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GT-R Nismo 7:08'679 Nordschleife

It was the big launch of the long awaited GT-R Nismo last night, and finally we were able to unveil the results of our long and hard work that we did over the year at the Nurburgring. Our target was to break under 7min 10seconds and it was a tough one! It was also the first time for me to see the car in any other colour than the camouflage film. I was looking very much forward to this and I have to say it looks really strong and hot! Well it looks as it drives..

The Nismo team involved lots of different specialists for all areas of the car. We were four drivers overall, with Armin Hahne and Sebastian Buemi working on the Dunlop tire development, Tetsuya Tanaka in charge of the aerodynamics and myself busy with the suspension development. It was a great team effort, and we constantly updated the cars when some of us made progress in one area. That way all of us were always on the newest status and the car naturally became faster and faster.

When the day of the time attack came we were all more than tense. All of us drivers felt the pressure immensely and the last time I had that feeling was when Lucas Luhr and myself were getting ready for Qualifying in Argentina to win the World Championship. To make no mistakes on a full attack lap around the Nordschleife is almost impossible, as concentration drops after a few minutes driving in full focus. There is just no time to relax as the speeds are incredible high and the road so narrow. The penalty for failure is huge as there are virtually no safety zones.

In order to make this time, we also needed good weather and track conditions and on that day on September 30th all came together. Even though I made a few mistakes the GTR Nismo was fast enough to achieve our target and it was a big relief for all involved in this project. What is most impressive for me is how all the components like engine power, chassis and aerodynamics worked together. We were able to achieve a close to perfect power to grip ratio and as I mention always about the Nismo range of cars (Z and Juke), it is a very important factor for driving pleasure and performance. I was worried about this, as we are dealing with 600 bhp and normal road tires. But it worked out perfectly and the pleasure of driving the Nordschleife in this car was immense. I can't wait to go back there!

Some people doubt the lap time and that is fair enough. Of course we use as little fuel as we can and use new tires. But to put this all into perspective, I want to share a little story of the "after attack". I took my Nismo Boss Miyatani san around in the passenger seat with full tanks and old tires. I drove hard, but not like at the attack, as I can't take this kind of risk with somebody in the car with me. But the lap time was an amazing 7min 18 seconds. Now that is the same as the previous record! Unfortunately this was the first time ever around the Nordschleife for Miyatani san and he couldn't really enjoy this run as things happened all a bit fast at that speed:)

The GT-R Nismo is a car that you need to experience for yourself in order to realise its enormous potential. I hope that some of you get the chance to do that.

Now off to Fuji Speedway for the JAF GP in the Super GT car. I'm very much looking forward to this as we made good progress with our Yokohama tires.


GT-R Nismo 7:08’679 ニュル北コース

待ちに待ったGT-R Nismoの発表会が催され、ニュルブルクリンクで1年をかけた長いハードワークが初公開されました。僕たちのターゲットは7分10秒を切ることで、とてもタフな仕事でした!他の色ではなく、カモフラージュフィルムというのも初めてでした。僕は今回のことをとても楽しみにしていましたし、とても強くて最新と言えます!運転すれば尚更です。。



さらに、このチャンスを作るためには、僕たちは好天とトラックコンディションを必要としました。そして、9月30日のその日に、すべての条件が揃いました。僕が少しのミスをしてもGTR Nismoが僕たちの目標を達成するに十分な速さで、このプロジェクトにかかわる全員の大きな安心でした。僕にとって一番印象的なことは、エンジン出力、シャシーおよび空気力学のようなコンポーネントがすべてどのように相互に働いたかです。グリップ比率の完全な力を成し遂げることができました。僕がいつもNismoのクルマ(ZやJuke)について言及しているように、運転する喜びとパフォーマンスにとって、これはとても重要な要因です。600 bhpでノーマルのロード用タイヤを扱っているので、僕はこれを心配しました。しかし、それはパーフェクトに作用し、この車で北コースを運転する楽しみは絶大なことでした。あの場に戻るのを待ちきれません!

中にはラップタイムを疑う方もいますが、それは十分に正当です。もちろん、僕たちは、燃料をできるだけほとんど使用せず、新しいタイヤを使用します。しかし、これらすべて置いといて、僕は『アタック後』のちょっとした物語を共有したいと思います。僕は、十分な燃料と古いタイヤを履いたクルマの助手席にNismoの宮谷社長を迎えました。一生懸命に運転しましたが、しかし同乗者が居る場合には危険を冒さないのでアタックのようにではありませんでしたが。ラップタイムは、なんと7分18秒と驚くべきものでした。前歴のレコードと一緒だったのです! 残念ながら、これは、宮谷社長にとっては初めての北コースで、この出来事やスピードが少し速すぎて本当に楽しむことができなかったようですが:)

GT-R Nismoはその多大な可能性を実現するためには自信で経験する必要のある車です。民さんがそのチャンスを得ることを僕は願っています。

今はSuper GT車でJAF GPの富士スピードウェイまでオフです。僕たちは横浜タイヤで良い進歩を遂げたので、JAF GPをとても楽しみにしています。


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