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Super GT Sepang R3

It was a tough weekend once more for us in Sepang. We qualified in P14 just ahead of the #19 car which is on the same tires as us. We know there is a lot of work to do for us, unfortunately we cannot test much in the season due to the regulations. But even with a tough situation like this the motivation of Kondo Racing and my teammate Yasuda is high as ever. We still have to do our very best at every moment to achieve what we do at the moment. We finished the race in P13.

I took the start this time and it was a fun first lap with lots of rough battling. I was able to follow the field for the first laps and was in contact with the top group for quite a while. I was then stuck behind Michigami and wasn't able to pass unfortunately. That's when the cars ahead pulled away from us. Again here we could see how important qualifying really is. Especially in Sepang where overtaking is very difficult.

After being stuck in traffic, the 19 car could come close to me and took the first opportunity to hit me from behind under braking for turn 1. I had a big spin off but could continue afterwards with the tires having only minor damage. Strangely no penalty was issued there. Nevertheless it was better that way as I caught up with him again and overtook him at the exit of turn 2 after being side by side for quite a bit. After changing to Yasuda we were able to close in more to P12, which was Michigami, but we just ran out of laps to make that move.

So we had some exciting battles, a great pitstop and a good job from everyone at the team. We are all racers and fight with great passion, no matter if it is for victory or the last spot in the field. That is what racing is about. I know that we have many great supporters and fans of the Kondo Racing team. My thanks goes out to all of you and please bare with us, we are working hard to move up higher in the field!


Super GT 第3戦 セパン

セパンでもまたもや厳しい週末となりました。予選では僕たちと同じタイヤを履く19号車よりは良い14位という結果でした。僕たちにはすべきことが沢山あるのは分かっているけど、不運なことにレギュレーションによって今シーズンはあまりテストが出来ませんでした。でもこのような厳しい状況でさえもKondo Racingやチームメイトの安田選手のモチベーションは変わらず高いのです。今その時点ですべきことをすべての場面で最善をつくさなければなりません。レースは13位という結果でした。



いくつかのエキサイティングな争いもあったし、素晴らしいピットストップやチームのみんなが良い仕事をしてくれました。僕たちは勝利が問題ではなく全員がレーサーで大きな情熱を持って戦っています。それがレースです。Kondo Racingチームには沢山の素晴らしいサポーターやファンがいるのは分かっています。皆さんに感謝していますし、どうか皆さんも一緒に戦ってください。僕たちはサーキットでより進化しようと一生懸命頑張っています!


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