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Driving on the Edge (DOE V2)

I made a quick trip to the UK this week for some meetings and to receive the first Hard Back copies of the 2nd Edition of Driving on the Edge in English.

What’s different to the 1st Edition? I have updated the braking section with one new technique to counter snap oversteer at corner entries and added more details regarding circuit preparation. Other than that there are some different pictures and graphs in it.

As a driver (even at my age!), I am still learning every time I get in a racing car and I hope that you can continue to learn from this book as well.

I do get asked if it makes sense to buy the 2nd edition when you already own the 1st. Of course I am delighted to sell as many books as possible:)

But in a few weeks time we will launch the e version of the book which will become available through an app for both Android and IOS. So if you already have the 1st edition, I think it is sensible to wait for that in order to access the extra information!

Thank you all that have bought DOE Version 1 and now I hope that all those who buy Version 2 gain and learn from it, whatever level you are at. I am continually blown away about all the nice comments I get from everyone, be it fans or my peers in the sport.

Thank you!



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