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Super GT Round 4 Sugo

After qualifying in our best position in P9, we were looking forward to a wet race on Sunday. Unfortunately it didn't rain until the last 20 laps. Nevertheless we were able to finish in P5 which is a great success for us as we have been struggling all year long. Our performance in the dry was quite competitive and I hope we can build on that to have more point finishes in the future.

My teammate Yasuda started on his softer tires from qualifying and did a great job holding P9 until the driver minimum was reached. We were one of the first cars to pit and I had to manage the car for about 50 laps on the harder Yokohama tires. It all felt great as I was running in P8 when the rain started to fall. It was a tough call to make to come into the pits as it was not clear how much rain there would be.

Our team director Kondo san decided to make the switch to wet tires and the decision prooved to be right as I was able to set the fastest time of the field in my first two laps. But then the rain just stopped and we were in trouble as the cars on slicks were going much faster. With 18 laps to go we decided to stay out on wets as the pitstop would have cost us too much time. Also because of the difficult conditions with slicks on a wet track, some cars spun out of the race and hence we were already running in P5.

To stay out was the right call, as all the cars behind me were also on wet tires and the Yokohama wet tires were super fast on the drying surface, hence we could bring home our first point finish of the season.

We are looking now forward to Suzuka's 1000K race next month, but are not so optimistic as in testing we struggled quite a bit there. But the Suzuka race is one of my favourite ones and I hope we can find a solution to be competitive until next month.

But before that I will first travel to Australia to get a taste of the Australian Nissan V8 car in Winton near Melbourne. I'm very much looking forward to that and am very thankful to Nissan for this unique opportunity. I will be traveling with my Nissan GT Academy teammate Lucas Ordonez who will also race in Suzuka after the test in Australia. It is winter there, so the temperature difference will be quite a challenge as Suzuka is one of the hottest races in the season.

I want to thank the Nissan Fan Club for their support at the weekend and of course all the Nissan fans that were cheering us on in Sugo. We will be trying very hard to give you guys a podium finish hopefully in the near future.


Super GT 第4戦 Sugo





僕たちは来月のSuzuka 1000Kを今は楽しみにしていますが、テストではかなり苦戦したのでそう楽観的ではありません。でもSuzukaのレースは僕の好きなレースの1つで来月までに競争力があるという解決策を探したいと思っています。

でもその前にメルボルン近郊のウィントンでオーストラリアNissan V8のテストの為にオーストラリアに行ってきます。僕は今回とても楽しみにしていますし、このユニークな機会をいただいてNissanにとても感謝しています。オーストラリアはNissan GT アカデミーのチームメイトであるルーカス・オルドネスと一緒に行きます。彼はオーストラリアのテストの後Suzukaでのレースにも参戦します。あちらは冬なので、シーズンで一番暑いレースの1つであるSuzukaとの温度差はかなりのチャレンジになります。

週末のNissan Fan ClubのみなさんのサポートともちろんSugoで応援してくれたNissanの全てのファンに感謝したいです。僕たちは近い将来の希望として、ポディウムフィニッシュを皆さんに贈りたいので一生懸命頑張ります。


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