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Super GT R8 Motegi

After our disappointing race in Autopolis 2 weeks ago, we were hoping for more luck for the season finale. But weather wasn't really helpful for us, with it being wet until just the second stint of the race. So we just managed to qualify in P11. That would have still put us for a shot to get to the podium as we proved last year starting from last, that we could end up in P4. But we need dry conditions for that.

We did make good progress with the wet tire development, such that I could actually move up from P11 to P8 after a few laps. So the performance in the wet was very respectable. Unfortunately when the conditions change, in our case this was the water disappearing, things change dramatically.

We began to lose all grip and dropped to the back of the field and by the time of the pitstops we were already almost 1 lap down, which was also caused by some back luck with the timing of the safety car.

Daiki then proved with slicks that we had a real shot of winning that race in Motegi, by driving away from the later winners. So our pace was absolutely perfect then, but we are just very disappointed that we couldn't achieve a result with such a fast car. But that is racing...


Super GT第8戦 茂木







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