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Super GT 2015

The first half of the 2015 season I spent testing and racing all around the world, including the N24 with Nismo and the Le Mans 24h. Now I'm back in Japan for the remainder of the Super GT season. Yesterday I tested in Sugo for the first time after a long absence. While I was away the pace of the cars has increased significantly, so I was a bit worried to get to grips with it at first. Improved downforce and engine power combined with continuous tire development have brought the Nissan GT-R's victory at the last two rounds, and lap times down even further.

It took me a couple of outings to be on the pace, especially with the pace being that of the old Formula Nippon cars around Sugo now. It feels more like a Formula car than a GT car. Needless to say that I enjoyed this very much and am thrilled to be back!

Kondo Racing did not have much luck in the opening races, with some technical problems preventing a point finish. We made another good step forward with the car and the Yokohama tires in Sugo though and with some luck we should be able to pull off a good result in Fuji. It will help that we have zero handicap weight.

We have one more test in Suzuka this week in preparation for the 1000k race there in August. But before that I am very much looking forward to the opening race for me in Fuji in the beginning of August. It's also exciting to race in front of the japanese fans again at my favourite japanese circuit!

See you all there,


スーパーGT 2015

2015年シーズン前半はNismoでのN24とル・マン24時間を含め、世界中をテストとレースで飛び回りました。そして現在はスーパーGTシーズンの中途からの参戦のために日本に戻ってきました。昨日は久しぶりに今季初となる菅生でのテストでした。私が不在の間にクルマのペースは大幅にアップしており、最初はグリップを得るのを少し心配していました。タイヤ開発の継続と改善されたダウンフォースとエンジンパワーが組み合わさり、過去2戦ではNissan GT-Rの勝利をもたらし、ラップタイムはさらに速くなっていました。







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