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Nurburgring 24h Qualifying Race

After enjoying my new role as a NISMO ambassador last weekend in Okayama, it was my turn to get behind the wheel this weekend at the Nurburgring. Since last December I haven't driven a race car and I wondered how that would feel. But funny enough once I was inside the cockpit and the door closed, I felt extremely comfortable as if there would have been zero off time. More than that, driving the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 car is a big pleasure in the first place, but doing so at the great Nordschleife is just fun pure.

Our target was to either qualify the car in the Top 10 or finish the race in the Top 5. This was because those positions would automatically put us into the Top 30 shootout at the 24h race. So that was an important target. Competition was tough of course and the weather crazy as expected. It was my teammate Alex Buncombe who in the final minutes of Q2 put the car in P10 and our job was done!

In the race we tried to get just lots of laps for us to practice, so we made more stops than actually necessary, but that way all our team is well prepared for the big 24h. We eventually came home in P10. For me it was a bit exciting as I had the honor to take the start and that is always an event there.

Avoiding a first corner collision is something that I am used to actually there, and of course that happened. But running on slicks and having half the track wet was a tough challenge. On top of that it started to hail on different places for short times. I never had that experience in a race car and when I came over a crest with 250 km/h and saw the oil flag out...I was very confused to see a completely white covered circuit. I actually thought it was something like cherry blossoms, but after I drove over it I realized that cherry blossoms should produce more grip! It was outright dangerous for everyone and luckily no heavy accidents happened at that time as everyone was surprised by this weather and took extra care.

Even so, I had the last 2 laps of my stint in almost dry condition and enjoyed being back in a race car very much. We are looking forward to next month 24h race, where we will try and improve on our P9 from last year!



瞬間、オフタイムが皆無だったかのように非常に快適に感じられました。それ以上に、日産GT-R Nismo GT3の車を運転は初めての場所では大きな喜びですが、偉大なNordschleifeでの走行は純粋にただ楽しめます。







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