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Super GT R7 Autopolis P6!

My teammate Yasuda qualified the car in a good P11 for us and then worked his way up to P8 on the soft tire. It was a big challenge for him to bring the car to lap 24, the driver limit, where we planned to change to me. At this time we were about 24 seconds behind the leaders.

I then took over the car on a harder tire and prepared myself for a long 42 laps. As we were one of the first cars to change tires, I had to push hard to make up time with the new tires in the beginning. That tactic worked and after everybody changed tires, I found myself as high as P5 battling with the top cars. Our pace was great and it was fun to battle with the top cars for a change. I made some nice passes, but was unfortunately passed again in the chaos of the last lap, so we ended up in P6 only 12 seconds behind the winner.

The team made the right calls this weekend and our pitstop was very fast too. On top of that I had a great outlap on cold tires, a speciality of the Yokohama tires, and all of that brought us this result.

I want to thank all our Nissan supporters and Kondo Racing fans for hanging in there with us. Even though we were not able to give you guys a podium, we could show that we can compete with the best finally. Now there is just one more round left in Motegi, don't get your hopes up though, as this in our least favorite circuit and we are looking forward to a tough challenge there.

Before that I will demonstrate the Nissan ZEOD at the WEC race in Fuji, I hope to see everyone there, not only because of that, but also to support all the Nismo LMP2 cars, especially the one where our Nissan driver and my ex teammate Tsugio Matsuda takes part in.


Super GT第7戦オートポリス 6位!




僕たちと一緒にここまで頑張ってくれているNissanサポーターとKondo Racingのファンンの皆さんには感謝したいです。皆さんに表彰台こそプレゼントできていませんが、ついにここまで競争力があるということを示すことができました。これでモテギでの最終戦が残っているのみとなります、得意なサーキットではありませんが諦めてはいませんし、そこでのタフなチャレンジを楽しみにしています。

その前には、FujiのWECレースでNissan ZEODでデモンストレーションをしますし、それだけではなく、特に我らがNissanドライバーと僕の以前のチームメイトTsugioNismo が参戦するLMP2をサポートする皆さんとお会いできたら幸いです。


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