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Super GT R7 Autopolis

We came with high hopes to Autopolis, especially after we dominated the testing a month earlier there. In Qualifying we were able to achieve P4 which put us in a good position for the race. Unfortunately in the race things didn't go as planned, but such is racing. I took the start and was able to maintain P4 while I was looking after the tires, as Autopolis is one of the toughest circuits for tire wear.

I suddenly lost a lot of grip already from lap 6 onwards, and the problem became so big that I dropped all the way through the field to last position. At that time it wasn't clear what has caused this sudden drop in performance. Thinking that it might has been tire pick up, I forced the car to the driver minimum of 22 laps and passed the car to Daiki. Since we changed tires we still had hopes to recover in his stint.

But unfortunately it became immediately clear that it was not a tire issue, and Daiki had to pit in soon to investigate the problem as our pace was much too slow. We suspected some suspension issue, but of course the race was over there for us.

Of course we are very disappointed as our race pace was actually very good until we hit trouble, and we were looking forward to another podium finish. But that happens in racing and now we try to make sure we are in much better shape for the final round in Motegi in 2 weeks time.


スーパーGT 第7戦 オートポリス







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