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VLN Race R2 Nürburgring

A busy testing schedule kept me flying all over the globe in the last couple of month. But with the Nürburgring 24h race approaching, we went to race there last weekend. Needless to say that it was a difficult weekend for us after the tragic events of VLN R1.

Nevertheless we take it step by step from here. We shook down our brand new Nissan GT-R on Friday before the race and tried to iron out all the usual little issues that occur during a first run with a new car.

We struggled with timing during the qualifying as I hit a lot of double yellows. And then it started to rain. But Alex Buncombe later got a little bit of a better run and we ended up P17 on the grid. I took the start with wet tires on drying conditions as most cars and had to pit after 2 laps for slicks. The car handled well and we moved up positions and pitted around P10 for a driver change. Unfortunately I collected a penalty for over speeding which cost us around 2 minutes. In the end we finished in P11 without any further incidents and we are now looking forward to improve the car further and of course the all important 24h race next month.


VLNレース R2 ニュルブルクリンク

忙しいテストスケジュールで、僕はこの2ヵ月世界中を飛び続けました。しかし、先週末はニュルブルクリンク24hレースが近づいているので、レースに行きました。言うまでもなく、VLN R1の悲劇的な出来事の後ということで、難しい週末ではありました。





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