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
1Lap 108 BS 30
7 35 BANDAI DUNLOP SC430 服部 尚貴
1Lap 108 DL +2

8 39 デンソー サード SC430 アンドレ・クート
平中 克幸
1Lap 108 BS +1

9 8 ARTA NSX 伊藤 大輔
1Lap 108 BS 65
10 12 カルソニック インパル Z ブノワ・トレルイエ
星野 一樹
7Laps 102 BS

11 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
11Laps 98 BS 10
GT500 規定周回数:76

32 EPSON NSX ロイック・デュバル
57Laps 52 DL 35

25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 土屋 武士
織戸 学
72Laps 37 YH +2

17 REAL NSX 金石 勝智
金石 年弘
97Laps 12 BS

24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z J.P・デ・オリベイラ
荒 聖治
97Laps 12 YH

1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 脇阪 寿一

SUPER GT R3 Fuji Saturday Qualifying

Dissapointing 13th...

today nothing went to plan as usual. Unfortunately we couldn't make the cut into the top 10 in order to take part in this afternoon's top 10 qualify session. Now we have to put this disappointment behind us and focus on the race. As already said yesterday, our race car should be competitive and since the race is 500 kilometer long (2 pitstops), we have a realistic chance to make a top 3 finish. We just have to get the car right in the Warm-Up session tomorrow morning.


予選13位 残念な結果に。


ミハエル クルム

obviously stressed today...

SUPER GT R3 Fuji Friday Testing

6th in Free Practise

it looks like it is going to be a very close competition this weekend, with many cars on the same handicap weight. After todays session we ended up in sixth position, which is not too bad for carrying 20kg of handicap weight. We are aiming for a podium finish on Sunday and are targeting a good qualifying position tomorrow.
The car seems to run well in race trim, just in qualifying mode, we are missing still a little bit of time. But only tomorrow morning will we know our real performance compared to the rest of the field.



ミハエル クルム

Kimiko is supporting me all through this weekend. That usually brings luck !

1 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
1'34.610 1'34.611 1'34.610 BS 10
2 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 脇阪 寿一
1'34.630 1'35.480 1'34.630 BS

3 23 XANAVI NISMO Z 本山 哲
1'34.742 1'35.304 1'34.742 BS 10
4 25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 土屋 武士
織戸 学
1'34.836 1'36.132 1'34.836 YH +2

5 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
1'34.848 1'35.636 1'34.848 BS 30
6 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
1'34.937 1'36.505 1'34.937 BS 20
7 6 Forum Eng. SC430 片岡 龍也
1'35.066 1'36.285 1'35.066 BS +1

8 17 REAL NSX 金石 勝智
金石 年弘
1'35.110 1'43.272 1'35.110 BS

9 100 RAYBRIG NSX ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
1'35.216 1'35.216 1'35.363 BS 30
10 39 デンソー サード SC430 アンドレ・クート
平中 克幸
1'35.253 1'36.448 1'35.253 BS +1

11 12 カルソニック インパル Z ブノワ・トレルイエ
星野 一樹
1'35.348 1'36.687 1'35.348 BS

12 8 ARTA NSX 伊藤 大輔
1'35.379 1'35.379 1'35.734 BS 65
13 35 BANDAI DUNLOP SC430 服部 尚貴
1'35.706 1'38.219 1'35.706 DL +2

14 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z J.P・デ・オリベイラ
荒 聖治
1'35.718 1'36.850 1'35.718 YH

15 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z セバスチャン・フィリップ
柳田 真孝
1'35.770 1'36.302 1'35.770 BS

16 32 EPSON NSX ロイック・デュバル
1'35.780 1'36.005 1'35.780 DL 35

SUPER GT Testing Sugo

After racing for 3 weekends in a row in Super GT and Formula Nippon, Testing activities resumed this week in the GT cars in Sugo in preparation for the next race in Fuji next week. As usual it was difficult to tell the competitions real pace, since everybody is carrying different handycap weights. Nevertheless our Nissan cars were fast and competitive which makes us hopefull for the Fuji race and of course for the remainder of the season.
Currently we are ranking 4th in the championship, so we will have to make a top 3 finish in Fuji in order to not loose the contact to the leaders and I'm confident that we can.
I hope to see lots of you cheer us on there !


ミハエル クルム


FORMULA NIPPON R2 Suzuka Sunday Race

In the points with 7th position

Today was like a rollercoaster ride. The initial start from 9th went well, but just then I was caught in a traffic jam on the outside of turn1. On top of that I lost another position during the first lap chaos. So it took quiet some laps before everything cooled down and I found myself back in 12th place. After that things went really well and the car was extremely competitive. I was then able to to drive through the field up to 7th place, only profiting from Treluyer's retirement. Not only were the battles very enjoyable, but also the pace I had when driving alone was as fast as the leaders which is very promising for the races to come.
So even though the result is not satisfying there were many good points this weekend for us to take back home and I feel strongly that we made another step in the right direction in this season. The next step is to perform well in qualifying and have a car like today in the race.
Next round is in Motegi next month, but first we go testing this week in Sendai with the Super GT cars...




ミハエル クルム

with friend and team director Naoki Hattori

My most "loyal" fans, Yuko and Hijiri....They are very busy this year with me driving in 2 categories...thanks for supporting me !

1 19 S.Motoyama Arabian Oasis IMPUL 43 1:18'23.552 1'48.624 2
2 2 T.Matsuda mobilecast IMPUL 43 1:18'23.904 1'48.867 1
3 32 T.Kogure PIAA NAKAJIMA 43 1:18'32.666 1'48.601 3
4 31 L.Duval PIAA NAKAJIMA 43 1:18'41.534 1'48.668 4
5 36 A.Lotterer DHG TOM'S 43 1:18'41.710 1'48.978 12
6 33 R.Quintarelli INGING 43 1:18'44.676 1'48.947 6
7 20 M.Krumm Arabian Oasis IMPUL 43 1:18'49.456 1'48.909 9
8 11 Y.Tachikawa RECKLESS CERUMO 43 1:19'31.689 1'48.731 8
9 34 N.Yokomizo INGING 43 1:19'31.987 1'49.703 13
10 55 Y.Ide ARTA 43 1:19'39.923 1'49.272 7
11 5 K.Hiranaka SG 5ZIGEN 43 1:19'47.779 1'48.322 20
12 8 T.Takagi Team LeMans 43 1:19'47.791 1'49.704 17
13 40 B.Wirdheim DoCoMo DANDELION 43 1:19'57.762 1'49.538 18
14 4 Oliveira CARCHS KONDO 43 1:20'18.628 1'49.420 15
15 41 F.Carbone DoCoMo DANDELION 42 1:18'26.439 1'49.943 14
16 12 K.Sasaki RECKLESS CERUMO 42 1:18'26.543 1'50.099 16
17 56 T.Kaneishi ARTA 42 1:18'28.475 1'49.529 10
18 3 M.Yanagida CARCHS KONDO 42 1:18'37.170 1'50.206 22
19 6 H.Yoshimoto SG 5ZIGEN 39 1:18'59.491 1'48.180 19
Not Classifiled(38Laps)
- 37 S.Ara DHG TOM'S 37 - 1'49.939 21
- 7 T.Kataoka Team LeMans 11 - 1'49.694 11
- 1 B.Treluyer mobilecast IMPUL 5 - 1'49.459 5

FORMULA NIPPON R2 Suzuka Saturday QF

9th in Qualifying

As today's target was to be in the top 10, I reached that target...if only just, by being 9th on the grid. The distance to the top is still a little bit disappointing with just over 1 second. But now qualifying is over and we have to focus on the race and I'm quite optimistic that we have a good car in the race. On Friday we already did some long runs and should be well prepared for tomorrow's 250kilometer race. There will probably be no pitstop tactics and it will be a very hard race for the tires. So the key is to have a setup that can keep the tires long...Let's see tomorrow..


フォーミュラニッポン第2戦 予選は9番手


ミハエル クルム

photo by Kimiko Date-Krumm

1 2 T.Matsuda mobilecast IMPUL 1'41.115 1'41.696 *1'41.115
2 19 S.Motoyama Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'41.292 1'41.768 *1'41.292
3 32 T.Kogure PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'41.398 1'42.161 *1'41.398
4 31 L.Duval PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'41.805 1'42.796 *1'41.805
5 1 B.Treluyer mobilecast IMPUL 1'41.962 1'42.078 *1'41.962
6 33 R.Quintarelli INGING 1'42.117 1'42.862 *1'42.117
7 55 Y.Ide ARTA 1'42.171 1'43.583 *1'42.171
8 11 Y.Tachikawa RECKLESS CERUMO 1'42.361 1'43.000 *1'42.361
9 20 M.Krumm Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'42.470 1'42.871 *1'42.470
10 56 T.Kaneishi ARTA 1'42.551 1'42.935 *1'42.551
11 7 T.Kataoka Team LeMans 1'42.573 1'43.188 *1'42.573
12 36 A.Lotterer DHG TOM'S 1'42.590 *1'42.590 1'44.510
13 34 N.Yokomizo INGING 1'42.794 1'43.208 *1'42.794
14 41 F.Carbone DoCoMo DANDELION 1'42.873 1'43.732 *1'42.873
15 4 Oliveira CARCHS KONDO 1'42.888 1'43.654 *1'42.888
16 12 K.Sasaki RECKLESS CERUMO 1'43.086 1'43.732 *1'43.086
17 8 T.Takagi Team LeMans 1'43.176 1'43.708 *1'43.176
18 40 B.Wirdheim DoCoMo DANDELION 1'43.259 1'43.684 *1'43.259
19 6 H.Yoshimoto SG 5ZIGEN 1'43.523 1'44.778 *1'43.523
20 5 K.Hiranaka SG 5ZIGEN 1'43.614 1'44.129 *1'43.614
21 37 S.Ara DHG TOM'S 1'43.713 1'44.133 *1'43.713
22 3 M.Yanagida CARCHS KONDO 1'43.963 1'45.453 *1'43.963

FORMULA NIPPON R2 Suzuka Friday Practise

10th in Free Practise Session.

today we did a lot of work on the setup of the car in order to close the gap that we had from the testing in Suzuka at the last test. We are close to 1 second now with new tyres and this was only good enough for 10th today. So we are continuing to work hard on the setup and of course my driving to get into the top 10 at least at tomorrows qualifying session. As usual we have 4 new set of tires tomorrow, so we have plenty of chances.
My teammate Motoyama was fastest, as already on the testing, so for the team it looks good. Now it is up to me to bring the car more forward and make sure we can score points on Sunday.


フォーミュラニッポン第2戦 練習走行は10番手。


ミハエル クルム


1 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'42.963 1'43.345 *1'42.963
2 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'43.077 1'43.681 *1'43.077
3 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'43.367 1'43.931 *1'43.367
4 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'43.383 1'44.434 *1'43.383
5 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'43.628 1'44.337 *1'43.628
6 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'43.716 1'44.847 *1'43.716
7 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'43.793 1'44.200 *1'43.793
8 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'43.865 1'44.584 *1'43.865
9 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'43.888 1'45.041 *1'43.888
10 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'44.106 1'45.988 *1'44.106
11 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'44.328 1'45.507 *1'44.328
12 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'44.369 1'44.494 *1'44.369
13 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'44.811 1'46.244 *1'44.811
14 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 1'44.947 1'45.311 *1'44.947
15 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'44.997 1'46.127 *1'44.997
16 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'45.090 1'45.710 *1'45.090
17 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'45.243 1'46.477 *1'45.243
18 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'45.259 1'45.780 *1'45.259
19 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'45.481 *1'45.481 1'45.738
20 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'45.637 1'45.985 *1'45.637
21 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 1'45.730 1'46.520 *1'45.730
22 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 1'46.253 *1'46.253 1'46.377

SUPER GT R2 TI Circuit Sunday Race

First Podium in 2007 !

After a good start there was the usual crash at the first corner. This time I was only touched slightly and I could maintain my position. In the first lap I moved up from 6th to 4th and we were running at a good pace. I moved then up to third and could close the gap to the leader Firman in the Honda up to 7 seconds. Then I handed the car to Matsuda. Unfortunately the Hondas only changed their rear tires and therefore gained 20 seconds on us in the pits. Matsuda then dropped to 4th place because of that. He then did a fantastic race and drove up to second place, before loosing it again just before the end of the race to another Honda car.
So the race was won by Firman/Ito and then Schwager/Hosokawa, both Hondas, then us in the Nissan. After the frustrating start into the season in Suzuka it was a relief to finish on podium for the first time this season. Also in the championship we are looking better now...


2007年 初めての表彰台獲得!


ミハエル クルム


1 8 ARTA NSX 伊藤 大輔
2:01'14.759 82 BS 10
2 100 RAYBRIG NSX ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
0'15.186 82 BS

3 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
0'22.149 82 BS

4 32 EPSON NSX ロイック・デュバル
0'29.361 82 DL 25
5 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 脇阪 寿一
0'31.586 82 BS +1

6 25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 土屋 武士
織戸 学
1'00.300 82 YH +1

7 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
1'00.663 82 BS

8 12 カルソニック インパル Z ブノワ・トレルイエ
星野 一樹
1'00.970 82 BS

9 35 BANDAI DUNLOP SC430 服部 尚貴
1Lap 81 DL +1

10 17 REAL NSX 金石 勝智
金石 年弘
1Lap 81 BS

11 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
1Lap 81 BS 50
12 39 デンソー サード SC430 アンドレ・クート
平中 克幸
1Lap 81 BS

13 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z セバスチャン・フィリップ
柳田 真孝
1Lap 81 BS

14 6 Forum Eng. SC430 片岡 龍也
1Lap 81

SUPER GT R2 TI Circuit Saturday Qualifying

6th in Qualifying

we were able to close the gap to the Hondas a little bit more today, finally we left one behind us in qualifying at least. The first two cars are 1 second away from us though. Tomorrow we have a chance to make a good result, since on that tiny TI circuit many incidents do happen and we seem to have a competitive car for the race. This time we must make sure we get through the start without major trouble and we should be able to score some solid points.






1 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX S 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
1'23.065 1'22.881 BS

2 8 ARTA NSX S 伊藤 大輔
1'22.753 1'23.183 BS 10
3 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 S 脇阪 寿一
1'23.228 1'23.294 BS +1

4 32 EPSON NSX S ロイック・デュバル
1'23.528 1'23.641 DL 25
5 100 RAYBRIG NSX S ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
1'23.497 1'23.645 BS

6 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z S ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
1'23.769 1'23.831 BS

金石 勝智
金石 年弘
1'23.071 1'23.842 BS

8 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 S 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
1'23.884 1'24.244 BS 50
9 6 Forum Eng. SC430 S 片岡 龍也
1'24.416 1'24.395 BS 10
10 23 XANAVI NISMO Z S 本山 哲
1'23.884 1'29.564 BS 30
土屋 武士*
織戸 学
YH +1

12 12 カルソニック インパル Z S ブノワ・トレルイエ*
星野 一樹

13 39 デンソー サード SC430
平中 克幸

14 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z
柳田 真孝

15 35 BANDAI DUNLOP SC430 S 服部 尚貴*
DL +1

16 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z S J.P・デ・オリベイラ*
荒 聖治

SUPER GT R2 TI Circuit Friday Free Practise

this weekend we are trying to close the gap more to the Honda, which was more than 2 seconds per lap in Suzuka at the first race. After todays practise we got another beating, but with being one second behind the top Honda, we are much closer than in Suzuka. Also in the longruns we looked quiet strong, so we are looking forward for the race. But first of all there is qualifying tomorrow and as usual the first target in the morning is to make it into the top 10 for the afternoon shoot out. So check back here tomorrow to find out where we ended up...


今日はこの週末に行われるSuper GT第2戦(TIサーキット)の練習走行が行われました。


1 18 TAKATA DOME NSX Ryo Michigami
Takashi Kogure
1'23.216 1'23.955 1'23.216 BS

2 8 ARTA NSX Daisuke Ito
Ralph Firman
1'23.763 1'24.088 1'23.763 BS 10
3 100 RAYBRIG NSX Dominik Schwager
Shinya Hosokawa
1'24.030 1'24.337 1'24.030 BS

4 1 Houzan TOM'S SC430 Juichi Wakisaka
Andre Lotterer
1'24.139 1'25.076 1'24.139 BS +1

5 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z Michael Krumm
Tsugio Matsuda
1'24.204 1'24.997 1'24.204 BS

1'24.370 1'24.614 1'24.370 DL 25
7 17 REAL NSX Katsutomo Kaneishi
Toshihiro Kaneishi
1'24.429 1'24.681 1'24.429 BS

8 23 XANAVI NISMO Z Satoshi Motoyama
Richard Lyons
1'24.508 1'25.341 1'24.508 BS 30
9 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 Yuji Tachikawa
Toranosuke Takagi
1'24.571 1'25.743 1'24.571 BS 50
10 39 DENSO SARD SC430 Andre Couto
Katsuyuki Hiranaka
1'24.876 1'25.518 1'24.876 BS

11 6 Forum Eng. SC430 Tatsuya Kataoka
Bjorn Wirdheim
1'24.922 1'25.864 1'24.922 BS 10
12 25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 Takeshi Tsuchiya
Manabu Orido
1'24.977 1'25.329 1'24.977 YH +1

13 12 CALSONIC IMPUL Z Benoit Treluyer
Kazuki Hoshino
1'25.191 1'25.191 1'25.588 BS

14 3 YellowHat YMS MobaHO ! TOMICA Z Sebastien Philippe
Masataka Yanagida
1'25.482 1'26.015 1'25.482 BS

15 35 BANDAI DUNLOP SC430 Naoki Hattori
Peter Dumbreck
1'25.555 1'25.881 1'25.555 DL +1

16 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion Z J.P.L.De Oliveira
Seiji Ara
1'26.389 1'26.389 1'26.744 YH

FORMULA NIPPON R1 Fuji Sunday Race

6th in comeback race !

After a rather difficult getaway at the start, I found myself in 7th position. For the first part of the race I was following close to Wirdheim and Duval. We were planning to overtake them at the pitstop, which worked initially with Wirdheim, but I was repassed immediately since I was on cold tyres. The car was unfortunately not even close to the performance of the qualifying and I struggled with lots of traction problems throughout the race. But even so I'm happy to have finished the race. In the last 5 laps my gearbox suddenly refused to work and I went off the track and thought that the race is finished for me, but I managed to get it back moving. I was passed by Quintarelli during that time.
To have finished the race in 6th is a good achievement after a 5 year brake and having scored 3 poitns with it is even better. The target is now to make the car as competitive in the race as it was in qualifying. I can't wait to go to Suzuka in 2 weeks.
...but first we have another exciting round of the SUPER GT championship in TI circuit next weekend...



しかし、その前に来週はSuper GTの第2戦がTIサーキットで行われます。

ミハエル クルム


1 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 65 1:38'04.095 1'28.795 1
2 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 65 1:38'09.938 1'28.894 2
3 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 65 1:38'38.780 1'29.456 7
4 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 65 1:38'39.796 1'29.268 11
5 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 65 1:38'45.128 1'29.131 8
6 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 65 1:38'56.302 1'29.603 4
7 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 65 1:39'14.521 1'30.260 15
8 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 65 1:39'15.061 1'29.734 12
9 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 65 1:39'22.968 1'30.133 10
10 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 65 1:39'24.494 1'30.227 18
11 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 65 1:39'31.155 1'30.232 19
12 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 64 1:38'12.924 1'30.178 13
13 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 64 1:38'28.624 1'30.166 20
14 55 井出 有治 ARTA 64 1:38'33.961 1'29.872 9
15 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 64 1:38'58.821 1'29.552 14
16 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 64 1:39'11.034 1'29.382 17
17 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 63 1:38'58.501 1'30.526 22
- 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 50 - 1'29.782 16
- 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 15 - 1'30.385 6
- 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1 - - 5
- 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1 - - 21

FORMULA NIPPON R1 Fuji Saturday Qualifying

4th in Qualifying !

the first qualifying session in the morning went very well. I was able to be 3rd fastest at the end of the morning session. In the afternoon I was hoping for rain, which fell during the session, but unfortunately it was getting dry again in the last 10 minutes and I dropped one position to 4th. My times were not so fast in the afternoon session, but nevertheless I'm very pleased with the result of today, It was much more than I expected for my first race and I'm looking forward for a good race tomorrow. The weather should be stable and fine and my first objective is to make a clean race and finish it in order to gain experience and knowledge for the remainder of the season.




photographed by Paul Spooner

Pos. No. Driver Team Best 1st 2nd
1 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'25.525 *1'25.525 1'25.816
2 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'25.762 1'25.962 *1'25.762
3 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 1'25.816 *1'25.816 1'26.126
4 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'25.838 *1'25.838 1'26.326
5 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'25.957 *1'25.957 1'26.312
6 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'26.000 1'26.026 *1'26.000
7 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'26.025 *1'26.025 1'26.371
8 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'26.048 1'26.390 *1'26.048
9 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'26.070 *1'26.070 1'26.256
10 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 1'26.089 *1'26.089 1'26.235
11 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'26.110 *1'26.110 1'26.840
12 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'26.280 *1'26.280 1'26.320
13 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'26.317 *1'26.317 1'26.736
14 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'26.330 *1'26.330 1'26.868
15 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'26.339 *1'26.339 1'26.372
16 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'26.357 *1'26.357 1'26.372
17 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'26.398 1'26.677 *1'26.398
18 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'26.492 *1'26.492 1'26.623
19 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 1'26.599 1'26.975 *1'26.599
20 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'26.861 *1'26.861 1'27.161
21 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'26.954 *1'26.954 1'27.123
22 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'27.379 1'27.607 *1'27.379

FORMULA NIPPON R1 Fuji Friday Practise

today was the first official session for the Formula Nippon Championship 2007. In the morning it was still wet and only we were able to test in dry conditions for the afternoon 1 hour session. Everybody was attacking on new tyres at the end of the session, and it gave me a first feel of how qualifying will be tomorrow. I had a lucky run today when I found a big slip stream behind my GT teammate Tsugio Matsuda, which enabled me to put down the 5th fastest time. I hope I have that kind of luck tomorrow as well...




Pos. No. Driver Team Best Session 1 Session 2
1 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'27.424 1'37.427 *1'27.424
2 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'27.450 1'28.432 *1'27.450
3 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'27.501 1'29.809 *1'27.501
4 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ CARCHS KONDO 1'27.565 1'30.820 *1'27.565
5 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'27.581 1'28.913 *1'27.581
6 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'27.585 1'37.633 *1'27.585
7 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'27.645 1'36.872 *1'27.645
8 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'27.686 1'37.772 *1'27.686
9 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'27.755 1'36.303 *1'27.755
10 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'27.793 1'28.705 *1'27.793
11 3 柳田 真孝 CARCHS KONDO 1'28.002 1'38.032 *1'28.002
12 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'28.017 1'38.293 *1'28.017
13 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'28.122 1'39.046 *1'28.122
14 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'28.217 1'39.550 *1'28.217
15 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'28.251 1'36.121 *1'28.251
16 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'28.261 1'37.630 *1'28.261
17 37 荒  聖治 DHG TOM'S 1'28.279 1'29.252 *1'28.279
18 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'28.304 1'28.342 *1'28.304
19 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'28.418 1'29.002 *1'28.418
20 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'28.615 1'38.587 *1'28.615
21 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'29.203 1'30.323 *1'29.203
22 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'29.908 1'30.054 *1'29.908

SUPER GT Testing Fuji Day 2

today we had another solid day of testing in Fuji and it looks indeed that we were able to close the gap a little bit to the Hondas. Even though we still are cautious about them showing their real performance. We did some race simulations with different kind of tires and should be well prepared now for the long 500km race at the beginning of May. As it was hotter today then yesterday, the laptimes were a little bit slower today. We finished the test in fifth position, which is ok considering that we focused mainly on race setup.
This weekend will be my first race in Formula Nippon since 5 years, also at Fuji Speedway and I'm looking very excitingly forward for this. Apparently the weather forecast says it is going to rain, and I think I like that....


Super GTの富士でのテスト2日目は前日よりも暖かい日となりました。

1 23 XANAVI NISMO Z 1'33.857 1'35.651 1'33.857 1'34.453 1'34.565 BS
2 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX 1'33.876 1'35.416 1'33.876 1'34.032 1'34.388 BS
3 8 ARTA NSX 1'34.183 1'35.193 1'34.715 1'34.332 1'34.183 BS
4 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 1'34.354 1'35.464 1'34.354 1'34.768 1'35.156 BS
5 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z 1'34.417 1'35.619 1'34.417 1'34.467 1'35.344 BS
6 99 Honda NSX(テスト車両) 1'34.455 1'35.330 1'34.455 1'35.156 1'34.933
7 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 1'34.514 1'34.659 1'34.517 1'34.514 1'34.953 BS
8 100 RAYBRIG NSX 1'34.596 1'35.369 1'35.070 1'34.795 1'34.596 BS
9 39 デンソー サード SC430 1'34.642 1'35.229 1'34.737 1'34.642 1'34.791 BS
10 17 REAL NSX 1'34.689 1'36.588 1'34.689 1'36.053 1'35.180 BS
11 35 BANDAI DUNLOP SC430 1'34.800 1'35.777 1'34.979 1'35.460 1'34.800 DL
12 32 EPSON NSX 1'34.876 1'35.518 1'34.876 1'35.617 1'35.073 DL
13 6 Forum Eng. SC430 1'35.024 1'35.705 1'35.024 1'35.586 1'35.278 BS
14 25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 1'35.053 1'35.318 1'35.270 1'35.053 1'35.494 YH

SUPER GT Testing Fuji Day 1

testing in Fuji today was all about choosing the right tires for Round 3 of the Super GT Championship in Fuji. With all the GT300 cars also testing it was very difficult for us to get a clear lap and therefore compare tyre performance. Nevertheless it looks like we were able to close the gap a little bit to the competition, with my teammate Motoyama being fastest and us being 4th overall on the timesheets. We obviously do not know how much weight and fuel the Hondas and Toyotas are running, so we don't get too excited about it at the moment. We keep are heads down and keep on making progress...
Let's see what tomorrow brings.


Super GT 第3戦にむけてのテストが、開催地の富士スピードウェイで行われています。


1 23 XANAVI NISMO Z 本山 哲
1'33.857 175.019
km/h BS
2 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
1'33.876 0'00.019 BS
3 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
1'34.354 0'00.497 BS
4 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
1'34.417 0'00.560 BS
5 99 Honda NSX(テスト車両)

1'34.455 0'00.598

6 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 脇阪 寿一
1'34.517 0'00.660 BS
7 17 REAL NSX 金石 勝智
金石 年弘
1'34.689 0'00.832 BS
8 8 ARTA NSX 伊藤 大輔
1'34.715 0'00.858 BS
9 39 デンソー サード SC430 アンドレ・クート
平中 克幸
1'34.737 0'00.880 BS
10 32 EPSON NSX ロイック・デュバル
1'34.876 0'01.019 DL

Super GT Race R1 Suzuka

Finishing 5th after lots of trouble...

Just after the start I was pushed off by a Toyota and was flying into the gravel together with another car. Luckily I made it out and back onto the track, obviously in last position. We then started a big chase unfortunately with very little visibility since the window was full of dust. Nevertheless we managed to drive through the field up to 5th position, also profiting from many retiring Hondas. Toyota won the race with Tachikawa and Takagi in front of our teammates Motoyama/Lyons. My teammate Matsuda did a great job until the end, blocking off a Honda spectaculary for several laps to take home fifth position.
Even though we could have been easily on the podium today, we have to appreciate the luck we had to get out of the gravel at turn 1 after the start incident. Taking fifth means some valuable points and also it means that we don't have to carry any handicap weight for the next race in TI. So it turned out to be a good weekend after all...

Michael Krumm





ミハエル クルム


1 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 Yuji Tachikawa
Toranosuke Takagi
1:43'25.744 52 BS

2 23 XANAVI NISMO Z Satoshi Motoyama
Richard Lyons
0'03.427 52 BS

0'28.302 52 DL

4 6 Forum Eng. SC430 Tatsuya Kataoka
Bjorn Wirdheim
0'34.527 52 BS

5 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z Michael Krumm
Tsugio Matsuda
0'35.031 52 BS

6 17 REAL NSX Katsutomo Kaneishi
Toshihiro Kaneishi
0'35.402 52 BS

7 1 Houzan TOM'S SC430 Juichi Wakisaka
Andre Lotterer
0'38.233 52 BS

8 35 BANDAI DUNLOP SC430 Naoki Hattori
Peter Dumbreck
0'59.264 52 DL

9 25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 Takeshi Tsuchiya
Manabu Orido
1'06.699 52 YH

10 3 YellowHat YMS MobaHO ! TOMICA Z Sebastien Philippe
Masataka Yanagida
1'07.112 52 BS

11 12 CALSONIC IMPUL Z Benoit Treluyer
Kazuki Hoshino
1'28.535 52 BS

12 8 ARTA NSX Daisuke Ito
Ralph Firman
1Lap 51 BS

13 18 TAKATA DOME NSX Ryo Michigami
Takashi Kogure
8Laps 44 BS

Super GT Saturday Qualifying

in the morning session we made it into the top 10 as planned, so we could take part in the Super Lap. There we fell back from 7th to 9th position. The qualifying was dominated by the Hondas, like we feared already yesterday. Nevertheless we are looking forward for the race, with our tire choice being good for that. I will take the start and Tsugio the longer second stint. The tactics is too obviously overtake all the cars in front of me on soft tires during the course of the first stint. So there is lots to do...
Also today our sponsor Motul made a very nice birthday cake for me, even though it is 2 days too early. Thank you for all the presents and also thanks to the drivers for not putting the cake in my face...

Michael Krumm


1 8 ARTA NSX S 伊藤 大輔
R 1'50.426 R 1.49.842 BS

2 32 EPSON NSX S ロイック・デュバル
R 1'51.523 R 1'50.583 DL

3 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX S 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
R 1'51.048 R 1'50.595 BS

金石 勝智
金石 年弘
R 1'51.201 R 1'50.806 BS

5 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 S 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
R 1'51.969 R 1'51.433 BS

6 100 RAYBRIG NSX S ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
R 1'52.371 R 1'51.513 BS

7 23 XANAVI NISMO Z S 本山 哲
R 1'51.898 R 1'51.967 BS

8 6 Forum Eng. SC430 S 片岡 龍也
R 1'52.460 R 1'52.094 BS

9 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z S ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
R 1'52.293 R 1'52.155 BS

10 39 デンソー サード SC430
平中 克幸
1'52.877 R 1'52.430 BS

Super GT Free Practise R1 Suzuka

today was quiet hectic in Suzuka with many red flags halting and shortening the 2 free practise sessions. Also we were disturbed by some minor trouble, that cost us valuable track time. In the end we just missed the top ten. With temperatures much lower than we expected, it looks like I'm probably on the wrong tires for tomorrows qualifying, but for the race it looks quiet good. The Hondas dominated the sessions so far, with Nissan and Toyota fighting for positions behind them. But hopefully that will change tomorrow. The first target is to get into the top 10 in the morning session in order to qualify for the Super Lap in the afternoon. I'm looking forward for the next two days, since our balance in the car is quiet good and I think we can have an exciting race.

Michael Krumm








1 8 ARTA NSX 伊藤 大輔
1'51.572 1'51.636 1'51.572 BS

2 18 TAKATA 童夢 NSX 道上 龍
小暮 卓史
1'52.109 1'52.109 1'53.728 BS

3 100 RAYBRIG NSX ドミニク・シュワガー
細川 慎弥
1'52.575 1'52.575 1'53.101 BS

4 17 REAL NSX 金石 勝智
金石 年弘
1'52.791 1'54.033 1'52.791 BS

5 23 XANAVI NISMO Z 本山 哲
1'52.862 1'54.730 1'52.862 BS

6 32 EPSON NSX ロイック・デュバル
1'53.120 1'53.575 1'53.120 DL

7 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 立川 祐路
高木 虎之介
1'53.222 1'53.222 1'53.942 BS

8 1 宝山 TOM'S SC430 脇阪 寿一
1'53.291 1'53.291 1'56.476 BS

9 39 デンソー サード SC430 アンドレ・クート
平中 克幸
1'53.526 1'54.054 1'53.526 BS

10 12 カルソニック インパル Z ブノワ・トレルイエ
星野 一樹
1'53.748 1'54.394 1'53.748 BS

11 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z ミハエル・クルム
松田 次生
1'53.799 1'53.799 1'53.889 BS

12 6 Forum Eng. SC430 片岡 龍也
1'54.189 1'54.731 1'54.189 BS

13 35 BANDAI DUNLOP SC430 服部 尚貴
1'54.934 1'54.934 1'56.597 DL

14 25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 土屋 武士
織戸 学
1'55.031 1'55.031 1'56.246 YH

15 24 ADVAN KONDO Z J.P・デ・オリベイラ
荒 聖治
1'55.327 1'55.327 1'56.470 YH

16 3 YellowHat YMS モバHO ! TOMICA Z セバスチャン・フィリップ
柳田 真孝
1'55.983 1'55.983 1'57.090 BS

FN Fuji Test

The 5 hour session today was the last opportunity for everyone to practise before the first race in Fuji end of the month. We continued to make progress as planned and were able to improve the handling of the car continiously. Also I made my first mistakes driving wise which was very important in order to find out the limits of the car. I spun heavily when I pushed the brake pedal a little bit too hard at 310 km/h. Luckily I didn’t hit the walls around me and no damage was done to the car (..and myself).
Still today we struggled to get the best use out of new tires, but it seemed that most drivers struggled with this problem. In the end I could mark the 4th fastest time, a result that I’m more than pleased with. But the competition is close and between 4th position and 12th position is only a blink of an eye. That means that focus and concentration in qualifying will make a big difference to the grid position.
I feel ready now for the first race, even though there is still lots of work to do in order to close the time gap to the top runners. The first 3 races, I will consider as a testing opportunity and make sure we can close the gap to the top in these races. So finishing the race will be a crucial factor.

Michael Krumm



Pos. No. Driver Team Best Session 3 Session 4
1 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'24.255 1'25.838 *1'24.255
2 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'24.739 1'26.817 *1'24.739
3 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'24.908 1'26.068 *1'24.908
4 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'25.431 1'26.517 *1'25.431
5 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'25.456 1'26.596 *1'25.456
6 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ KONDO 1'25.468 1'26.920 *1'25.468
7 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'25.599 1'26.226 *1'25.599
8 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'25.612 1'26.919 *1'25.612
9 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'25.649 1'27.384 *1'25.649
10 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'25.677 1'26.924 *1'25.677
11 37 J.リード DHG TOM'S 1'25.726 1'27.111 *1'25.726
12 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'25.829 1'27.188 *1'25.829
13 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'25.867 1'27.125 *1'25.867
14 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'25.912 1'27.258 *1'25.912
15 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'25.948 1'27.046 *1'25.948
16 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'26.031 1'26.769 *1'26.031
17 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'26.081 1'27.129 *1'26.081
18 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'26.155 1'26.683 *1'26.155
19 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'26.695 1'29.033 *1'26.695
20 3 柳田 真孝 KONDO 1'26.835 *1'26.835 1'27.020
21 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'27.354 1'27.525 *1'27.354
- 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO - - -

FN Test in Suzuka

This was a really tough test today. In total we had 6 hours of running and with the high grip level in Suzuka, I was brought to my limits physically. Fortunately I was not the only one that suffered from this, also last years champion Treluyer suffered from physical exhaustion and couldn’t drive at the end anymore. All in all I did the most laps of everyone in order to get as much practise as possible. Also I was able to do a short race simulation to prepare me for the first race. I was a bit disappointed to not make it into the top 10 in the end, but with traffic and mistakes hindering me, I know that I have the potential to be there for qualifying. After not driving in Formula cars for 5 years, I realized today that it will take a little more time to get used to the g-forces that are nearly at 4g’s in the corners. Nevertheless I fully enjoyed the day and can’t wait to be back in the car to do more work at the Fuji track next week.

Michael Krumm


Pos. No. Driver Team Best 1st 2nd
1 19 本山  哲 Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'40.856 1'43.014 *1'40.856
2 2 松田 次生 mobilecast IMPUL 1'40.946 1'42.198 *1'40.946
3 32 小暮 卓史 PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'41.045 1'43.395 *1'41.045
4 1 B.トレルイエ mobilecast IMPUL 1'41.054 1'42.218 *1'41.054
5 31 L.デュバル PIAA NAKAJIMA 1'41.384 1'43.804 *1'41.384
6 33 R.クインタレッリ INGING 1'41.604 1'43.436 *1'41.604
7 36 A.ロッテラー DHG TOM'S 1'41.744 1'43.219 *1'41.744
8 7 片岡 龍也 Team LeMans 1'41.885 1'45.119 *1'41.885
9 55 井出 有治 ARTA 1'41.954 1'44.186 *1'41.954
10 11 立川 祐路 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'42.060 1'44.225 *1'42.060
11 40 B.ビルドハイム DoCoMo DANDELION 1'42.165 1'44.205 *1'42.165
12 20 M.クルム Arabian Oasis IMPUL 1'42.396 1'44.245 *1'42.396
13 5 平中 克幸 SG 5ZIGEN 1'42.886 1'44.525 *1'42.886
14 56 金石 年弘 ARTA 1'42.955 1'43.563 *1'42.955
15 8 高木 虎之介 Team LeMans 1'43.008 1'43.464 *1'43.008
16 34 横溝 直輝 INGING 1'43.416 1'45.227 *1'43.416
17 37 J.リード DHG TOM'S 1'44.092 1'46.956 *1'44.092
18 41 F.カルボーン DoCoMo DANDELION 1'44.319 *1'44.319 1'44.326
19 6 吉本 大樹 SG 5ZIGEN 1'44.435 1'46.874 *1'44.435
20 3 柳田 真孝 KONDO 1'45.108 No Time *1'45.108
21 4 J.P.デ・オリベイラ KONDO 1'46.392 1'47.938 *1'46.392
22 12 佐々木 孝太 RECKLESS CERUMO 1'49.157 No Time *1'49.157

Super GT Test in Suzuka

Our first test with the 2007 Motul Autech Z went very well in Suzuka. Even though we still have lots of work to do setting up the car because of the new regulations. This year we have a stepped bottom floor, which means that we have much less downforce available. This has been done to slow the cars down in corner. But on the other hand, we have become faster on the straights, and therefore all the cars were able to set faster lap times than last year !
At the moment we can't really foresee how competitive we will really be since we never now with how much fuel or weight the competition is running. So it all comes down to the first qualifying on March 17th. I'm looking very much forward to that.

Michael Krumm


Formula Nippon Presentation 2007

Now it is official. After being absent from the Formula Nippon Championship for almost 5 years, I will make my comeback this season with Arabian Oasis Team Impul. My teammate will be no other than Satoshi Motoyama, my long time friend and rival.
Since I always ended up with second places in races as well as in the championship, I felt it is time now to put things right and go out and take that victory. Being in the champion team from last year, gives me the best opportunity for this challenge.
It will tough in the beginning of the season for sure, since my body is not used to the high steering forces and g-forces that will hit especially the neck muscles. But I'm determined to succeed by mid season.

All this has been possible because of the support of T-ZONE, where my special thanks goes to Mr. Oshima and also Arabian Oasis, where Sugawara san made this team possible in the first place.

Also I want to thank all my fans for their long support over all those years, and I'm sure you are all as excited as me about this new Formula Nippon Challenge. I hope many of you can come and cheer me on this year,
see you at the circuit,

Michael Krumm



Super GT Team Presentation 2007

Now it is official. My partner this year in the 2007 Super GT Championship will be Tsugio Matsuda. He is one of the current fastest japanese drivers around and has proven to be not only fast, but also very intelligent when it comes down to setting up the car. We will be driving the #22 car again. In the sister car, the #23, there will be Satoshi Motoyama, partnered by Richard Lyons. Now that we have a perfect driver combination for this year, it is up to us to make the season successfull. Very important is the first race in Suzuka, where last year we couldn't make a result. Our main target is obviously to win the championship, in order to do this we have to be very consistent, and that from the first race on. The seasons starts at March 18th in Suzuka...


Michael Krumm


Satoshi Motoyama, Richard Lyons, myself and Tsugio Matsuda

Together with Teammanager Iijima san(飯嶋監督)...

Testing in Malaysia

coming from -6 degrees in Salzurg to the 35 degree celsius in Malaysia was quiet a shock. But it was also good practise to get used for the summer races. We were testing our Nissan cars along with Honda and Toyota and it is still too early to say at the moment who will have the better package for this season. In the end we all did similar laptimes. Regulations have changed for 2007 and we have to use stepped bottom floors which will make the cars slower in high speed corner. That means we have a lot of testing to do this year to find the best solution.

Also we were staying at a really nice hotel as you can see from the picture that I took from the balcony, so it was quiet a nice way to kick off into the 2007 testing season. Tomorrow I'm going back to Japan and I think it is snowing there right now...


Driving Pictures are taken by Kazuki Hoshino ! Not bad for a driver !



The problem was that we were testing so much...I could never get to the pool...