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SGT R3 Autopolis

It was an unusual Round 3 for everyone at Autopolis this year as we usually race there in Autumn, but this time we faced very hot conditions. We made again Q2, the second time in a row, but had to settle for P8 in Qualifying in the end. Still a good position for us given that we are usually strong in the race.

I took the start and had to be careful with the tires to make it to half distance. I dropped a place and gained one back. My intentionally slow pace in the beginning started to pay off after about 15 laps, when the competition started to lose tire grip and I started to close in on the cars in front of me and I thought that it was time now to move up the order.

Unfortunately then I had a rear right puncture and had to come to the pits. Needless to say that this ended our chances for the weekend and we were all very disappointed by this. Since the driver minimum has not been reached yet, I had to go out on full tanks and new tires again. The car was fast enough, but we were a lap down by that time already.

We then changed to my teammate Daiki who only completed 10 laps or so running at P12 when trouble hit us again when he lost power and had to park the car. That was a shame as even though with the puncture there was still a shot at a points finish.

The other Nissan cars had a much better run and much more luck with finishing 1-2-3. Congratulations to all these guys, great work!

Next up for me is the Nurburgring 24h race, which I am very much looking forward to, hopefully we have a bit more luck there.


SGT 第3戦 オートポリス









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