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Stilo New Helmet ST5

While back in Europe for a short time I visited the very impressive Stilo Headquarters near Bergamo in Italy. Last time I was there was for my first fitting when I switched to Stilo Helmets back in 2012.

Now my company is the Japanese Distributor for Stilo, so I am here with both helmets on! One as a Stilo user and one as there dealer in Japan. As I could not attend the World Convention last year it is my first look at new ST5 FN Zero and it is not just incredibly impressive, but looks more like a piece of art.

For me as both a dealer and driver it is great to see that Stilo have taken every criticism of the earlier helmets and developed technical solutions that mean the ST5 is lighter, better ventilated and has an incredible field of vision – I can’t wait to try it in the car.

The best part of the day was when the founder and president of Stilo, Ludovico, presented me with my first ST5 FN Zero that I will use in the Nissan LMP1 program this year and took time from his busy day to make the final fitting and adjustments himself!

The passion that runs through the whole of Stilo from Ludovico through to all the staff is fantastic to see, they are real old school racers.

Grazie Mille Ludovico and all at Stilo


Stilo Newヘルメット ST5


現在、弊社はStiloの日本販売代理店ですので、僕は両方のヘルメット為にここへ来ました! Stiloユーザーとして、また日本ディーラーとしてです。僕は昨年のワールドコンベンションに出席できなかったので、僕にとって新ST5 FN ZEROは初見で、驚くほど印象的というだけでなく、まるで芸術作品のように見えます。


Stiloのルドヴィコ創設者兼社長から、僕が今年Nissan LMP1 プログラムで着用する僕自身初のST5 FN ZEROを提供していただき、忙しい彼が時間を割いて自ら最終フィッティングと調整をしてくださり、最高の時を過ごすことができました!



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