Testing in Malaysia

coming from -6 degrees in Salzurg to the 35 degree celsius in Malaysia was quiet a shock. But it was also good practise to get used for the summer races. We were testing our Nissan cars along with Honda and Toyota and it is still too early to say at the moment who will have the better package for this season. In the end we all did similar laptimes. Regulations have changed for 2007 and we have to use stepped bottom floors which will make the cars slower in high speed corner. That means we have a lot of testing to do this year to find the best solution.
Also we were staying at a really nice hotel as you can see from the picture that I took from the balcony, so it was quiet a nice way to kick off into the 2007 testing season. Tomorrow I’m going back to Japan and I think it is snowing there right now…
Driving Pictures are taken by Kazuki Hoshino ! Not bad for a driver !

The problem was that we were testing so much…I could never get to the pool…