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Nissan ZEOD RC Demo in Fuji

It was an exciting first experience in the Nissan ZEOD RC at the Fuji Speedway last weekend. Unfortunately we encountered some problems during the development process of the car, something which is totally normal, and we couldn't run as fast as we originally planned. Nevertheless it was quite something to experience.
The monocoque is specifically designed for the Nissan ZEOD RC and the feel inside the car is very futuristic, covered with buttons that I have never seen before, as the car is equipped with an electric motor only at the moment.

The newest thing for me was to use an electric motor in combination with a sequential racing gear box. In the Nissan Leaf there is just one gear and it feels all very smooth. But a racing car is a different thing and the advantage of the huge torque of the electric motor can now be used to its maximum efficiency by using the right gear ratios.

Development will continue now flat out in order to reach the target of doing a full lap in Le Mans next year on pure electric power, with the battery recharged only from the braking zones. It is a huge engineering challenge but with Ben Bowlby leading the project, I am very confident that we will produce great results. Can't wait to get in there with full power available.

Next up is the last round of the Super GT in Motegi on November 3rd, but in the meantime I am having a short break in Europe to recharge my own batteries.


富士でのNissan ZEOD RCデモ

先週末は富士スピードウェイでNissan ZEOD RCの初体験でエキサイティングでした。残念ながら、クルマの開発段階でいくつかの問題が出てきてしまい、全体的にノーマルなものでしたが、当初予定していた通りには速度は出せませんでした。しかしながら経験するべきものではありました。
モノコック構造はNissan ZEOD RC用に特別にデザインされており、ちょうど電動モーターを装備しているので、今までに見たことのないボタンで覆われていて、車内の感じはとても未来的です。





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