Permagard Event with Nissan Ibaraki

the permagard event today in Tsukuba organized by the Nissan Dealer from Ibaraki was a lot of fun for all the fans. Not only did we do a long talkshow, but also the fans got a chance to compare themselves at the tire change competition. Even the ladies got a chance to see how fast they could change the tire at the 2003 xanavi GTR Skyline. The fastest contenter was a strong young man, who managed to to 11 seconds for one tire and the fastest lady did it in unbelievable 14 seconds !
But if you practise this every day, like our Nismo super mecanics, then you might get faster. The fastest time of the day was from my fastest mechanic of the #22 car, Yabe san, he managed to change 2 tires in incredible 11 seconds. I hope he can do that this year every time!
Super Yabe San…

Talkshow with the Racer Mikami san and the 2006 Xanavi Race Queen Hiro chan.