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Nurburgring 24h Race

We worked on the setup more since the VLN R4 and made good progress. I was able to manage P15 which was rather disappointing because I expected to be much closer to the front. The GTR has the potential to run in the top 5 positions, but unfortunately we couldn't extract that time during the Top 30 shoot out.

We focused more on the race setup rather than on a one lap performance. Hence our race car was much better and also very fast. Because of a penalty I had to take the start in P20. When I came in for the first stop we moved up to around P15 already again and all was looking good for us.

We kept around that position and we drove also very smoothly in order to not cause any damage to the car. My 3 teammates all did their first stints and nobody made any mistakes and we were running strong.

I then took over for the first double stint while entering the night. We were able then to make lap times like the leaders and the car felt great. In my second stint it became really dark and the Nordschleife changes completely. Suddenly it is very difficult for the slower cars to judge the distance when we are coming from behind. Hence often slower cars drive in the middle of the track, not able to move away from there. Then naturally accidents happen and add to that the super high speed at pitch dark corners, you find yourself at the real Green Hell, the N24 at night.

Our bad luck started on my lap back into the pits. I had a tire blow out and was very lucky to escape a big impact. There was damage to the car as well, since spinning in 6th gear and flying over curbs and gravel does quite some damage. But I brought the car back to the pits to hand over to Kazuki Hoshino for his night double stint.

Bad luck now really struck us when he came around a blind corner very fast and there was a car standing right in front of him on the track. Unfortunately there was no warning through yellow flags (track marshals are also only human..) and he took avoiding action and hit the wall very hard. The car was damaged so that we had to retire, but we are all happy that Kazuki is fine.

The result is disappointing, but that's is racing, especially at the N24. You need luck as well here. The positives are that the Nissan GTR has great potential to compete at the top and that it looks like we will back again next year!



チームはVLN 第4戦より更にセットアップに取り組み、順調に進歩を遂げました。僕は15番手につけてましたが、もっとフロントの近くに行くことを期待していたのでちょっと残念でした。GTRはトップ5で走れるポテンシャルがあるのですが、トップ30予選中にタイムをそこまで持っていくことができませんでした。






結果は残念ですが、レースとはそういうこともあるし、このN24では特に。ここでは運も同様に必要なのです。ポジティブに言えばNissan GTRはトップとも競争できる素晴らしいポテンシャルがあるということ、それはまた来年もここに戻ってくる可能性があるということです!


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