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SGT R2 Fuji

The weekend started out great with our qualifying performance being better than ever. We made the cut into Q2, which was a big success for us and we were really thrilled about this. Daiki than did an incredible lap to put us to P6 to start the race. I took the start and as it was very hot, we knew it was going to be hard work to bring the car home in the first stint as we had to do 35 laps minimum in order keep our strategy.

Daiki then took over and did a great sting, holding off 3 Toyotas behind him, as we moved up to P3 during the course of his stint. His driving was impressive, especially the way he managed the GT300 Traffic and the way he kept his cool under big pressure. Very unusual for somebody at his first year in GT500.

We then lost out at our last pit stop when I took the car over for the last stint, which meant I was running in P5, which was rather disappointing, but that is racing. I managed to overtake one Toyota to make it to P4, our final position. I had to abort my challenge for P3, which looked likely, but the tires were at its limit and we opted to make it to the finish line rather than risking this great points finish.

We are looking forward to develop the car and tires further and make it to the podium next time. It is clear now that we managed to improve our qualifying performance compared to last year, and we also showed that we can race very competitively at the same time.

Thanks for everybody's support in Fuji, it was a great day for Kondo Racing and we are thankful for all the Nissan flags waved at every corner at every lap!


スーパーGT 第2戦 富士





富士でのみんなのサポートのおかげで、Kondo Racingにとって素晴らしい一日だったし、Nissanのフラッグをすべてのラップでコーナー毎に振ってくれたことに感謝です!


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