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Suzuka 1000k Race

After winning the last race in Fuji we had to carry some weight ballast for the Suzuka race. Daiki did a good lap in qualifying but unfortunately we couldn't make it to Q2 and had to settle for P11. The grid position really doesn't matter for a long race like that, so we were still full of hope for the race.
But on race day it was raining, so that wasn't really what we had hoped for our strategy. Nevertheless we were eager to get some points at least.

Unfortunately we lost of lot of ground after the first two stints in wet conditions and were already some laps down when the track dried out. Our pace was actually not bad in dry conditions but we were too far behind the field to make some good points.

But since you never know what happens till the end, we were hanging in there. And finally were running in P10 looking forward to collect 2 points for the championship. I then went out for my last short stint of 30 minutes when I lost the wheel at the pit exit and we were forced to retire the car.

As disappointing as that was, we did improve our performance from last year and even though that progress didn't result in points, we are going in the right direction. The next race in Sugo should fit us much more in general and were are very much looking forward to compete at the front again there!


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