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SGT R1 Okayama

It was a tough first round for us this year. We finished only in P12, but there was more to it than just the position. With all cars and engines being new, there were lots of question marks before the race. We all didn't know where we really are until the qualifying session on Saturday afternoon when everyone put their cards on the table. My teammate Daiki was going for Q1 and he needed to put the car into the top 8 in order to advance to Q2.

Daiki did a great lap and missed the Q2 spot by just a few hundreds of a second. It was P10. We had hoped and expected a bit more after winter testing, as we progressed well with Yokohama, but the positive was that we were only 7 tenth of the fastest time in Q1, and that is closer than we were last year in qualifying.

With our race pace usually being strong, we had hoped for a strong race. I took the start and lost 2 places because it was very cold and with all cars on different tires, the initial warm up of the tires differ a lot. Tire warmers are not allowed in SGT. In the chaos of lap one, I got back to our initial P10 soon though. The car felt great and strong and I was sitting with the whole pack, having hopes to move up later in my stint. But once we started to hit the GT300 traffic and I had to go offline to overtake, I picked up some rubber and other debris and suddenly I lost my pace and it got worse from there on.

Then rain hit and we opted like almost everyone to stay out and wait for it to dry out. This rain helped to clean up my tires and after it dried again I was back on the same pace as the top cars. But by that time we were already very far away from a points finish. So it was disappointing, but that is racing and there is nothing we could do about this situation. My teammate Daiki then took over and seemed to have either similar issues or some other car related problems which stopped him from catching up with the field. We don' know the exact reasons yet, as further investigations are necessary in the workshop to find out the real causes.

So in the end we just got home in P12, not very nice for us, but nevertheless we take away positives in that our qualifying pace has improved and that without any trouble or issues we should be competitive in the races. Therefore I look very much forward to the next race in Fuji, with this race being 500km, there will be more options also to react to problems. Our pace at the test in Fuji was encouraging, so we should look strong there.


SGT 開幕戦 岡山



僕たちのレースペースは通常強めなので、力強いレースを期待していました。スタートは僕が担当しましたが、気温が低く全車全様といったタイヤを履いていて立ち上がりのウォームアップも違うこともあり2ポジション落としてしまいました。ちなみにタイヤウォーマーはSGTでは許可されていません。1周目の混戦の中、 すぐに元のポジションの10位まで戻しました。クルマの感じは素晴らしいし力強く、自分のスティント中に順位を上げられればよいと考えていました。でも、いったんGT300の集団にはまってしまうとオーバーテイクするのにオフラインに行かなければならず、ラバーや色々な破片を拾ってしまい突如ペースを失いそこからはさらに悪い方向に傾きました。




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