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V8 Nissan Altima Test in Winton, Australia

The opportunity to drive the V8 Nissan Altima Supercar in Winton was great. Thanks to Nissan's driver exchange program this chance came along. Since I only watched those guys on TV from early age, I was always wondering how it feels to drive these cars. With way over 600 bhp and not much grip available this always looked like a real challenge. And boy it was! It is one of the few categories out there where the driver input still counts for a lot. It is not only very easy to make mistakes all the time, you also have to shift still manually and without any driver aids whatsoever, it is sometimes difficult to keep yourself on the track. Like I said..a big challenge, but with a huge fun factor!

Together with the one make tire rule, those are all ingredients for real great racing. I wish other series would adapt more to those principles because I believe what the fans want to see and what the drivers want to experience is not so different at all. Close hard fought races with lots of action!

Of course I am in love with the engine. The same Nissan engine that we used in the 2011 GT1 World Championship is installed, but without air restriction as regulations allow for this. I really like the torque of this V8. Lucas Ordonez and myself only tested one day, but we both hope for more opportunities in the future. And maybe there is chance for next years long distance races for us, lets wait and see for that..


日産アルティマV8テスト オーストラリア ウィントンにて





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