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24h of Nurburgring 2016

Little did we know when we arrived a the Ring that this would be one of the toughest races to complete for all of us. Our target to make a top ten result we just missed by coming home in P11. Nevertheless we actually had a perfect race with zero penalties and flawless pit stops. Even that should be a given and natural, but that is a feat that is not always easy to achieve at the Ring with all its different speed zones and special rules.

I took the start in sunny conditions and was struggling a little bit with the balance of the car as it was a bit warmer than expected. So I was settling around P27 when the hail storm started to hit the circuit. Chaos broke out and I was just lucky that my team gave me an early warning on the radio that I should slow down and almost stop the car after the Flugplatz.
But even having heard this information, I was still very surprised to see the carnage in front of me and the amount of water and snow on the track. I was just lucky to be able to slow the car down enough to not crash.

I was then stuck for almost an hour on an uphill section as we all didn’t have enough traction for the ice conditions! The race was red flagged and the marshals did an amazing job pulling us all up the hill. At the same time they fixed my damaged wiper for me:) So a big thank for all these guys doing an amazing job.

In the wet then we were super competitive and could at one stage get as high as P9 for a moment, when it started to dry out again. We simply didn’t have enough speed this time compared to our competition as they have made huge gains in many areas.

At most of my stints I had to drive on a half wet surface on slick tires and it was brutal for the concentration level. I enjoyed the challenge very much though, but I never was as exhausted after a 24h race like this time!

But all the team did everything they could and zero mistakes were made. My teammates were perfect and fast as well, hence this was a really tough fought out P11, that we an be proud of.

Now we keep our heads down and need to keep improving the car more and more!


2016 ニュルブルクリンク 24時間レース










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